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Home » Strings Hotel Tokyo InterContinental Strings Parfait has evolved! “Strings Parfait Ice” is a summer-limited hybrid sweet that allows you to enjoy both parfait and shaved ice at the same time.A total of 4 types of seasonal peach, mango, and waterm

Strings Hotel Tokyo InterContinental Strings Parfait has evolved! “Strings Parfait Ice” is a summer-limited hybrid sweet that allows you to enjoy both parfait and shaved ice at the same time.A total of 4 types of seasonal peach, mango, and waterm

The Strings Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental
Strings parfait has evolved! “Strings Parfait Ice” is a
summer-limited hybrid sweet that allows you to enjoy both parfait and shaved ice at the same time.A total of 4 types including seasonal peach, mango, and watermelon with special tiramisu.Sold from July 1st ……
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A cafe and bar located on the 26th floor of The Strings Hotel Tokyo InterContinental, 1 minute walk from the Konan exit of Shinagawa Station.
The long-awaited summer new product of the popular “Strings Parfait” from “Lytmos” is now available. This summer, we have evolved into a hybrid sweet called “Parfait Ice” that allows you to enjoy the parfait and shaved ice you want on a hot summer day at the same time! We will deliver a total of 4 flavors, including “Peach”, “Mango”, and “Watermelon”, which are luxuriously made with popular summer fruits, and “Tiramisu”.
Three types of parfait ice to enjoy seasonal fruits–
・One whole juicy white peach filled with Diplomat cream! Whole white peach ・High-quality mango from Miyazaki A very rich mango with a rich taste of sun egg ・Watermelon where you can enjoy the fresh, juicy texture and gentle sweetness of watermelon
Rich adult sweets filled with the chef’s passion–
・Adding chocolate sauce made with rare and valuable Ariba cacao gives it an even richer adult flavor.
  Changing rich tiramisu
“Strings Parfait Ice” is a hybrid sweet of shaved ice that cools the body and mind, and a parfait where you can enjoy the beauty of multiple layers and changes in texture and taste, from July 1st (Monday) to September. It will be on sale for a limited time until the 30th (Monday).
Period: July 1, 2024 (Monday) to September 30, 2024 (Monday) Time: 11:30 – 21:00 (L.O.)
Location: Cafe & Bar “Lytmos” (26th floor)
Rich Tiramisu/Gorotto Watermelon 4,400 yen each
Whole white peach/very mango 4,840 yen each
+1 drink 990 yen
+ Truffle fries & 1 drink 1,210 yen
*Prices listed include tax and will be subject to a 15% service charge. For reservations and details, click here ⇒ A hybrid “parfait ice” where you can enjoy the summer parfait and shaved ice at the same time.
We offer a total of 4 types of tiramisu, including white peach, mango, and watermelon, which are luxuriously prepared using popular summer fruits, and tiramisu, which is rich with the chef’s special Arriva chocolate sauce.
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] A flavor that can only be enjoyed in summer, where you can enjoy the charm of white peach in a variety of ways, such as jelly, panna cotta, and compote. The refreshing white peach oolong ice cream and rich vanilla ice cream are combined with white chocolate flavored shaved ice, giving it a refreshing summer feel! The sweet scent of peach is accented with raspberry and rose, giving it a gorgeous appearance and taste. Enjoy this peach-filled sweet, which also includes whole fresh peaches filled with Diplomat cream.
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] A must-see for mango lovers! A parfait ice cream made with luxuriously ripe mangoes from Miyazaki called “Taiyo no Tamago.” In addition to fresh mango, the concentrated and rich flavors of mango pudding and mango sorbet, as well as lime champagne jelly and lime granita, create a refreshing and slightly bitter accent for an adult taste. Enjoy the textures that change with each layer: smooth nata de coco, crunchy white chocolate fyantine, and smooth mascarpone espuma.
Gorotto Watermelon CHUNKY WATERMELON
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] An ice parfait made with plenty of fresh watermelon cut into large pieces, allowing you to enjoy the gentle sweetness and refreshing texture of watermelon. We recommend that you enjoy the parfait with plenty of salted milk sauce, which brings out the flavor of the whole parfait. The sweet layers of vanilla chocolate chip ice cream, vanilla panna cotta, and chocolate cookies alternate with the refreshing and sour layers of lemon sorbet and hibiscus jelly, creating a contrast between sweetness and sourness.
[Image 5:×1080.jpg] Parfait ice that expresses the taste of tiramisu with bittersweet coffee and mascarbone espuma. The coffee jelly, panna cotta, and cheese cream create a harmonious blend of bitterness and creaminess, and the red wine compote of dried plums and figs adds an accent to the texture and taste. Pour over the chocolate sauce made with ariba cacao that comes with it for a rich, adult flavor. Even with wine or champagne (heart)
[Image 6: &s3=14957-246-5E4C3C21D3951634458396222222222222222222222222222222 d38a-1796×2700.jpg]
////Recommended plan with truffle flavored fries
A great value set plan that includes your favorite parfait ice, popular truffle-flavored fries, and a drink of your choice!
[Image 7:×2048.jpg] Along with alcohol. Parfait ice to enjoy at the bar////
During bar time, you can also enjoy a night parfait while drinking alcohol. Individuals are also welcome (heart)
■About The Strings Hotel Tokyo InterContinental:
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A luxury hotel directly connected to the Konan exit of Shinagawa Station in Tokyo. As a member of InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, we provide a uniquely elegant and comfortable hotel experience with personalized service and heartfelt hospitality. It has a full range of facilities, including 203 highly convenient and elegant guest rooms, four lively restaurants, a cafe and bar, the Club InterContinental Lounge, which boasts one of the best views in Tokyo, and banquet facilities that can be used for a variety of purposes. Based on the hotel concept of “Tokyo, personally orchestrated. The sounds of Tokyo played for each and every guest,” we welcome many guests as a place where sophisticated travelers gather and comfortably surrender to the melodies of the city. . Details and latest information about the hotel are available on the official website and SNS.
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