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Home » Japan-China Friendship Center Museum “Light and Shadow Resonance Loose and Cute Light Sculpture World and Ch ai Guangyi’s Chinese Shadow Puppet” will be held at the Japan-China Friendship Center Museum from July 5th (Friday) to August 4th (Sunday),

Japan-China Friendship Center Museum “Light and Shadow Resonance Loose and Cute Light Sculpture World and Ch ai Guangyi’s Chinese Shadow Puppet” will be held at the Japan-China Friendship Center Museum from July 5th (Friday) to August 4th (Sunday),

Japan-China Friendship Hall Museum
“Light and Shadow Resonance: The World of Gently Carved Lights and Chai Guangyi’s Chinese Shadow Puppet” at the Japan-China Friendship Center Museum from July 5th (Friday) to August 4th (Sunday), 2024 A collaboration of art created by colorful light and profound shadows! ……
The Japan-China Friendship Hall is a base for civil exchange between Japan and China, carrying out projects such as cultural and artistic exchange, youth exchange, and the operation of international student dormitories and language schools. The Japan-China Friendship Museum, which opened in 1988 as part of its cultural activities, regularly holds original exhibitions of traditional Chinese crafts, calligraphy, painting, and contemporary art.
This exhibition is a collaboration exhibition of works with the theme of light and shadow between light carving artist Yurukawafu and Chinese skin shadow artist Hiroyoshi Shiba. Based on the common theme of art woven by light and shadow, each work will be exhibited at the same venue.

[Image 1:×986.jpg] ◎Event overview
Exhibition name: “Light and Shadow Resonance – The loose and cute world of light carving and Chai Guangyi’s Chinese shadow puppets” Meeting period: July 5, 2024 (Friday) to August 4, 2024 (Sunday) *27 days Meeting place: Japan-China Friendship Center Museum (1-5-3 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
Closed: Every Monday *Open on July 15th (Monday/Holiday). Closed on Tuesday, July 16th
Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 *Until 20:00 on Fridays, July 12th, 19th, 26th, and August 2nd
Organizer: Japan-China Friendship Center, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Supported by: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan, China Cultural Center, Japan-China Friendship Parliamentary League, Japan-China Association
Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association, Japan-China Economic Association, Japan-China Friendship Association,
Japan International Trade Promotion Association, Japan Asia Community Cultural Cooperation Organization
◎Highlights of this exhibition with light carving artist Yurukawafu Light carving artist Yurukawafuu profile
[Image 2:×2044.jpg] 1980 Born in Osaka Prefecture
2006 Graduated from Department of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2008 Completed the Graduate School of Art (Art Anatomy)
2008-11: Educational Research Assistant, Graduate School of Fine Arts 2023-24 Educational Research Assistant, Graduate School of Fine Arts Invented the world’s first original technique, “Hikari Carving,” using foam insulation for construction.
Creates works based in Yugawara-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture. In recent years, the work of the light carving artist Yurukawafu, who has been attracting attention from the media, is made by carving the surface of foam insulation material with LED lighting from behind, using a metal brush or soldering iron, to create unevenness. It was created using a unique technique that creates shades of light through changes in light, and the brightly colored light creates a profound and fantastical atmosphere.
○Main works introduction
1. “Tamayura’s Spring Shijima Night Walk”
[Image 3:×1808.jpg] Production year: 2018
Size: Width 450 x Height 180cm
A large cherry tree grows in the garden of the former kindergarten where the author uses his studio. I drew cherry blossoms that shine beautifully in the moonlight. This is a scene of me taking a night walk with my cat amidst the signs of spring as fresh greenery begins to bud.

[Image 4:×360.jpg] Production year: 2023
Size: Width 120 x Height 90cm
I drew a rabbit standing in a cosmos field illuminated by moonlight. The title “KOSMOS” means harmony and order in ancient Greek, and eventually became “COSMOS”, which means flowers and the universe. This is a work that expresses the moon.

3. “Daughter of the Byakko Night”
[Image 5:×768.jpg] Production year: 2024
Size: Width 450 x Height 180cm
Originating from ancient Chinese mythology, it eventually became part of Japanese culture.
The five elements theory and onmyodo were introduced. Spirit that controls the four directions of heaven
Of the four beasts, I drew a white tiger that protects the west direction. Ta. I drew a mother and child spending time in a bamboo forest.

◎Chinese skin artist Hiroyoshi Shiba and highlights of this exhibition Profile of Chinese skin shadow puppet artist Hiroyoshi Shiba
[Image 6:×2700.jpg]

Born in Hebei Province, China in 1957. Studied stage design at Tangshan Art School in Hebei Province, China in 1977. Joined the Tangshan Film Theater Company in 1996. Arrived in Japan in 1996. Belongs to the Literary Arts Department of Gekidan Kagehoshi Co., Ltd. Works on stage art for shadow plays, puppet design, and production of TV dramas and advertisements.
We are also working on restoring puppets in order to revive the Chinese Qing Dynasty skin shadow play in modern times.
He has won numerous awards at art exhibitions both domestically and internationally. A small number of Chinese skin shadows living in Japan
The works of artist Hiroyoshi Shiba preserve traditional techniques from the Tangshan region of Hebei Province, China.
It is elaborate and sophisticated, and will captivate those who see it. ○What is Chinese Peel Shadow Theater?
Peel shadow puppetry is a traditional Chinese shadow puppet show. The history of Chinese shadow puppetry is the oldest in the world, with paper puppet shadow plays being performed during the Tang Dynasty approximately 1,200 years ago. It was during the Southern Song Dynasty that leather began to be used for dolls, and from around this time the characters of the people began to be clearly defined.Currently, they are distributed all over China, and their forms are diverse, and they are unique to each region. Closely related to theater, theater and shadow plays with a rich local flavor are performed all over the country.

○Main works introduction
4. Hougitei
[Image 7:×295.jpg] Year of production: 2004
Size: Width 167 x Height 84cm
An episode from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, “Fengyiting Bugyi Diaochan.” The most beautiful woman of the Three Kingdoms period, Diao Chan (left), and the most fierce generals of the Three Kingdoms period, Lyofu (center) and Dong Zhuo (right). The scene in which Diao Chan and Lü Bu, who were presented to Dong Zhuo as part of a liaison arrangement, are meeting in secret at the Fengyi Pavilion, and Dong Zhuo discovers them, and Dong Zhuo throws a sword at Lü Bu.

5. Son Goku three strokes Hakkotsusei
[Image 8:×1021.jpg] Production year: 1993
Size: Son Goku: 86 x 168cm,
   White bone spirit: 86× 168cm
The episode of “Three-stroke White Bone Spirit” from Journey to the West. Son Goku (right) and White Bone Spirit (left). thousand years old During that time, he deceived people with the art of transformation, ate, and lived.
The specter of the white bone spirit that was born. Sanzo Hoshi He protects the white bone spirit who plans to eat him and Sanzo Hoshi. The highlight is the deception with Son Goku who tries to
Ro’s episode.

6.Dragonfall Auspicious
[Image 9:×283.png ]
Production year: 2024
Size: Width 177 x Height 86cm
The dragon is a divine beast in China, and has long been treated as a symbol of the emperor. This piece was made by the artist from a single piece of cowhide, and was created to pray for happiness this year since this year is the Year of the Dragon.

◎Related events
[Image 10:×1185.jpg] 1. Interactive art viewing event
An interactive art viewing experience in which people view exhibited works in groups and express what they discover and feel in free words. This is an event where you can enjoy art viewing that is a little different from the usual, stimulating your powers of observation, imagination, and thinking!
[Date and time] July 14th (Sun) 1.10:30-12:00
[Venue] Japan-China Friendship Hall Museum
[Lecturer] Uozuki Kaneshima (Art Mind Coach)
[Target] Students in 3rd grade and above of elementary school and their families [Number of people] 10 groups/time
[Participation fee] Free *Advance application required (application deadline 6/24)
                Interactive art viewing party URL
[Image 11:×1536.jpg] 2. Chinese Pixel Theater Performance
A full-fledged performance of Chinese skin shadow puppetry by Mr. Hiroyoshi Shiba, one of the few Japanese skin shadow puppet artists who runs his own skin shadow theater troupe and is active throughout Japan.
[Date and time] July 21st (Sun) 1.11:00-12:00
[Meeting place] Japan-China Friendship Hall B1F/Large Hall
[Performance] Hiroyoshi Shiba, Kogei Chukoku Skin Shadow Art Studio [Number of seats] 150 seats/time
[Admission fee] Free *First come first served on the day
                     For inquiries regarding this exhibition, please contact us below. ◆Japan-China Friendship Center, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Cultural Affairs Department (person in charge: Horiguchi) E-mail:
Address: 1-5-3 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-3815-5085
Public relations materials can be downloaded from the URL below. Access (if coming by train)
Approximately 1 minute walk from Exit C3 of Iidabashi Station on the Toei Oedo Line
7 minutes walk from Exit A1 of Iidabashi Station on the JR Sobu Line, Subway Tozai Line, Yurakucho Line, and Namboku Line
10 minutes walk from Korakuen Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line

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