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Home » KURUKURU Co., Ltd. MAIMO “COLOR YOU Kei” was featured in the magazine “MonoMax” as a “stress-free suitcase under 30,000 yen”.

KURUKURU Co., Ltd. MAIMO “COLOR YOU Kei” was featured in the magazine “MonoMax” as a “stress-free suitcase under 30,000 yen”.

[MAIMO] “COLOR YOU Kei” was featured in the magazine “MonoMax” as a “stress-free suitcase under 30,000 yen”.
“COLOR YOU Kei” is introduced in the opening feature of
Takarajimasha’s “MonoMax July 2024 issue”, “Functional bags learned by using them”.
The suitcase “COLOR YOU Kei” from the travel brand “MAIMO” of KURUKURU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yasuhiro Sekizawa) was featured in Takarajimasha’s “MonoMax July 2024 issue”. It is featured as a “stress-free suitcase under 30,000 yen” in the “Functional Bags I Learned Through Use” special feature.
◆Media: Takarajimasha “MonoMax July 2024 issue” (released June 7th) ◆Planning: Introductory feature “Functional bag that I learned by using it” project Our product “COLOR YOU Kei” is introduced as a “stress-free suitcase under 30,000 yen”.
[Image 1:×741.jpg] COLOR YOU Kei Product Information
“Lightweight, nimble, and fatigue-free! MAIMO’s long-awaited lightest suitcase was created based on the concept of “.” Using the new material RPO, we are particular about lightness. Of course, MAIMO’s unique features such as casters with stoppers, high storage capacity, and TSA lock with USB port remain the same.
We are sure to become your best travel partner!
[Image 2:×1088.jpg] What is MAIMO, a travel brand with cumulative sales exceeding 20,000 units? This is a brand originating from Japan that was launched in 2021 when the coronavirus was raging.
Thanks to all of you, cumulative sales have exceeded 20,000 units. Just one year after the brand’s launch, the brand received a gold award in the “2022 OMOTENASHI Selection,” and has received high praise from many people, including an average review rating of 4.7 on other companies’ sales sites.
We will continue to aim to be a “travel brand that is close to our customers” with excellent products and services that are not bound by the conventional wisdom of the suitcase industry.
[Image 3:×1088.jpg] [Related press release]
●Japanese company developed suitcase “MAIMO COLOR YOU” won the “2022 OMOTENASHI Selection” Gold Award
What is MonoMax?
Takarajima Goods Magazine MonoMax is a monthly magazine released on the 10th of every month published by the publisher Takarajimasha. As an adult version of smart, we aim to express the fun, fun, coolness, and sweetness of various things, including fashion, digital goods, home appliances, automobiles, fashion, interior design, stationery, and hobbies, and the meaning behind them. We deliver the creator’s skills and thoughts from various angles.
Company Profile
“People make. We make for people.” We are a company that creates and delivers products with all our heart.
Company name: KURUKURU Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Yasuhiro Sekizawa
Address: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
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