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COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. “Collapse: Star Rail” Ver.2.3 released on June 19th

“Collapse: Star Rail” Ver.2.3 will be released on June 19th
Explore the difference universe to your heart’s content with Firefly and Jade. ……
Global entertainment brand HoYoverse has announced that Ver. 2.3 of “Collapse: Star Rail” “Goodbye, Pinocony” will be released on June 19th. In this update, Hotaru, a star core hunter, and Jade, a high-ranking company executive, will appear, and together we will watch the future development of the Pinocony arc. In addition, a new simulated universe project led by Screwgum, “Kairdifference Universe”, will be released soon, bringing even more fun, vitality, and challenge to the gaming world.
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The interruption of the “Harmony Ceremony” has seriously damaged the reputation of the “Family” and caused a host of troublesome problems. The four major clans, excluding the Orcs, are doing their best to settle the aftermath of the incident. In Ver. 2.3’s development quest, the train group is invited to board the “Hyun-Faseshi” to attend an important meeting with the Family as witnesses.
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In addition, a new project led by Screwgum, “Difference Space,” will appear on the “Hyperstone.” This project is a major update to the simulated universe, and the game’s content has been significantly changed. First, a groundbreaking update to “Difference Universe” — the “Numerical Mapping” function will be introduced. When testing “Kairaku Universe”, you will be able to freely switch and use all the characters you own without being restricted by character downloads. If your character’s level is below the equilibrium level cap, it will be automatically raised to the cap. Second, this update introduces a buff called “Equation” that allows you to combine two different types of Fate Blessings. Collecting the required number of blessings will unlock an “equation” that will grant your party the corresponding combat ability bonus. Thirdly, in “Difference Space”, it is now possible to try again, so even if you fail a challenge, you can regroup and try again. By improving strategy and gameplay comfort, we will provide everyone with a richer and more interesting gaming experience.
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Additionally, in Ver. 2.3, a new arcade mini-game featuring origami birds — “Origami Bird Match” will be implemented on the “Hypernext Edition”. This is a game where birds compete by eliminating fruits within a set number of actions to increase their fighting power. In “Origami Bird Match,” you can not only participate in the story mode, but also compete against friends from all over the universe and enjoy the game to your heart’s content.
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New characters: “Firefly” and “Jade”
In addition to new content, Hotaru will be playable as an exclusive ★5 character, fighting side by side with the pioneers. She comes from Gramos, a world that has already been destroyed. This empire was once prosperous and had a vast territory, but it suffered a major blow from the plague of insect tides. Born as a weapon, Fireflies clad themselves in an armor called “Sam” and bravely faced off against the Swarm. Unfortunately, as a side effect of genetic manipulation, they suffer from a disease called “lost entropy.” In search of the meaning of life and in defiance of his destiny, Hotaru decides to become a star core hunter and continue to pursue his goals and mission.
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“fire Fly”
★5 Firefly, a fire attribute character, has awe-inspiring power. When Firefly activates her secret technique, she summons a powerful armor called Sam, which allows her to jump into the air and move freely. During this time, you can perform a falling attack, and when you enter battle, you will damage all enemies within the range of your secret move, and will also give you a fire-based weakness. During battle, “Sam” takes on two different forms. In the initial state, activating a combat skill consumes HP and at the same time recovers a certain percentage of the special move’s EP. When using his special move, “Sam” changes into his second form, and enters an even more flashy “complete combustion” state. When in this state, your normal attacks and combat skills will be strengthened, your speed will be greatly increased, and the efficiency of defeating weak points will also be increased. In addition, the damage dealt to enemies whose weak points are destroyed will increase and will continue until the end of the “Complete Burn” state countdown. What is noteworthy is that when in this state, not only Sam’s great power appears, but also the fireflies inside can be seen. The resolute eyes of Firefly seen from this vantage point are also a manifestation of her ever-burning spirit.
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Another ★5 quantum attribute character — “Jade” will also be making her long-awaited appearance. She is a high-level executive of Star Peace Company’s Strategic Investment Department and a member of the Ten Stone Hearts. And her foundation stone is “Jade of Loan”. Jade is a cold and elegant moneylender who is good at reading people’s minds. He has a unique hobby of running a “Pawn Shop Jade”, where he takes care of pawned items and does not seek immediate profit, but instead skillfully satisfies the demands of his customers and receives a suitable price. In battle, Jade makes a contract with an ally character, making that character her “debt collector” and giving it buffs. Every time Jade or the Debt Collector attacks, Jade’s charge builds up, and when it’s full, Jade will launch an additional attack on all enemies. When activating her special move, Jade deals damage to all enemies and increases the damage multiplier of her own additional attacks.
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At the same time, it is worth noting that the limited ★5 characters “Luan Mei” and “Argenti” will appear in the jumping events in the first and second half of Ver.2.3, respectively. Together with the pioneers, they will face various challenges ahead. Finally, on the upcoming Summer Game Fest 2024 distribution program, “Collapse: Star Rail” will appear together with excellent works from all over the world, giving everyone a sneak peek of the continuation of the galactic adventure.
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“Luan Mei”
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Ver.2.3 “Goodbye, Pinocony” preview PV is here
[Video 3:] ▼For more information about the latest version, please see the Ver. 2.3 preview program
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◆What is “Collapse: Star Rail”?
“Collapse: Star Rail” is a space fantasy RPG from HoYoverse, the latest installment in the “Collapse” series.
Pioneers will ride the “Starry Train” and experience the unknown world that spreads out into space, making a journey full of adventure and thrill.
This work incorporates various elements such as an easy-to-play turn-based battle system, vast map exploration and puzzle-solving content, adventure in a unique galactic fantasy world, and a fascinating story, giving pioneers surprises and encounters. We will deliver a romantic galactic adventure story full of beautiful emotion. ◆Game overview
Title: Collapse: Star Rail (Houkai: Star Rail)
Genre: Space fantasy RPG
Compatible OS: iOS/Android/PC/PlayStation(R)5
Distribution date: April 26, 2023
Price: Basic free (some in-game purchases available)
◆Click here for the latest information on “Collapse: Star Rail” [Collapse: Star Rail Official Website]
[Collapse: Star Rail Official X (old Twitter)]
[Collapse: Star Rail Official YouTube Channel]
◆About HoYoverse
HoYoverse is a brand founded with the goal of providing immersive virtual world experiences to players around the world. In addition to game content such as “Genshin”, “Kaitai 3rd”, “Undecided Case Files”, “Kaitai: Star Rail”, and “Zenless Zone Zero”, we also offer the live wallpaper app “N0va Desktop” and the community service “HoYoLAB”. We release a variety of products, including original IP, anime, manga, music, novels, and goods. With the slogan “Tech Otakus Save the World,” we engage in technological development, pursue cutting-edge technology, and accumulate top-class technology in fields such as toon rendering, artificial intelligence, and cloud gaming. HoYoverse is actively globalizing with offices in Singapore, Montreal, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Seoul.
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