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Home » June Anytime Fitness web magazine “HEALTHIER MAGAZINE” updated

June Anytime Fitness web magazine “HEALTHIER MAGAZINE” updated

[June] Anytime Fitness web magazine “HEALTHIER MAGAZINE” updated
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Press release: June 8, 2024
[June] Anytime Fitness web magazine “HEALTHIER MAGAZINE” updated The web magazine “HEALTHIER MAGAZINE” operated by Anytime Fitness has been updated.
This month we are featuring the following two articles. Please take a look. * ▶ [Special] * * Are you a morning training person? Night training type? * What time of day do you train?
Broadly speaking, it seems that there are two types: “morning training” and “evening training”.
This time, we will tell you about the appeal of morning training and night training through the voices of those who practice them. Click here for the relevant article

* ▶ [Review] * * Learn a new self through genetic testing *
Even though they are the closest people to me, I still don’t know who I am no matter how many years have passed.
We reviewed “genetic testing (DNA testing),” which is said to reveal not only one’s roots but also one’s physical tendencies, constitution, and disease tendencies.
Click here for the relevant article
Healthia Magazine is an Anytime Fitness web magazine that aims to “realize a spiritually enriching society where everyone can live a healthy life” with the slogan “Healthia Place for everyone!” We provide a place close to the city where you live where you can take care of your mind and body, and through Healthia Magazine, we deliver information that will help you live a healthy and fulfilling life every day.

Anytime Fitness is a fitness gym franchise that originated in the United States and currently operates over 5,000 stores worldwide. In Japan, since opening our first store in Chofu City, Tokyo in 2010, we have expanded to more than 1,100 stores nationwide and have over 800,000 members as gyms that fit a variety of lifestyles.
Fast Fitness Japan Co., Ltd.
Master franchisee in Japan of ANYTIME FITNESS, a 24/7 fitness gym. Company name: Fast Fitness Japan Co., Ltd.
-Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market Stock Code: 7092-
Representative: Kiyoaki Yamabe, Representative Director and President Location: Shinjuku Island Wing 10F, 6-3-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: May 21, 2010
Capital: 2,183 million yen
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