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Home » Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden Hydrangeas are in full bloom at the flower garden.

Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden Hydrangeas are in full bloom at the flower garden.

Osaka Prefectural Flower Culture Garden
Hydrangeas are in full bloom at the flower garden.
Choose between forest bathing in a hydrangea garden in the sunlight filtering through the trees, or hydrangea pots in a misty stream. ……
Hydrangeas are in full bloom at the botanical garden “Hana no Bunkaen” in Kawachinagano City, Osaka Prefecture.
There are 920 plants of approximately 140 varieties in the entire garden. Flowers of blue, white, pink, and reddish-purple bloom in full bloom, and are popular every year. The hydrangea garden is bathed in sunlight filtering through the trees, and has plenty of shade, making it perfect for a light hike or stroll while enjoying the flowers. If you want to enjoy it more casually, you can choose your favorite from among the potted hydrangeas that line the stream, which has been created a dreamy look with mist, or you can take a photo at the photo spot.
You can also purchase Ogawa potted plants.
Enjoy the refreshing hydrangeas and botanical garden during the hot season. Overview Period: Saturday, June 1, 2024 to Sunday, June 30, 2024 *Excluding “Hana Floating” ●Hydrangea Garden A Hydrangea Garden that takes center stage in June. You can enjoy a variety of flowers unique to the botanical garden, including the famous varieties of mountain hydrangea “Kurenai”, “Ezo hydrangea”, “Hime hydrangea”, and the bright blue “Blue fresh”.
[Image 1:×2925.jpg]
[Image 2:×2925.jpg]
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] ●Hydrangea Ogawa Hydrangeas will be displayed and sold at the brook along the lawn plaza. The hydrangeas floating in the mist are a great photo spot.
[Image 4:×2925.jpg]
[Image 5:×2700.jpg]
[Image 6:×2925.jpg] ●Indoor cafe (2nd floor of greenhouse) Seasonal limited edition “Parfait made with hydrangea-shaped cookies and white peach soft serve ice cream”
[Image 7:×768.jpg] ●In-park restaurant limited quantity “Hydrangea and peach dessert plate”
[Image 8:×1069.png ]
●How to grow hydrangeas Seminar Date and time: June 15, 2024 (Saturday) 11:00- Approximately 1 hour *Conducted in light rain. Canceled due to stormy weather Capacity: 20 people Advance
reservations required (reservations accepted on the day only if capacity is not met) Price: 1,000 yen/person (separate admission fee required) Benefits: “Sharing 500 yen to shops, restaurants, and cafes in the flower garden *After the class on potted hydrangeas, we will move to the hydrangea garden. ●Hydrangea Umbrella Photo Contest 2024 (Sponsored by Felissimo) Entry *“Hydrangea Umbrella Blooming in the Rainy Sky” can be rented from the park shop right next to the entrance gate Application period: June 1st to July 31st, 2024
[Image 9:×630.jpg]
●Hydrangea flower floating *Period is July 5th (Friday), 6th (Saturday), and 7th (Sunday)
[Image 10:×586.jpg] Float pruned hydrangea flowers in a rose garden fountain. Please enjoy the contrast between the second flowering rose and hydrangea. Hydrangea: Approximately 920 plants of 140 varieties and various types of hydrangeas are cultivated throughout the Hydrangeaceae/Flower Cultural Garden.・The rainy season arrives around the time when the Kashiwaba hydrangea, named for the shape of its leaves, attracts attention.・Hydrangea (hydrangea) is a plant representative of June, which has been associated with rain since ancient times.・A collection of small flowers can also be used to add “family reunion” as a flower language. -The original “flower” blooms small in the center, and most of what looks like petals are petal-shaped calyxes. ◆ Picked up from varieties cultivated in the garden Hydrangea hydrangea [Quereifolia] A flower that heralds the arrival of the rainy season at the flower garden. It is said to derive its name from the fact that its leaves have lobes that resemble oak leaves, and it is also known for its beautiful autumn leaves.
[Image 11:×2925.jpg] Photo taken on June 2, 2024 – Annabelle: A naturally rounded white decorative flower on a thin stem. Annabelle is popular for its freshness, but it is also easy to grow, loves sunlight, and blooms vigorously even under strong sunlight in early summer. You can also enjoy the change in flower color from lime green at the beginning of the bloom, to pure white, then to yellow-green and pale brown.
[Image 12:×2600.jpg] ・A double-flowered variety with a light color. Many varieties of hydrangea have flower colors that can be adjusted depending on the soil acidity (blue [acidic] to purple to pink [alkaline]), but this species has a pale and gentle color regardless of the color.
[Image 13:×2600.jpg] In addition, the following plants are usually at their best in late June.
[Image 14:×2048.jpg] Salvia (Guaranitica etc.)
[Image 15:×2194.jpg] lily
[Image 16:×2925.jpg] Sanyuuka
[Image 17:×2194.jpg] agapanthus
Main events in June and July 2024: Exhibition of Fukiranchi, etc. June 29th (Sat), 30th (Sun) Summer Vacation Kids Workshop July 27th (Sat), 28th (Sun), 8/3 ( Saturday), 4th (Sunday), 10th (Saturday), 11th (Sunday), 12th (Holiday), 13th (Tuesday) Venue: Flower Workshop A variety of workshops will be held in one place.・Carnivorous Plant Terrarium Workshop 7/20 (Sat)    Experience making a terrarium using carnivorous plants and moss ・Children’s Sketching Competition 7/28 (Sun), 8/3 (Sat)  Target: Infants, elementary school students, junior high school students * Drawing paper will be distributed to
participants (one sheet per person) and drawing boards will be loaned.                                            10:30-15:30  A painting teacher will be patrolling around the flower garden. About Osaka Prefectural Flower Culture Garden In addition to various gardens where seasonal flowers bloom, such as a rose garden, clematis garden, peonies garden, and Christmas rose garden, you can enjoy a full range of gardens such as a large greenhouse full of things to see throughout the year. . Address: 2292-1 Takamukai, Kawachinagano City, Osaka 586-0036 Telephone number: 0721-63-8739 Business hours: (March to September) 9:30 to 17:00 Closed: Every Monday (Monday is a public holiday) Admission fee (tax included): 580 yen for adults, 290 yen for high school students Parking lot: Roadside station “Okukawachi Kuromaro no Sato” Access: (If using a car) Hanwa Expressway “Mihara Kita I.C.” (south) 20 minutes (by train bus) From Nankai Koya Line or Kintetsu Nagano Line “Kawachinagano Station” Take the Nankai bus from platform 7 in front of the station Get off at the “Okukawachi Kuromaro no Sato” stop and walk 10 minutes Official website: https
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