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Home » 5th generation distribution starts today! Five new V Livers from V Liver Agency “LOViT STUDIO” will debut on June 9th (Sunday) at 6pm.

5th generation distribution starts today! Five new V Livers from V Liver Agency “LOViT STUDIO” will debut on June 9th (Sunday) at 6pm.

5th generation distribution starts today! Five new V Livers from V Liver Agency “LOViT STUDIO” will debut on June 9th (Sunday) at 6pm.
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Press release: June 9, 2024
5th generation distribution starts today! Five new V Livers from V Liver Agency “LOViT STUDIO” will debut on June 9th (Sunday) at 6pm. *~A full lineup of mysterious V-lovers including reptile lovers and clowns~* * LOViT, a V Liver agency operated by HIKE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masataka Mikami, hereinafter referred to as “HIKE”)
STUDIO” (hereinafter referred to as “La Vista”) is pleased to announce that five new V Livers will debut today, June 9, 2024 (Sunday). Please enjoy it along with the comments from V Livers. *
At La Vista, there are currently more than 80 V Livers working mainly on the new VTuber app “IRIAM” and X (formerly Twitter). In today’s debut broadcast, five V Livers, including an intelligence officer, a NEET gamer, and a teahouse owner, will be broadcasting for the first time. The members have a somewhat mysterious and calm atmosphere, so please take a look at their debut broadcast.

At La Vista, V Livers are preparing to make their debut one after another. Please stay tuned for further updates.

* Delivery schedule for Sunday, June 9th *
Janome Yuu 18:00~
Hello Crown 19:00~
Rem Roarose 20:00~
Kuroba Amemiya 21:00~
Kagerou Fukuragi 22:00~
*The distribution schedule is subject to change. note that.
Official website
Official X
Members Introduction
*Yuu Janome*
Nice to meet you all!
My name is Yuu Janome.
I love reptiles!
Also, her gender is unknown and she is biphonic.
I would like to talk about various things, so I would be happy if you could support me!
Good luck from now on!

*Hello Crown*
Hello everyone!
Hello, my name is Crown!
I hope we can work together to make your days fun and bright! Thank you all for your support!

* Rem Lower Rose *
Nice to meet you everyone.
My name is Rem Roarose and I came here as a secret agent.
Every little piece of information is important…
I’m looking forward to talking with you all…

* Kuroba Amemiya *
My name is Kuroha Amemiya and I am a NEET gamer.
I hope to be able to talk and play games with everyone in my free time. thank you!

*Kagerou Fukuroki*
nice to meet you.
My name is Kagero Fukuroki, and I am the owner of Fukuragi Chaya. We work hard every day to become a place where you can heal your mental fatigue.
As the owner of the teahouse, we sincerely look forward to your visit.

Member introduction video: About “LOViT STUDIO”
“LOViT” was founded with the concept of “Become who you want to be and connect with the world.”
STUDIO (Rabbit Studio)” commonly known as “La Vista” is where livers from all over the world listen to everything from pre-debut
preparations to post-debut distribution activities.
“LOViT = Like! I love it!”
As the name suggests, we are a V Liver office that supports their daily activities.

*Point 1.*
From the time of scouting, Lavista has been working with Liver to create illustrations and take measures to increase followers in preparation for his debut. Even after their debut, specialized staff will provide total support to the liver, from monetization support to event implementation and mental care.

*Point 2.*
Since March 2023, we have partnered with many livers and illustrators as the “IRIAM” organizer, allowing us to create a variety of character designs.
*Point 3.*
Livers who have grown into top Livers after their debut will collaborate with HIKE’s various businesses and provide opportunities for them to work as Liver voice actors and VTubers.
“LOViT STUDIO” is recruiting drivers
The virtual liver office “LOViT STUDIO” is currently recruiting livers who want to belong to Lavista and be active in the virtual world.
I want to be who I want to be and connect with people around the world. LOViT = Like from many people! I want to be told that!
I want to be something, I want to connect with someone, I want to make someone happy with what I like.
We support the activities of people with such motivation and passion. Apply here:
About HIKE Co., Ltd.
As an entertainment company that handles all kinds of content centered on IP, such as anime, manga, games, and stage plays, we will rapidly take on new challenges one after another and provide the value of IP not only domestically but globally.

Company name: HIKE Co., Ltd.
Address: JRE Nishi-Shinjuku Terrace 3rd and 4th floors, 3-2-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Representative: Representative Director Masataka Mikami
Official website
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