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Notice of POCARI SWEAT Japan Youth Dream Challenge 2024

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Notice of POCARI SWEAT Japan Youth Dream Challenge 2024
In 2024, Angkor Tiger FC will collaborate with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Otsuka Nutraceutical (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Tokushima Vortis with the aim of supporting the dreams of Cambodian youth. We would like to inform you that we will jointly implement the “POCARI SWEAT Japan Youth Dream Challenge 2024”.
This will be the second time the POCARI SWEAT Japan Youth Dream Challenge will be held, following the POCARI SWEAT Japan Youth Dream Challenge held in 2022.
Click here for details on the 2022 event
[Image:×1280.jpg] overview
The first test will be held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, over two days, July 6th (Saturday) and July 7th (Sunday), 2024, for young people aged 14 to 16 years old (born between 2008 and 2010) from all over Cambodia.
The final selection will be held in Siem Reap on Friday, July 26th. Two Cambodian players who passed the final selection have won the right to participate in a two-week training camp at the Tokushima Vortis Academy team located in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. The travel date is expected to be around spring 2025.
The project name is POCARI SWEAT Japan Youth Dream Challenge 2024, and the four companies will jointly provide full support by leveraging their respective strengths to provide support for improving athletic and soccer skills, as well as health support such as meals, hydration, and electrolyte replenishment. We will provide and implement it in Cambodia and Japan based on the above.
[Video 2:] the purpose
In Cambodia, where soccer is the most popular sport and the country is pro-Japanese, we will create an equal opportunity for global challenges for young people across Cambodia, and provide opportunities for young people across Cambodia, as well as selected players and those around them. Our aim is to create many dreams, hopes, and the courage to take the first step.
Approximately 2,500 athletes participated in 2022, and 2 athletes obtained a ticket to Japan. The two players are currently contracted as professional players for the Encore Tiger FC top team in 2024, and have already made their debut in official league matches in 2023. With this second event being held, we will continue to support opportunities for young people to take on global challenges. Main role of each
As a professional soccer team belonging to the Cambodian Premier League, Angkor Tiger FC is responsible for local knowledge, general promotion, and selection that takes advantage of team staff and players.
Otsuka Nutraceutical (Thailand) Co., Ltd., which operates Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Pocari Sweat in Cambodia, will be responsible for health aspects such as meals, fluid and electrolyte supplementation, business experience in Japan, cross-cultural exchange, and overall support for this project.
Tokushima Vortis will have coaches and academy players directly participate in the final test in Cambodia and provide support in terms of soccer and cross-cultural exchange in Japan.
The venue and schedule details for the day will be announced separately. We are also accepting pre-registration for the test from the link below. Click here to register online [Tokushima Vortis]
Tokushima Vortis Official Site (
[Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.]
Pocari Sweat official website | Otsuka Pharmaceutical ( [Facebook(POCARI SWEAT CAMBODIA)]
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