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Home » Tokai Television Broadcasting Rio Uchida becomes the strongest evil woman and sends people to hell one after a nother! The local drama “Wara U Lady” will be broadcast in July! The super popular series by Shichiri Nakayama, the best-selling author kn

Tokai Television Broadcasting Rio Uchida becomes the strongest evil woman and sends people to hell one after a nother! The local drama “Wara U Lady” will be broadcast in July! The super popular series by Shichiri Nakayama, the best-selling author kn

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Rio Uchida becomes the strongest evil woman and sends people to hell one after another! The local drama “Wara U Lady” will be broadcast in July! The super popular series by Shichiri Nakayama, the best-selling author known as the “king of twists and turns,” has been adapted into a drama series!
Scheduled for Saturday, July 27, 2024 to Saturday, September 21, 2024, 9 episodes in total, every Saturday from 23:40 to 24:35, Tokai TV/Fuji TV nationwide network
Starring Rio Uchida plays the role of Michiru Gamo, a dangerous woman who leads people to destruction with her beauty and genius speaking skills!
A new dark heroine is born following Tokai TV’s hit dramas “Hinoko”, “Zettai Seigi”, and “Rika”!
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] Project overview
I can never escape anymore…
Kyoko Nonomiya is finally reunited with her beautiful cousin, Michiru Gamo. During her middle school days, Kyoko shared a certain “past related to murder” with Michiru.
He had been running away from Michiru for 17 years.
Michiru takes over the company Kyoko works for,
Started a consulting business for people who are having trouble in life. Honor, money, desire for recognition, unattainable love… cruelly manipulates people’s desires and leads them to ruin one after another. A devilish woman – Michiru. Kyoko, who was tied up as an accomplice, eventually came to worship Michiru…
The best-seller “Laughing Lady” by Shichiri Nakayama, the “emperor of plot twists” has finally been made into a movie!
Under Michiru’s guidance, people let their desires run wild and fall into hell. It is truly a “negative catharsis” and “ecstasy of falling” and “Reiwa’s laughter, I’m sorry!”
The terrifying true nature of humans exposed will plunge midsummer viewers into the depths of fear!
It is impossible to feel fear and pleasure at the foolish nature of humans who rush toward destruction.
It can be said to be the origin of entertainment, continuing uninterrupted from Kabuki and Rakugo.
And what will be the fate of Kyoko, who is entangled with Michiru? Viewers will be bombarded with unpredictable and surprising
developments until the very end!
Michiru Gamo, a rare evil woman played by Rio Uchida,
A shocking psychological suspense that plunges people into hell one after another!
Please stay tuned!
Starring: Rio Uchida
[Role] Michiru Gamo (32)
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] I work as a consultant on all things related to life.
When he was in junior high school, his mother disappeared and he lived with his father in an old housing complex, but was subjected to severe abuse.
Meanwhile, Michiru, who has transferred to her cousin Kyoko’s junior high school, colludes with Kyoko…
With her beauty and genius speaking skills, she makes people trust her and manipulates them to her will.
Michiru listens to the troubles of her clients and skillfully stimulates their deepest desires, leading them to the worst
What lies ahead…?
[Rio Uchida comment]
I’m honored to be able to play the role of Michiru Gamo, a rare villainess, and I feel a lot of pressure!
When I heard the story, I asked if it was okay for me to do it. I just said that (lol)
However, I read the original work and it was really interesting, and I’m more excited and excited than nervous!
I would be happy if you could get excited about her thoughts and goals as she manipulates human desires and sends them to hell!
[Image 3:×1390.jpg] Cover design: Koichi Sakano + Tomomi Yoshida (welle design) Cover photo:
Original work: “Laughing Lady” (Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha Bunko) A popular work even overseas with over 180,000 copies sold!
“Laughing Lady” is a popular series by Shichiri Nakayama, a
best-selling author known as the “king of twists and turns”! It has been a huge hit with a cumulative total of over 180,000 copies sold (as of June 2024), and three volumes of the series are currently on sale.
This series is also popular overseas, with “The Laughing Lady” translated into Korean, Thai, and Traditional Chinese, and “The Laughing Lady” and “Two Laughing Ladies” also published in Korean. has been done.
The fourth volume in the series, “The Lady Who Laughs at God,” is currently being serialized in Jitsugyo no Nihonsha’s literary web magazine “Web J Novel.”
Cover design: Koichi Sakano + Tomomi Yoshida (welle design)
Cover photo:
*When using calligraphy images, please indicate “Cover design: Koichi Sakano + Tomomi Yoshida (welle design), Cover photo:” Original author: Shichiri Nakayama Comment
At first, the publisher’s request was simply, “I want you to write a story about an evil woman” (which is how most of the offers I get). I had never encountered a villainous woman in my life, so I remember using my imagination even more than usual. Personally, I think I created Michiru Gamo as a symbol of pure malice, without any motive for committing a crime. I would like you to take a moment to observe the misfortunes of others from above.
Comment from producer Naoki Kawazumi (Tokai TV)
Everyone who lives their days peacefully and safely in this society. Don’t you sometimes want to throw away everything you have, surrender to your desires, and run wild? (I do). I hope that such viewers will watch the local drama “Laughing Lady” and detox their hearts through fear and horror.
The main character of this work, Michiru Gamo, liberates the darkness in the hearts of troubled people and affirms their desires. As a result, people deviate from social norms, commit more sins, and fall. The situation is filled with genuine fear, but strangely, the people involved do not hate Michiru, but rather praise him. It may be because I enjoyed the sense of freedom that comes from falling completely free, something that I don’t often experience in my normal daily life. Rio Uchida will play the role of Michiru, who rules over this horrifying world where the values ​​of reality have been subverted. I’m looking forward to seeing how you bring this powerful character to life. We also hope that you will enjoy the story, which is full of surprises and twists unique to Shichiri Nakayama’s original work. We hope that you can surrender to the pleasure of falling, which is the exact opposite of the sporty excitement of effort and victory, and return to your daily life refreshed.
Comment from Producer Machiko Takahashi (Kyodo Television)
When I read the original story for the first time, I still vividly remember being intrigued by Michiru Gamo’s skillful storytelling, thinking that I too wanted to be fooled just a little bit. Having Rio Uchida play such a charming protagonist, and the stimulating conversations between Michiru and the unique guests are sure to become the highlights of this program. This summer! On Saturday night, I hope viewers will enjoy watching the characters go off the rails of their lives while being at the mercy of the evil woman’s comments. story
Michiru Gamo (Rio Uchida) appears in front of Kyoko Nonomiya, who works at a small consulting company, for the first time in 17 years. To the employees around her who are upset by her beauty, she suddenly tells them that she has bought the company and fires everyone except Kyoko. Kyoko is stared at by Michiru in the office where the two of them are alone. The secret of the incident from 17 years ago that only the two of them know comes back to life, and they can’t stop shaking. Sayo Saginuma (27), who works for Teito Bank, a major city bank, leads a private life surrounded by gorgeous brand goods and is considered a winner by those around her. However, it is a falsehood. The only way to release stress from work was through expensive purchases, and he accumulated a large amount of debt. At that time, he reunites with his high school classmate, Kyoko. Then, she is introduced to Michiru, who provides consulting on everything related to money and life. Michiru, with his genius speaking skills and insight, pinpoints Sayo’s difficult circumstances one after another. Michiru whispers to Sayo, who is completely fascinated and cries for help.
“Who is your enemy? You can ask Teito Bank, the cause of your stress, to take responsibility.”
Michiru suggests that they embezzle money by creating a fictitious account and temporarily borrowing money from the bank. He thought that he could use the money to pay off his debt, and later return the money to his account from bonuses, etc., and as long as he didn’t notice, it would be fine.
As instructed, Sayo paid off her debt in no time.
“Michiru-san is a goddess to me!”
Michiru once again urges Sayo to return the bonus money without anyone noticing. However, due to the increasing stress of work, Sayo becomes addicted to shopping again and even starts going to a host club. Rather than decreasing, the amount of embezzlement continues to increase… Kyoko, who is being manipulated by Michiru into working as his assistant, tries to stop Sayo from rushing toward destruction, but she is always thwarted by Michiru. And gradually, I myself become captivated by Michiru…
What will be Sayo’s fate?
And what is the truth behind the incident from 17 years ago that continues to bind Kyoko?
Broadcast overview
“Laughing Lady”
[Broadcast date and time] Scheduled for Saturday, July 27, 2024 to Saturday, September 21, 2024 – 9 episodes in total –
                                                             〇                            〇
[Planning] Naochika Ichino (Tokai Television)
[Original author] “Laughing Lady” Shichiri Nakayama (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Bunko) [Legs] Yoko Izumisawa Jun Tsuguta
[Performance] Hajime Matsuki (Kyodo Television) Masato Fuchigami (Kyodo Television) Toshiyuki Honma
[Producer] Naoki Kawazumi (Tokai Television), Tatsuomi Uzawa (Tokai Television), Machiko Takahashi (Kyodo Television)
[Compiled by] Tokai Television Kyodo Television
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