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Home » Announcing the winning sake of “Kura Master Sake Competition 2024” selected by France’s top sommeliers!

Announcing the winning sake of “Kura Master Sake Competition 2024” selected by France’s top sommeliers!

Kura Master
Announcing the winning sake of “Kura Master Sake Competition 2024” selected by France’s top sommeliers!
Tengu Mai (Kurumata Sake Brewery) from Ishikawa Prefecture won both the Jury Award in the Classic Sake Division and the Alliance Gastronomy Award!
The Kura Master Steering Committee (Headquarters: Paris, France, Representative: Keiichiro Miyagawa) announced the results of the “Kura Master Sake Competition 2024” held in Paris, France on Monday, May 27th. The Sake Contest will award the top 33% of 1,223 items in six categories, the Gold Award, the Platinum Award, and the top 24 brands from the Platinum Award that will be selected for the final screening. Selected for the Member of the Year Award.
There are six judging categories: Salmon Sparkling, Junmai Daiginjo Sake, Daiginjo, Junmai Sake, Classic Motto, and Old Sake.The Alliance Gastronomy Award is a special award from the Classic Motto category. was selected.
(The award-winning sake brands are listed below. Details will be announced on the official website:
[Image 1:×456.png ]
Chairman of the Jury, Xavier Tuiza, introducing six brands of Japanese sake that won the “Jury Prize” (including products that won double “Alliance Gastronomy Awards”)
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Kura Master Sake Competition 2024 Judging Session
[About the special award that will be a driving force in the French food and beverage industry]
The 3rd annual Alliance Gastronomy Award, a special award that evaluates pairing with food, evaluated the compatibility between sake and charcuterie in the classic moto category. This time, we will introduce Romain Leboeuf, who won the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (hereinafter M.O.F.), a title awarded to craftsmen with the most outstanding skills as inheritors of French culture, in the meat sector in 2015. (Romain Leboeuf) served as the special judge.
Additionally, this Alliance Gastronomy Award pairing was presented during the afternoon masterclass. The seminar has been well-received as an experiential event that proposes new possibilities for sake to the more than 100 top sommeliers and barmen who gathered for the Kura Master judging, and has become established as a signature
post-competition program. . At first glance, sake brewed with classic sake, which has a particularly traditional taste among Japanese sake, and charcuterie, which can be said to be an everyday food for French people, seem to be polar opposites. Thing. This was a pairing attempt that really focused on this point. In addition, as the consumption of processed meat decreases year by year in France, attention has been focused on the aim of rediscovering the charm of this traditional French ingredient by pairing it with sake as a new way to enjoy it. *Charcuterie: A general term for all processed meat products. The origin of the word is chair (meat) + cuite (fire). It is a general term for ham, sausage, pâté, terrine, etc., and is often made from pork, but may also include duck or game meat.
[A total of 123 judges will participate in the first screening] Now in its 8th year, Kura Master has expanded in scale every year, with a total of 123 people including sommeliers and barmen
participating in the first round of judging. Six of the judges have received the M.O.F. title, and the chairman of the jury, Xavier THUIZAT, himself was awarded the Best Sommelier of 2022 and will receive the M.O.F. title in 2023.
(Profile details of each judge:
Chairman of the jury, Xavier Tuizat, said: “2024 was another record year for us. More jurors participated than we expected, and the number of entries was the highest ever. I was once again impressed by their strength and professionalism. I hope that this 8th Kura Master will be memorable for everyone and leave a mark in the history of this competition.” I am.
In addition, at the award ceremony to be held at the residence of the Japanese Ambassador to France on Wednesday, October 2nd, the President’s Award 1 will be selected by the chairman of the jury, Mr. Xavier Tuizat, from among the sake selected for the Platinum Award. Announcing the brand.
[Judge Award Winning Sake] (Top of each 6 sake categories)
-1.Salmon sparkling category-
Gunma Prefecture: Nagai Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. “MIZUBASHO PURE” -2.Junmai Daiginjo Sake Category-
Nagano Prefecture: Daishinshu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. “Daishinshu Full of Hands” -3.Daiginjo category-
Hyogo Prefecture: Konishi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. “Super Special Shirayuki Itami Morohaku Daiginjo”
-4.Junmaishu category-
Toyama Prefecture: Tomikiku Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. “Haneya Junmai Ginjo Tominoka”
-5. Classic Moto Division-
Ishikawa Prefecture: Kurumata Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. “Tengumai Yamahai Shikomi Junmaishu”
-6. Vintage sake category-
Hyogo Prefecture: Konishi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. “Super Special Selection of White Snow Edo Genroku Sake (Reprinted Sake) Long-term Aged Old Sake”
[Alliance Gastronomy Award (Special Award)]
Ishikawa Prefecture: Kurumata Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. “Tengumai Yamahai Shikomi Junmaishu”
[Outline of President’s Award Announcement and Award Ceremony] Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2024
Venue: Residence of the Japanese Ambassador to France
Contents: – Jury Prize, Alliance Gastronomy Award-winning breweries will receive certificates and trophies.
-Announcement of President’s Award and presentation of commemorative gifts Sponsored by: Kura Master Association (Association de Kura Master) [What is Kura Master?] It is a sake competition for French people held in France since 2017. The judges were mainly French and European people, including holders of the M.O.F., which the French state certifies as the highest level of craftsmanship, as well as top sommeliers, barmen, and carvisers from top French hotels, as well as restaurants, hotels, and cooking schools. It is made up of related parties and other professionals in the food and beverage industry. Starting in 2021, we have newly established the Honkaku Shochu/Awamori Competition and expanded the scope of judging. (Kura Master official website:
[Organizer information]
Sponsored by: Kura Master Association (Association de Kura Master) 9 Rue des Capucines, 75001 Paris
Sponsored by: Embassy of Japan in France, Paris Sommelier Association, Council for Local Government and International Relations Paris Office (Claire Paris), JETRO Paris Office, Japan National Tourism
Organization (JNTO) Paris Office
Diamond Sponsor: Awa Sake Association, Gifu Prefecture Sake Brewers Association, Maisons Richard, Long-Aging Sake Study Group, Saga Prefecture
Crystal sponsors: Hyogo Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture Sake Brewers Association, Kochi Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, PASONA Agricultural Entai
Cooperation: Le Pain de Tharshan, ECCE GUSTO, GLASSBACCA, GUBI GUBI, Hakata Sugaya, ISMAC, Japan Airlines, L’ARBRE A CAFE, Campus de la Gastronomie Durable Belliard, Lycee Hôtelier François Rabelais Dugny, Lycee des Metiers de l’Hôtellerie, de la Gestion et du Commerce – Santos Dumont, Restaurant Okuda, Philippe Jamesse, Fromagerie Quatrehomme, Artisan Boucher Romain Leboeuf, Shibanuma Soy Sauce Brewing Co., Ltd., KAWAI France, SommelierS INTERNATIONAL, Sydonios, Thonon, VALS
Supporting members: EURO JAPAN CROSSING, Atelier du Sake, GALERIE K PARIS, ISSE ET CIE, H.I.S., JFC France, KIOKO, la Maison du Sake, TAKUMI SPIRIT, UMAMI, We Want
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