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Wano Yume Co., Ltd. Director Ryo Takeuchi’s “The Movie Re-Changjiang” ranked first in CCTV China Central Television’s popular movie reviews ranking.

[Wano Yume Co., Ltd.] Director Ryo Takeuchi’s “The Movie
Re-Changjiang” ranked first in CCTV China Central Television’s popular movie reviews ranking.

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Press release: June 10, 2024
Director Ryo Takeuchi’s “The Movie Re-Changjiang” ranks first in CCTV’s popular movie review ranking.
*”Movie version
Following its release in Japan, “Re-Changjiang” will be released across China from May 24th. It was shown in 11,000 theaters, an unprecedented number for a documentary film directed by a Japanese director, and was ranked number one in CCTV’s Popular Movie Review Ranking. *
“Sai Nae” ranks first in CCTV6’s top 6 popular movie review rankings. (From May 27, 2024 to June 2, 2024)
* 1st place 《Reunion Changjiang》 Review index 91.67 *
2nd place《Zhu Tong has been in the grade for three years and has lost her superpower》Word of mouth index 87.67
3rd place 《Tonight, love and love disappear in the world》 Review index 87.33 * 4th place《Doraemon: Nobita’s Earth Symphony》Word of mouth index 84.33* 5th place《Tanban Uke》Word of mouth index 82.67
6th place 《Special Skill Madman》Word of mouth index 82.67

* Box office revenue exceeded 1 million yuan within 4 days of release! 1st place documentary in May*
[3rd place in China documentary box office revenue ranking in 2024] [No. 1 in Chinese documentary box office revenue ranking in May 2024] What is “Theatrical Version Nagae Sai”?
(Synopsis) A 6,300 km journey to the source of the Yangtze River in search of the first drop, a surprising and moving documentary. China’s mother river
The Yangtze River is Asia’s largest river, with a total length of 6,300 km, crossing the vast Chinese continent from Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Yunnan, and the Tibetan Plateau. Japanese director Ryo Takeuchi had one regret when he filmed the Yangtze River for an NHK program 10 years ago. The reason was that I was unable to photograph the “first drop of the Yangtze River” located on the Tibetan Plateau, which is said to be the third polar region on earth after the North and South Pole.
Ten years have passed since then, and Takeuchi, who moved from Japan to Nanjing, China and became one of the “people along the Yangtze River,” will once again run 6,300 kilometers along the Yangtze River over two years starting in 2021. Along the way, he reunites with friends he photographed 10 years ago, looks at the changes in China over the past 10 years through a single river, and this time aims for the source of the Yangtze River, hoping to capture the “first drop” on camera.
Completed screening in Shanghai – 1000 seats filled!!️
Prior to its screening in an unprecedented 11,000 theaters across China, a screening event was held at a huge movie theater in Shanghai (SFC Shanghai Movie City) on May 22nd. Watch the video to see the stage greeting, which was a great success and filled the 1,000 seats.

Even the premiere road shows in Nanjing and Beijing were sold out! In Nanjing, on June 2nd, there will be performances at UME Film City, Dahua Theater, Wanda Film Theater, Lumi Jian Film City, and Happiness Blue Sea International Film City.
In Beijing, the premiere road show was held at the Beijing Yinghuang Film City on June 5th, and the film received a standing ovation from the packed audience.
Many important guests gathered at Beijing Yinghuang Film City. Mr. Wu Hailong, Chairman of the China Public Diplomacy Association, Mr. Kenji Kanasugi, Ambassador of Japan to China, Mr. Akira Takagishi, Editor-in-Chief of the China Foreign Literature Bureau, Mr. Lu Liang, Deputy Director-General of the National Film Administration, Mr. Zhang Mei, Counselor of the Asian Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Zhang Mei, Counselor of the Asian Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jiangsu Province Wang Mingzhu, a first-class patrol officer from the Party Committee’s propaganda department, was in attendance. Kenji Kanasugi, Ambassador to China, said in a speech, “’Re-Changjiang’ has been released in Japan and has been well received. I sincerely hope that more Chinese friends will watch and appreciate this documentary.” it was done.

*Appeared on CCTV, China’s largest television station*
On CCTV’s “Today’s Movie Mtalk”, “Movie Version”
“Saai Nagae” was introduced. Director Ryo Takeuchi appeared on the program and talked about his thoughts on the Yangtze River and the story behind the making of the film. May 22nd, *Exclusive interview with CGTN (China International Television)* Director Ryo Takeuchi, who was born in Japan and currently lives in Nanjing, a city in eastern China, spoke. “When it was released in Japanese theaters earlier this year, we paid particular attention to the audience’s reaction.” Half of the audience were Chinese living in Japan, and the other half were Japanese. “We found that everyone had the same reaction to the same parts of the movie, whether they were laughing or crying.”
“The lives of ordinary people are common to both, including joy and sadness,” the director added. “Since the film was released in Japan, it has been highly praised by Japanese critics and movie fans for its new perspective on China’s changes and development.
” was reported.
*Currently being released to great acclaim throughout Japan. Be sure to watch “Nagae Nagae” at the theater! *
Message from director Ryo Takeuchi
“Through this film, I want (Chinese people) to get to know ordinary Japanese people, and I want Japanese people to get to know ordinary Chinese people.”

The turbulent 10 years in China that TV doesn’t cover. You can see the shocking changes!
Selected as one of Newsweek’s “100 Japanese People Respected by the World” in 2021.
The latest work directed by Ryo Ittakeuchi, China’s No. 1 influencer. “Re-Changjiang,” which was selected as the Best Ten Feature Films at the 28th China Documentary Awards and nominated for the 1st Prize at the 12th China Documentary Academy Awards, is a hot topic that has created a sensation across China. The new work, which is a newly re-edited version of this “Re-Nagae”, is “Theatrical Version”. “Re-Nae Nae”. China is an economic powerhouse that leads the world despite having 56 ethnic groups. A moving documentary depicting a 6,300km journey along the mother Yangtze River, aiming for the first drop at its source.
On his journey, he has a warm reunion with kind-hearted people who live alongside the great river, and the true nature of China’s turbulent 10 years, which is not shown on TV, is revealed! Director Ryo Takeuchi, who is working on this work, has a total number of personal and related SNS followers. With over 10 million people, he is the number one influencer (Weibo travel related*) in all of China, and continues to reflect the real China. This is a work that Takeuchi put all his heart into photographing over the course of two years. The narration will be narrated by Ruriko Kojima, a talent known for her love of China, following on from “Sai Nae.”
*Weibo travel influencer ranking No. 1 (as of December 2022)
“Theatrical version Nagae Nagae” trailer
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