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Sharp “Sharp Fax” released in 1972 is recognized as a “copier heritage”

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“Sharp Fax” -SF-201- released in 1972- is recognized as a “copier heritage” The origin of Sharp’s document business
[Image:×414.jpg] “Sharp Fax” -SF-201- (released in 1972)
Sharp’s first copying machine, the SF-201, released by Sharp in 1972, was developed by the Imaging Society of Japan (Chairman: Masahiko Fujii, Secretariat: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Japan Imaging Society). It was recognized as a “copier heritage” by the academic society (*1).
“Copier Heritage” was established by the Imaging Society of Japan in 2018. This is a certification system to honor the technical and social achievements of early copying machines, which were the driving force behind the development of Japan’s copying machine industry, and to pass them on to future generations as cultural heritage.
The foundation of our office equipment business began in 1964 with the world’s first all-transistor desk calculator. We entered the document business with the Sharp Fax machine released in 1972, and have since been working to create products and solutions that contribute to increased work efficiency and productivity.
Although this machine is small enough to be placed on a tabletop (width 50 cm, depth 41.5 cm), it achieves a copying speed of 10 pages per minute, the fastest (*2) among products in the same price range at the time. In addition to the operation parts such as the power and print buttons, the display parts such as the status display lamp and the number of sheets counter are concentrated on the front of the machine. Its ease of installation, performance, and ease of use have been praised, and it has become popular not only in large companies but also in a variety of industries, including small and medium-sized businesses, general stores, and schools. It has become easier to copy documents, slips, teaching materials, etc. that were often copied by hand, contributing to a significant increase in work efficiency. These achievements have recently been recognized and recognized.
*1 A gathering of engineers and researchers who aim to advance and develop imaging technology by exchanging information on the basics and applications of imaging, and provides a variety of places to exchange and absorb information on imaging science and technology and related fields. This is an organization that does For more information, please visit the Imaging Society of Japan website
( *2 As of 1972, in the copier category in the low 300,000 yen range. According to our research.
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