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Sigma Logistics Co., Ltd. “2023 SIGMIC Boss Award” was held in May!

[Sigma Logistics Co., Ltd.] “2023 SIGMIC Boss Award” was held in May!
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Press release: June 10, 2024
“2023 Sigmaic Boss Award” was held in May!
*Connect to revitalization of internal organization through IkuBoss promotion activities*
Sigma Logistics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) and Sigma Vending Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture) provide comprehensive logistics services for beverages, from manufacturing to transportation/delivery and warehouse management. These two companies are using IkuBoss* to revitalize their organizations, deepening mutual understanding within their teams (superiors, subordinates, and co-workers) through communication within the workplace, and making it easier to consult and receive suggestions and opinions. We aim to create a work environment where it is easy to express oneself.
When we first started promoting Ikuboss, managers carried out activities with the aim of producing results for the organization while considering the work-life balance of their subordinates. As we move forward with our activities, the promotion of diversity has become important as an organization, and in order to promote understanding, it is important to nurture subordinates and the organization, revitalize communication within the workplace, and deepen mutual understanding. With this in mind, we have changed our IkuBoss promotion activities.
*The “Iku” in “IkuBoss” means that managers themselves grow while developing their subordinates and the organization. “Boss” means a manager.

*About the 2023 SIGMIC Boss Award*
In 2023, managers in their respective organizations conducted activities to improve communication within the workplace, and awards were given to the three managers who made the most efforts to revitalize their organizations as Ikuboss.
The commended managers were praised for their efforts to hone their own listening skills and further improve communication with their subordinates, while incorporating bottom-up approaches such as suggestions and opinions to enhance team strength.
award winners
Presentation scene
* About Ikuboss promotion activities in 2024 *
In 2024, with the keyword of organizational revitalization, each organization will set the theme of activities that will lead to improved teamwork and employee satisfaction, and the team
(supervisors, subordinates, and colleagues) will work together to further increase the production of IkuBoss. We will proceed with activities aimed at achieving this goal.
*DE&I promotion activities of Sigma Logistics and Sigma Vending Services* DE&I promotion activities
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