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Interactive Co., Ltd. The number of registered members of “Job Antenna”, a regionally specialized interactive job matching service, exceeds 70,000 in five locations

Interactive Co., Ltd.
Job Antenna, a region-specific interactive job matching service, has over 70,000 registered members in five locations
~Cumulative number of matches reached 145,000~
Job Antenna, a region-specific interactive job matching service operated by Interactive Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Takahide Usui, hereinafter referred to as “Interactive”), will open on May 31, 2024. We are pleased to inform you that on Sunday (Friday), the number of registered members in five locations in Okinawa, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and Kyoto exceeded 70,000.
[Image 1:×630.jpg] About Job Antenna
Job Antenna started its service in Okinawa in 2016 as a
“region-specific job matching service” that combines a large number of job openings and easy-to-use search functions. Rather than simply transmitting job information from the company side, the feature is that companies and job seekers can send signals to each other indicating that they might be a good fit, realizing interactive and optimal recruitment and job search activities. .
Since July 2021, we have been operating Job Antenna Hokkaido, a job matching service specializing in companies in Hokkaido, together with the Hokkaido Shimbun Company. In addition, from May 2022, we will independently enter the Fukuoka recruitment and career change media market, providing the job matching service “Job Antenna Fukuoka” specialized for Fukuoka companies, and from April 2023, “Job Antenna Fukuoka”. We have started “Job Antenna Kumamoto” and “Job Antenna Kyoto” from September.
≪About job antennas in each region≫
Jobantenna Okinawa:
Job Antenna Hokkaido:
Job Antenna Fukuoka:
Job Antenna Kumamoto:
Job Antenna Kyoto:
Regarding trends in the number of members and matching cases The number of registered members of Job Antenna has steadily increased since its inception, reaching 5,000 in August 2019. Since then, by acquiring attractive job offers such as original job offers and high-level job offers, the number of employees exceeded 10,000 in January 2021. After that, with the opening of “Job Antenna Hokkaido”, the number of people exceeded 20,000 in March 2022, and with the opening of “Job Antenna Fukuoka”, the number exceeded 30,000 in September 2022.
In 2023, we will launch “Job Antenna Kumamoto” from April and “Job Antenna Kyoto” from September, while steadily increasing the number of members of “Job Antenna Hokkaido” and “Job Antenna Fukuoka”. The number of participants exceeded 50,000 in August 2023, 60,000 in December 2023, and has now exceeded 70,000. It should be noted that while it took about four years for the first 10,000 people to register, the most recent 10,000 people registered in about five months, and the speed of growth is accelerating as the company expands its bases. The cumulative number of matches*1 since the start of the service is 145,021.
*1: Total number of applications from job seekers and number of cases where “this might be a good fit for both of us” was established. “Job Antenna” will continue to strengthen the competitive advantage of its services based on its track record in each region, including Okinawa, and will become a “recruitment/career change media where local people can meet companies they want to work for.” We will do our best to do so.
Registered attributes of “Job Antenna” (as of May 31, 2024) *Total of 5 locations
Number of members: 70,600
Average age: 35.1 years old
Gender ratio: 45.2% male, 42.7% female, 12.1% no response
Desired time to change jobs: 39.0% immediately, 25.9% within six months, 7.8% within one year, 3.8% after the following year, 17.8% if there is a good company, 5.8% not thinking about it *Approximately 65% ​​of registered members of “Job Antenna” hope to “change jobs within six months”
Changes in cumulative number of registered members (as of May 31, 2024) *Total of five locations
[Image 2:×714.jpg] “It might be good!”/”It might be great!” function
By sending signals to companies and job seekers that interest them, saying “This might be a good idea!”, we are realizing a two-way job search process. Messages with companies are only possible when there is a mutual agreement that “this might be a good idea!”, so job seekers do not have to worry about communicating with companies they are not interested in. The original Okinawan version of “Deji Ii Might!” is also a function that conveys what companies and job seekers are interested in. “It might be great!” is a sign that emphasizes “It might be great!” and it shows that you are strongly interested in the company or job seeker who received it.
[Image 3:×837.png ]
About interactive
Interactive is an internet venture company originating from Okinawa. From 2022, we will set the purpose of “unleashing the potential of the region” and create businesses optimized for the region, centered on the digital marketing business and job antenna business, and expand into new regions including Hokkaido and Fukuoka. We are steadily expanding our efforts nationwide.
Representative Director and President Takahide Usui
Address: 3-11-32 Oyama, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture
Date of establishment: February 5, 2009
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