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Home » Henn-na Shosha Co., Ltd. Henn-na Shosha supports the introduction of smart packs at “Henn-na Hotel Tokyo Asa kusa Tawaramachi” against the backdrop of inbound demand

Henn-na Shosha Co., Ltd. Henn-na Shosha supports the introduction of smart packs at “Henn-na Hotel Tokyo Asa kusa Tawaramachi” against the backdrop of inbound demand

[Henn-na Shosha Co., Ltd.] Henn-na Shosha supports the introduction of smart packs at “Henn-na Hotel Tokyo Asakusa Tawaramachi” against the backdrop of inbound demand

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Press release: June 10, 2024
Henn na Trading Company supports the introduction of smart packs at “Henn na Hotel Tokyo Asakusa Tawaramachi” due to inbound demand *~ Vacuum compress clothing, towels, souvenirs (stuffed animals, etc.) and make your trip to Japan more comfortable~*
Henn na Trading Company Co., Ltd. (Location: Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Heo Young-joo)
Henn na Hotel Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as “Henn na Trading Company”) is operated by H.I.S. Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd. (President: Hideo Sawada; hereinafter referred to as “Henn na Hotel”).
We supported the introduction of Smart Pack (vacuum packaging machine) provided by TOSEI Co., Ltd. (President: Kazuo Tanishima) to Asakusa Tawaramachi (Taito Ward, Tokyo).

“Smart Pack” is a “vacuum packaging machine” that allows you to pack clothes, towels, stuffed animals, etc. in commercially available plastic bags, compress them, and take them home in a compact size. In recent years, this is a pioneering and highly convenient service that has been introduced at department stores, game centers, and other places where you want to make your purchased luggage more compact. Smart packs that are very popular among visitors to Japan
■Background of introduction
In response to the rapid increase in the number of visitors to Japan due to the end of the coronavirus pandemic and the weakening of the yen, “Henn na Hotel Tokyo”
We have decided to introduce the vacuum packaging machine “Smart Pack” to Asakusa Tawaramachi.
“Henn na Hotel” has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s first hotel with working robots, and is an advanced and playful hotel that is popular among tourists visiting Japan. “Wenn na Hotel Tokyo”
“Asakusa Tawaramachi” is close to Asakusa and Ueno, which are popular with tourists visiting Japan. With its high level of convenience, Smart Pack is expected to meet the needs of inbound customers who want to make their clothes more compact*
. *
■Image of using Smart Pack (Smart Pack for Hotel vacuum packaging machine for accommodation facilities)
Compressing clothing and souvenirs makes it smart to pack on your way home, which tends to be bulky. Anyone can easily compress it in 2 steps.

Smart pack explanation video: STEP1: Place the plastic bag containing clothes into the
machine.STEP2: When the lid is closed, it will automatically compress. A convenient smart pack that easily compresses bulky items.
* ◆ About TOSEI Co., Ltd. *
Founded in 1950, TOSEI manufactures and sells commercial cleaning equipment and vacuum packaging machines. Our quality and product appeal are well received in Japan, and we hold the top domestic market share for large commercial washer/dryers and tabletop vacuum packaging machines.
Company name: TOSEI Co., Ltd.
Address: 2nd floor, JRE Higashigotanda 1-chome Building, 1-24-2 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kazuo Tanishima, President and CEO. Established: April 1950.

* ◆Henn na Hotel Tokyo Asakusa Tawaramachi Overview *
A very convenient location for sightseeing within walking distance of Asakusa, Kaminarimon, Kappabashi Dougu Street, etc. In order to give visitors to Japan a chance to experience Japanese culture and cutting-edge technology, we have introduced a “world’s first” light hologram front check-in system to welcome visitors with a highly entertaining presentation. Total of 217 rooms.
Address: 3-19-8 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo Phone: 050-5210-5250

* ◆About Henn na Shosha Co., Ltd. *
Since our establishment in 2017, we have been engaged in procurement services for new accommodation facility openings and sales of equipment and consumables. We specialize in proposing new services that transform accommodation facilities, such as the LG Styler and Smart Pack that we delivered to Henn na Hotel.

In 2024, we will release Rakuder, the industry’s first ordering system specialized for the tourism industry, and as a tourism DX trading company, we will provide services tailored to the challenges of the industry, including hotels and accommodation facilities. This is widely implemented.

Company name: Henn na Shosha Co., Ltd.
Address: Henn na Hills, 2-8-8 Kotakecho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Representative: President and CEO Heo Young-joo Established: January 2017
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