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Home » Izutsu Maisen Co., Ltd. Maisen will start selling “Toyama Pork Loin Katsu Bento” using Toyama brand pork i n limited quantities at HANAGATAYA metropolitan area stores from June 10th.

Izutsu Maisen Co., Ltd. Maisen will start selling “Toyama Pork Loin Katsu Bento” using Toyama brand pork i n limited quantities at HANAGATAYA metropolitan area stores from June 10th.

[Izutsu Maisen Co., Ltd.] Maisen sells “Toyama pork loin cutlet bento” using Toyama brand pork at HANAGATAYA metropolitan area store on 6/10
Now on sale in limited quantity

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Press release: June 10, 2024
Maisen will start selling “Toyama Pork Loin Katsu Bento” using Toyama brand pork in limited quantities from June 10th at HANAGATAYA metropolitan area stores.

Izutsu Maisen Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative: Kunihiro
Katsuhide) will be selling “Toyama Pork Loin Katsu Bento” from June 10, 2024 (Monday) at HANAGATAYA, a select shop that sells Tokyo souvenirs and famous lunch boxes mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
* Toyama pork cutlet and minced black pork too! Lots of store-limited lunch boxes*
For our main pork cutlet, we use Toyama Pork grown in Toyama’s rich nature. In addition to “Maisen’s original tonkatsu sauce”, you can also enjoy the popular “spice salt” in two different flavors. As a side dish, I also included “Maisen’s Black Pork Minced”, which is roasted in a sweet and spicy manner. This bento box is packed with a variety of colorful ingredients and is visually pleasing.

■Product name: Toyama pork loin cutlet bento
■Price: 1,600 yen (tax included)
■Release date: Monday, June 10, 2024
■Sales location: HANAGATAYA (Grandusta Tokyo North Passage Store, Tokyo Store, Tokyo Yaesu South Exit Store, Ecute Omiya North Store, Omiya Shinkansen Store, Granduo Kamata Store Planned)
*Scheduled to be sold at directly managed store Gransta Tokyo from June 14th (Friday)
■Sales company: JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd.
*Maisen’s commitment*
* pork *
We check pork ordered from all over the world every day and only use pork that passes the test. Grind the sinew and pound it to loosen the fibers of the meat. Although it is a time-consuming process, we cannot cut corners. This is because if you fail to cut a single sinew, the meat will lose its shape when fried, and the texture will change when you eat it.
* Bread crumbs and frying oil *
We use fresh bread crumbs made daily from bread baked according to the specified recipe. Maisen’s unique bread crumbs are different in content, size, and shape from commercially available ones. The frying oil is also a special order from Maisen. Carefully fry while adjusting the heat. At Maisen, we call this the “Kendachi” (sword standing), and we are proud of Maisen’s tonkatsu, which has a glossy, crisp, and fluffy, flower-like appearance.
* sauce *
Maisen currently produces four types of sauce: sweet, dry, for sandwiches, and for black pork. The basic recipe has remained the same since the company’s founding, and is prepared using fresh vegetables and fruits while carefully checking the taste by skilled craftsmen who have inherited the founder’s commitment.
* Katsu sandwich bread *
This bread has the original taste and aroma of bread, but does not interfere with the taste of the meat or sauce.It is soft and fine-grained, yet has a chewy texture that harmonizes with the texture of the meat. Bread that retains its taste and texture over time. Bread with a beautiful cut, etc. In order to make such bread, we are striving to develop it every day. We were particular about the size and thickness of the bread, and the size of each slice was determined so that everyone, from small children to the elderly, could easily pick it up and stuff their mouths with it.
*About Izutsu Maisen Co., Ltd.*
Pork cutlet
Since Maisen’s founding in 1965, we have been committed to making pork cutlets that are soft and easy to cut with chopsticks, and have continued our efforts to ensure that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy our delicious pork cutlets. With our corporate philosophy of “For the delicious smiles of our customers,” we operate around 60 directly managed stores and 13 restaurants in basements of department stores and ekinakas nationwide, as well as wholesale, catering, and e-commerce sales.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Izutsu Maisen Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 4-8-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: November 1965
Representative Director: Katsuhide Kunihiro
Business details: Restaurant business, direct sales business at department stores, commercial facilities, etc.
Delivery business, wholesale sales, mail order business, overseas business HP:
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