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Home » SWEET STEADY, debuted 3 months ago, had a huge success with her first one-man live at EX THEATER ROPPONGI! New s ong “Pajama Party! ” Distribution & MV teaser release

SWEET STEADY, debuted 3 months ago, had a huge success with her first one-man live at EX THEATER ROPPONGI! New s ong “Pajama Party! ” Distribution & MV teaser release

SWEET STEADY, debuted 3 months ago, had a huge success with her first one-man live at EX THEATER ROPPONGI!
New song “Pajama Party! ” Distribution & MV teaser release

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Press release: June 10, 2024
SWEET STEADY, debuted 3 months ago, had a huge success with her first one-man live at EX THEATER ROPPONGI!
New song “Pajama Party! ” Distribution & MV teaser release
Idol group SWEET STEADY will hold their first one-man live “SWEET STEADY” at EX THEATER ROPPONGI on Sunday, June 9th.
1st one-man live -Signal of the beginning-” was held.
STEADY is an eight-member idol group consisting of Ayatomo Okuda, Yui Otoi, Natsuka Kurita, Riyo Shiokawa, Mayumi Shiraishi, Nagisa Shoji, Mia Yanagawa, and Sakina Yamauchi. “KAWAII” is a project by Asobi System that disseminates Japanese idol culture to the world. LAB.” was born in March of this year, and the group’s name is like a bouquet of flowers with the words “cute” (SWEET).The girls have grown step by step “STEADY” through various experiences. It contains the desire that we want.

This first one-man performance was announced at their debut live held three months ago, and many fans came to see the girls perform on stage, and the venue was filled with excitement even before the performance began.

Buoyed by the expectations of such fans, SWEET STEADY will take to the stage wearing new costumes with flower petals on them. “Thank you for coming today!
Let’s enjoy it until the very end! ” and Shiraishi’s enthusiastic voice, and they suddenly performed their signature song and live title, “Hajimari no Signe”. She gave a cute yet powerful performance and started her first one-man performance with full energy.
Keeping the momentum going, they performed two new songs prepared for this day, “Onegai Pentas” and “Wagamama.” “Onegai Pentas” is a song that will make this summer even hotter, with summery lyrics and comical movements that you can’t help but want to imitate. In a complete change, “Wagamama” is a totally cool number that
incorporates dialogue parts, and contains the message “I want to live my life with pride as my larger-than-life self.” Cute and cool, SWEET has an ever-changing charm
The STEADY-like new songs touched the hearts of fans.

During the MC, Shiokawa called out to the audience, “Will you continue to be with Suisute?”, and the audience responded in a loud voice, which heated up the venue even more. In addition, it was announced that the name for Suisute’s fans had been decided to be “Suisuti”, which caused cheers from Sui Sui throughout the venue.

Next was “Michi Shirube” and “Nantane! ” and raised the voltage of the venue, and today’s third new song “Pajama Party! ” Surprise first performance. It’s an idol dance tune that you won’t be able to get out of your head once you hear it, and the audience was so excited that it was hard to believe it was the first time. The last performance was “Heart no Magic,” which captivated the fans in the venue and brought the concert to a close with great excitement.
However, the encore voices immediately rang out from the audience, and the members returned to the stage in response. Otoi expressed his gratitude for being able to stand on this stage and said, “We will continue to be SWEET.”
STEADY wants to make a big bouquet of flowers together with everyone, so we ask for your support,” he said, expressing his determination for the song “Pajama Party!” which he had just performed. ‘ was performed again with the OK to shoot a video. Live videos of the members dancing cutely are sent by fans and are likely to spread widely on SNS.

At the end, they performed the “Hajimari no Signe” that was performed in the first song of the main part. The bright and colorful penlights that filled the venue looked like a field of flowers, and seemed to be blessing the girls who had been working hard for the past three months. “No one can imitate me
Grab your dreams.” Proving with a dignified performance that the lyrics of “The Sign of Beginning” are by no means a pipe dream, his first one-man live performance comes to a close amidst applause. Their faces were full of smiles as they gave their all, and the fans in the venue were smiling as well and applauding them.
SWEET successfully held a one-man live at EX THEATER ROPPONGI even though it has been 3 months since they started their activities. STEADY. I can’t help but look forward to seeing what kind of flowers they will bloom in Japan, or even around the world, in the future as they grow a step further.

In addition, the new song “Pajama Party!” was performed for the first time at this performance. ‘ will be released on June 10th (Saturday) at midnight. The music video is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, June 18th.
Ayato Okuda
Yui Otoi
Natsuka Kurita
Riyo Shiokawa
Mayumi Shiraishi
Nagisa Shoji
Mia Yanagawa
Sakina Yamauchi
M01 Signal of the beginning
M02 Sweet Cafe
M03 Onegai Pentas
M04 Call me,Tell me
M05 selfish
M06 Michisilbe
M07 What!
M08 Pajama Party!
M09 Heart Magic

M10 Pajama Party!
M11 What!
M12 Signal of the beginning

[1st one-man live video] SWEET STEADY / Nanane! Live at EX THEATER ROPPONGI(2024.06.09)

PHOTO: Yuna Yoshimori

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SWEET STEADY 6th Digital Single “Pajama Party!”
Distribution date: Monday, June 10, 2024
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“Pajama Party!” MV Teaser
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* -SWEET STEADY Profile-*
A new idol group created by Asobi System’s project “KAWAII LAB.” to disseminate idol culture to the world.
The group’s producer is a member of “KAWAII” after working as an idol as the former leader of Musubiism.
Misa Kimura is the general producer of “LAB.” and is active as a model and talent. The group’s name reflects the hope that the girls, who are like a bouquet of “cute” flowers, will grow step by step “STEADY” through various experiences.


* -What is KAWAII LAB.-*
A project by Asobi System, a cultural production company with artists who lead Japanese pop culture, to disseminate the idol culture that has continued to grow in Japan to the world. The general producer is Misa Kimura, former Musubiism leader and model/talent. Based on the concept of “From Harajuku to the world,” we aim to discover, nurture, and produce idols who can play an active role in the world.

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