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Home » To all members of the press/June 10th is “Location Bento Day”! Announcing the “1st Japan Location Bench Awar d” selected by location bento fans. Grand prize goes to Aubergine’s “Beef Curry”

To all members of the press/June 10th is “Location Bento Day”! Announcing the “1st Japan Location Bench Awar d” selected by location bento fans. Grand prize goes to Aubergine’s “Beef Curry”

Kurumeshi Co., Ltd.
June 10th is “Location Bento Day”! Announcing the “1st Japan Location Bench Award” selected by location bento fans. Grand prize goes to Aubergine’s “Beef Curry”
“The 1st Japan Location Bento Award” (sponsored by Kurumeshi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Atsumasa Kobayashi), which operates “Kurumeshi Bento”, one of the largest bento delivery services for corporations in Japan) :Japan Location Bench Award Steering Committee) will announce the location dialects selected for the Grand Prize and Gold Prize on June 10th, “Location Bento Day.” The Japan Location Bento Award is based on the theme of the bento (commonly known as “location bento”) that is eaten by performers and staff at various locations such as video/TV production, advertising shoots, magazine shoots, event production, stage performances, etc. We would like to praise the bento that has been supported within the industry. Aubergine’s “Beef Curry (1,296 yen, tax included)” was selected for the “Location Bench Award,” and nine products from nine stores were selected for the “Location Bento Award Gold Award.”
[Image 1:×1532.jpg] The “Grand Prize” has been decided from 265 types of location dialects! The “1st Japan Location Bento Award” was selected through a competition from among 265 types of bento that were submitted through an online vote of “lunch boxes that you think are suitable for the Location Bento Award” among lovers of location bentos. . Six reviewers participated in the “Location Bento Award” review: Sho Inada, Junko Kuroe, Otono Location Benki Diary, Takako Mikami, Chisato Sakurai, and Fumiaki Ryu. . In addition, 9 products from 9 stores were awarded the Gold Award.
Japan Rokebenaward Award official website: Background of the “1st Japan Location Bento Award”
Behind the scenes of the production work that gives power to people on a daily basis, there are times when an endlessly long and sometimes painful journey continues. “When I eat a bento from that shop, I get stronger.” “When I see a bento from this shop at work, I get excited.” And when you want to push yourself a little harder, a delicious bento is what keeps you going. The “Japan Location Bench Award” is an award to express our gratitude, which is difficult to express to the on-location bentos who support everyone’s daily efforts, and to pray for their continued development. Praise the bento.
Stores and products that won the “1st Japan Location Bench Award” “Location Bench Award Grand Prize” 1 product per store
Aubergine|Beef curry (1,296 yen, tax included)
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] 【Product Features】
Aubergine’s original curry is based on onion broth simmered over low heat for 3 days, simmered with domestic beef belly until tender, and finished with butter and fresh cream, allowing you to enjoy the sour, sweet, and umami all at once.
[Comment from Yusuke Takahashi, President and CEO of Aubergine Ltd.]
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] It is a great honor to receive the Grand Prize at the Japan Location Bench Awards, which was held for the first time. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers who support us every day. From now on, we will continue to focus on making curry with great care and without sparing any effort, and deliver bento boxes that are made with love to our customers. Aubergine will continue to work hard to support you as the driving force behind your work, and we look forward to your continued support.

“Location Bench Award Gold Prize” 9 products from 9 stores
Asakusa Imahan|Gyu Tamajyu (1,080 yen, tax included)
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] 【Product Features】
Eggs and onions made fluffy with a sauce that concentrates the flavor of the meat are served on top of rice along with Kuroge Wagyu beef simmered in a secret sauce. This bento box is popular among people of all ages because of its gentle taste of beef and egg, which is full of umami.
Five Star Noriben Bobuki|Salmon Harasu Salt-grilled Bento (1,080 yen, tax included)
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] 【Product Features】
A bento box featuring “rice that tastes best only when it’s cold” made using the ultimate rice cooking method taught directly by a five-star rice master at a long-established rice store. Considering the usability of everyone at the production site, we sought to balance quality and price, balance compactness and volume, and have an overall slightly strong flavor balance that you won’t get tired of.
Kiyama Hanten | Bento A (1,134 yen, tax included)
[Image 6:×2600.jpg] 【Product Features】
Authentic Chinese seasoning made by Chinese cooks is very popular! From cooking to delivery, we take the time and effort to provide our customers with a warm, handmade bento box.
Kyoka|[1 main] Coho salmon Saikyo pickled 2-tier bento (1,080 yen, tax included)
[Image 7:×2600.jpg] 【Product Features】
The first tier is Saikyo-yaki coho salmon, which is rich in flavor and grilled with a perfectly sweet and spicy sauce, and a variety of colorful side dishes that you will never get tired of. The second tier is decorated with carefully selected rice. This bento is made with a focus on making you happy the moment you open the lid.
SOMY’S DELI|Salmon bento with 8 kinds of vegetables and crunchy sesame sauce (864 yen, tax included)
[Image 8:×2600.jpg] 【Product Features】
A large piece of deboned salmon topped with crunchy homemade sesame soy sauce. Meat stew is simmered for a long time, and the rice continues to cook even after it cools down. A well-balanced lunch box with plenty of vegetables.
Onigiri Chakasu|2 rice balls + 3 side dishes A set (520 yen, tax included)
[Image 9:×474.jpg] 【Product Features】
The rice balls are made with Hitomebore from Yamagata, which is delicious even when cold, and each one is gently hand-held. You can choose from over 20 types of ingredients. There are 3 types of side dishes: fried chicken marinated in a special sauce, dashimaki egg, and shumai. “Because it’s simple, you can eat it every day.” That’s what this rice ball bento is.
Tsukada Farm Obento Lab|Excellent! Tsukadama chicken tartare young chicken nanban bento (900 yen, tax included)
[Image 10:×2600.jpg] 【Product Features】
The most popular Tsukada Farm’s popular menu arranged into a bento box. The main dish is chicken nanban with a sweet and sour seasoning that goes well with the rice, and tartar sauce made with plenty of original eggs, but the meat and potatoes, mustard greens, and egg rolls are also delicious.
Tonkatsu Maisen | Fillet cutlet sandwich (453 yen, tax included)
[Image 11:×2600.jpg] 【Product Features】
It has been a signature product for over 50 years since its founding, and has been enjoyed by people of all ages, including children. The deliciousness of the tender fillet cutlet, fluffy bread, and secret sauce will fill your mouth.
Noriben Ichinoya | Famous Noriben (1,200 yen, tax included)
[Image 12:×2600.jpg] 【Product Features】
This seaweed bento is made using carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan so that all the side dishes take center stage. Not only is the side dish delicious on its own, but you can also enjoy the harmony of the rice and seaweed.
■Product reviewer profile
Sho Inada
Former director/broadcast writer, CEO of Rokegoo Co., Ltd.
[Image 13:×390.jpg] Junko Kuroe
Major TV production company Desk/AP
[Image 14:×549.png ]
Oto’s location dialect diary
Works at a major advertising production company. Operator of Oto’s Location Bento Diary (@oto_catering)
[Image 15:×390.png ]
Takako Mikami
Fujir Co., Ltd. Art Coordinator
[Image 16:×390.jpg] Chisato Sakurai
Freelance announcer President and CEO of comipro Co., Ltd.
[Image 17:×3900.jpg] Fumiaki Ryu
TV program production director
[Image 18:×389.jpg] To commemorate the holding of the “1st Japan Location Bento Award,” Kurumeshi Bento will open a special page for the Location Bento Award, where you can actually purchase the award-winning lunch box. Special page URL: ■What is Kurumeshi Co., Ltd.?
With the mission of “changing the experience of how working people find and enjoy food,” Japan’s largest bento delivery service “Kurumeshi Bentou” (, We provide three corporate food delivery services: party food reservation site “Chef Colle” (, and daily bento specialty site “Hitohaco” ( doing.
[Kurumeshi Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Address: 7F Fontis Building, 2-23-12 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 Representative: Representative Director Atsumasa Kobayashi
Business overview: Food delivery business for corporations
“Kurumesi bento” (
“Chef Colle” (
“Hitohaco” (
Capital: 79,245,750 yen
Date of establishment: August 26, 2010
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