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POLA “B.A Eye Zone Cream Special Box” released

[POLA] “B.A Eye Zone Cream Special Box” released

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Press release: June 10, 2024
“B.A Eye Zone Cream Special Box” released
*B.A Eye Zone Cream and B.A Wash/B.A aim to create eyes that are full of life with an awakening firmness, clarity, and rich facial expressions.
Limited kit where you can try lotion*
Co., Ltd
POLA (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Miki Oikawa) aims to create eyes that are full of life, with an awakening firmness and clarity, and a rich expression, from POLA’s top brand “B.A”. “B.A. Eye Zone Cream” and “B.A.
“Wash” is a theory that focuses on giving the skin a sense of firmness, believing that the positive forces that you acquire as a result of your lifestyle and environment will expand your true beauty. Aiming for “B.A.”
“B.A Eye Zone Cream” is a mini size set of “Lotion”.
Special Box” – ¥19,800 (¥18,000 excluding tax) – will be released in limited quantities on September 1, 2024. This is a limited selection that offers firmness care that is full of moisture for the fall and winter seasons, for skin that is damaged by summer UV rays and dryness and is concerned about stiffness and dullness*3.

Eye Zone Cream” focuses on the unique structure of the eye area*2. This eye care item uses a 3D build-up formula that creates a three-dimensional veil on the skin, giving it firmness and volume*4. The rich cream spreads as if it were integrated with the skin, changing the feel from a melting, penetrating feeling to a
stretching-like adhering feeling.
“B.A Wash” is equipped with a formula that cleanses the skin with dense foam to make it moist and transparent, and prepares the skin (stratum corneum) so that the items used later are easily absorbed. “B.A.
Lotion” aims to hold moisture into every corner of the skin, giving it a fresh, plump, firm and glossy feel.

Approximately 470 POLA Beauty Director, cosmetics and beauty shop “POLA the Beauty” stores and flagship store “POLA
Approximately 2,700 stores (as of the end of December 2023), including 83 Pola corner stores such as “Ginza” and famous department stores nationwide, 12 Japanese airport duty-free corner stores, and Pola official online store ( )
Available at. Overseas, it is scheduled to be released in nine countries and regions: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, and Indonesia.

*1: Flexibility of the stratum corneum due to moisture
*2: Corner layer
*3: Due to dirt and old stratum corneum.
*4: Depends on gloss

Released on September 1, 2024
B.A Eye Zone Cream Special Box
*Limited quantity (will end as soon as it runs out)*
* ¥19,800 (¥18,000 excluding tax) *
■B.A Eye Zone Cream This product 26g
■B.A Wash -Facial Cleansing Cream- 20g
■B.A Lotion -Moisturizing Lotion- 8mL
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