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Home » Bacardi Japan Co., Ltd. Music video for BACARDI Music Distillery’s new song “Thrilling Moves feat. Aile The Shota (Blended by tofubeats)” released today

Bacardi Japan Co., Ltd. Music video for BACARDI Music Distillery’s new song “Thrilling Moves feat. Aile The Shota (Blended by tofubeats)” released today

Bacardi Japan Co., Ltd.
BACARDI Music Distillery’s new song “Thrilling Moves feat. Aile The Shota (Blended by tofubeats)” music video released today
A music video that embodies the thrilling combination of Aile The Shota’s talent, singing and dancing is released today.
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Bacardi, a brand of rum imported by Bacardi Japan Co., Ltd. (President Tomonori Azuma) and sold by Sapporo Breweries Co., Ltd. (President Hiroyuki Nose), has been announced.
The first song in 2024 of “BACARDI Sound Distillery”, which will start in May 2023, and tofubeats and artists will create new songs together with BACARDI.
The music video for Thrilling Moves feat. Aile The Shota (Blended by tofubeats) will be released on the official YouTube channel from noon today, June 10th (Monday).
The theme of the music video is Singer vs Dancer
The music video was inspired by the song title, Thrilling Moves. A thrilling depiction of Aile The Shota’s singing and Aile The Shota’s dancing competing against each other.
The video expression combines cuts from various scenes to create a series of movements, giving you a suspenseful experience that will make you believe your eyes.
Also, in the video, Aile The Shota sings, dances, and collides in his own way, We provide energy to people’s daily lives and make them want to release their individuality.
This is a music video that will give chills to the viewers.
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The music video will be released on BACARDI Music Distillery’s YouTube channel from noon on Monday, June 10th. Click here for the URL
Please use this link to listen to and purchase the song.
Tofubeats x Aile The Shota’s song production and comments are being broadcast on the radio.
You can listen to comments on the production of the song and a discussion after the song is completed on the radio program below. ・J-WAVE MUSIC BLOOM (on air every Friday from 22:00 to 22:30)
・FM802 EVENING TAP (on air every Wednesday from 20:00 to 20:30)
・ZIP FM MUSIC BLOOM (on air every Saturday from 22:00 to 22:30) ・CROSS FM MUSIC BLOOM (on air every Saturday from 22:00 to 22:30)
[BACARDI Sound Distillery]
“BACARDI Sound Distillery” welcomes Mr. tofubeats, who has been attracting attention in recent years as a music blend master, and he and up-and-coming artists create new songs together with BACARDI. “The Music Distillery is a place where different sounds mix and create completely new music, like Bacardi rum made through unique aging and blending.
When many talents meet and mix, the possibilities of music are released, and people’s creativity is also released. “
・Information about the music distillery is also introduced on the Bacardi Japan official brand website.
【Aile The Shota】
Debuted on the BMSG label in January 2022 with “AURORA TOKIO”. The songs produced with Shin Sakiura, A.G.O, tofubeats, Soulflex, Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai and others have been ranked number one on various distribution sites and received heavy rotation on various media stations. It has received a lot of attention from artists and producers such as Kalassy Nikoff, MATZ, and GANMI, and has
participated in over 20 songs, and its momentum shows no signs of slowing down.
In addition, their live performances filled with the euphoria of music have been well received, and tickets for their first national tour in 2023 have been sold out, and they have been confirmed to perform at large festivals one after another. Furthermore, he holds an event he organizes every year in order to lead the new generation of music and dance culture scene.
On July 3rd, “Do you want to dance? (Prod. Chaki Zulu)”, which Aile The Shota himself describes as the ultimate pop song, became a hot topic on TikTok, and was released nationwide from July 7th, starting in Fukuoka. We are planning to hold a tour.
With the four EPs he has released so far, he has positioned the beginning of his career as complete, and as the first chapter, he has announced that he will release his 1st AL and hold a one-man live at Tokyo Garden Theater in 2025. He declared that he would become a J-POP STAR.
She captivates listeners with her silky voice that blends into the songs, the lyrics spun with her aesthetic sense, and the melodies she draws with her senses. An artist whose “existence is a genre” and “existence is music”, who has a unique musicality that has a strong affinity with J-POP while leaning toward black music with dance roots.
[Image 5:×3900.jpg] [tofubeats]
Born in 1990, music producer/DJ from Kobe. Since his student days, he has been producing, providing songs, and remixing songs for various artists. In April 2013, he released the self-produced album “lost decade” which included “Mercury feat. Onomatopoeia Minister”. In November of the same year, they made their major debut on Warner Music Japan’s label unBORDE with the song “Don’t Stop The Music” featuring Chisato Moritaka as guest vocalist.
He released his first major album “First Album” in October 2014, and has been releasing works constantly since then.
In May 2022, they released their first new album in about four years, “REFLECTION,” and their first book, “Tofu Beats’ Hearing Loss Diary.” The LP version of “REFLECTION” and “REFLECTION REMIXES” will be released on November 3, 2022. In January 2023, he also released a collaboration EP “A440” with UK’s DJ Q, which is attracting attention both domestically and internationally.
[Image 6:×684.jpg] [Bacardi Rum]
Bacardi, a spirit with a bat logo as its logo, is a rum that was created in Cuba in 1862. Bacardi, with its universal message of “DO WHAT MOVES YOU,” is widely supported as a brand that supports people in moments when they feel a sense of freedom.
Due to its smooth flavor, it is an indispensable spirit for cocktails such as Cuba Libre and Mojito, and is the world’s No. 1 spirit with ultimate versatility, from complex cocktails to simple drinks such as highballs mixed with soda. It’s a rum brand. (*Note 1) Sales volume from January to December 2023: Researched by IWSR
・Bacardi Japan official brand site
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