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Nijigennomori Co., Ltd. Happy birthday with the giant Godzilla of Nijigennomori, Awaji Island! “Godzilla Intercept Operation” birthday sticker

Nijigennomori Co., Ltd.
Happy birthday with Awaji Island Nijigen no Mori Giant Godzilla! “Godzilla Intercept Operation” birthday sticker
Available from Saturday, June 22nd
At the popular attraction “Godzilla Interception Operation” operated by Nijigennomori Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Awaji City, Hyogo
Prefecture, President and CEO: Hiroshige Sadamatsu), distribution of special service “Birthday Stickers” will begin from Saturday, June 22nd. I will do it. Customers who declare their birthday at the reception when purchasing attraction tickets will receive a special birthday celebration sticker! By posting it in a visible place while enjoying the attraction, you will receive congratulations from the attraction staff! Enjoy a special day at Nijigen no Mori where you can celebrate your birthday while immersing yourself in the world of Godzilla!
[Image 1:×945.jpg] ▲“Godzilla Intercept Operation” limited birthday sticker
[Image 2:×656.jpg] ▲Actual size! Make lifelong memories with the giant Godzilla! ■Summary
Distribution start:
Saturday, June 22nd
When entering the attraction, please inform the staff of your birthday and you will receive a special celebration sticker. During the attraction experience, you can receive congratulatory words from staff who see the congratulatory stickers.
*A separate attraction admission fee is required.
Overview of “Godzilla Interception Operation”
“Godzilla Intercept Operation” is the world’s only entertainment attraction where you can truly experience the might and power of Godzilla, which is the world’s largest, 120m long, life-sized Godzilla that landed on Awaji Island.
Participants will become members of the National Godzilla Awaji Island Research Center and participate in missions such as the “zip line” where participants plunge into Godzilla’s body, which has been carefully designed with great attention to detail, and the “shooting game” where participants must annihilate scattered Godzilla cells. I challenge you. In addition, there are plenty of indoor attractions such as the world’s first permanent Godzilla Museum and the Kaiju no Mori kids area, where small children can play with about 50 types of soft vinyl monsters. In addition, we will be selling goods from the National Godzilla Awaji Island Research Center, as well as foods with a world-like feel from “Godzilla Intercept Operation.”
The world’s largest Godzilla has landed on Awaji Island!
[Image 3:×320.jpg]
[Image 4:×324.jpg] Grand Chariot Big Dipper 135° Godzilla Collaboration Room “Monster Land” Overview
To commemorate the 70th anniversary of “Godzilla,” we will open “Monster Land,” a Godzilla collaboration room where monsters that have appeared in past “Godzilla” movies gather together, from Friday, December 1, 2023.
Inside the room, there are interior decorations and tapestries depicting past Godzillas and popular monsters, a part of the life-sized Godzilla that can be seen through the window, and special processing that changes the way it looks depending on the light irradiation. You can enjoy a different atmosphere in the room at night. This is a room where you can have fun all day and night, such as taking on “special missions” where you can get luxurious benefits by finding all the monsters hidden in the room.
[Image 5:×446.jpg]
[Image 6:×443.jpg] Overview of Nijigennomori Co., Ltd.
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