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Home » Showcase Co., Ltd. We have released the beta version of “Associate AI Hub for kintone”, an AI assistant that supports work at kintone!

Showcase Co., Ltd. We have released the beta version of “Associate AI Hub for kintone”, an AI assistant that supports work at kintone!

[Showcase Co., Ltd.] Associate AI Hub for AI assistant that supports work at kintone
kintone” beta version has been released!

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Press release: June 10, 2024
We have released the beta version of “Associate AI Hub for kintone”, an AI assistant that supports work at kintone!
*We have released the beta version of “Associate AI Hub for kintone”, an AI assistant that supports work at kintone! *
“Showcase” was established by Showcase Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Junichi Hiranoi, stock code: 3909, hereinafter “Showcase”), which develops DX cloud services that connect companies and customers. LLM Labs” is Cybozu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Aono
“Associate AI Hub for” is an AI assistant that supports work at “kintone” provided by Yoshihisa (hereinafter referred to as Cybozu). We have released the beta version of kintone. *

■Development history
The showcase will be recognized as a Cybozu official partner (product) in December 2022, and will become the “Hospitality Suite for kintone”.
We aim to improve the convenience of kintone users by developing new functions such as “View”.
In May 2023, in response to the recent rapid development of generative AI, we will develop new products using LLM (natural language processing model) that learns from large amounts of text data, conduct proof of concept (PoC) with collaborating companies, and introduce LLM. For the purpose of consulting, “LLM
Labs” has been launched.

In November last year, we launched the “Associate AI Hub,” which uses AI to assist “kintone” users in various tasks, as an expansion system for “kintone.”
for kintone” prototype was announced at a Cybozu event, and the beta version has now been released.

■What is “Associate AI Hub for kintone”?
“Associate AI Hub for
kintone” is an assistant function exclusive to kintone that utilizes generative AI to create apps within kintone and enable development using JavaScript.

Use natural language interface (NLUI) to operate AI for various purposes. The content that was previously operated using a mouse or keyboard can now be controlled by an AI in an interactive format using text or voice input.

AI performs operations that have traditionally been performed by kintone users, such as creating kintone apps and generating
programming codes, to run multiple tasks in parallel, promote efficiency, and help solve social issues such as labor shortages. We will contribute to eliminating and reducing the problem.

Please watch the video from the URL below to see the actual usage image.

In the beta version to be released, we will start providing a code generation function that assists customization development using JavaScript.

■Future outlook
Our core value at Showcase is “Making people happy with hospitality technology,” and we provide services that give you the feeling of “hospitality” that feels like human warmth, even when it’s online. In order to realize such a society, we have been promoting DX in recent years, but we are particularly focusing on DX that anyone can start easily and with “small steps.”

“Omotenashi Suite”, which can be linked to kintone, is a tool that enables DX of everyday operations, such as digitizing daily reports and streamlining office work.
In order to make it easy for anyone to do tasks such as creating Kintone apps, we will utilize the feedback we received from the operation and testing of this beta version to improve and develop functions in preparation for the official release scheduled for the second half of 2024. Masu.
■About “kintone”

Cybozu’s business improvement platform is used by more than 32,800 people (as of the end of December 2023). It is a cloud service that allows you to create business applications easily and quickly with no-code and low-code, so you can continuously improve your business operations led by the field in response to daily changes in your business. The main function is “Database
+ Workflow + Communication” and is used for a wide range of purposes such as customer management, business trip requests, and daily business reports.
Service site:
[Showcase Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Representative Director and President:
Junichi Hiranoi
Roppongi First Building 14F, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established:
February 1, 1996
Listed stock exchange:
Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market
Stock code:
corporate site:
Core values:
“Making people happy with hospitality technology”
We help people get rid of the “disadvantages” they feel and lead them to “happiness.”
Our joy is to increase the number of happy people through hospitality technology, a system that exceeds people’s expectations and provides excitement and satisfaction.

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