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Home » INTS It’s not the same JAPAN Co., Ltd. Desigual News A gorgeous 2025 Spring/Summer Collection fashion show will be held in Barcelona! – Pays homage to the brand’s past, present and future –

INTS It’s not the same JAPAN Co., Ltd. Desigual News A gorgeous 2025 Spring/Summer Collection fashion show will be held in Barcelona! – Pays homage to the brand’s past, present and future –

INTS It’s not the same JAPAN Co., Ltd.
[Desigual News] A spectacular 2025 Spring/Summer Collection fashion show will be held in Barcelona! – Pays homage to the brand’s past, present and future –
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On Thursday, June 6, 2024 (local time), the fashion brand “Desigual” will hold a fashion show “Reflections” featuring its latest
Spring/Summer 2025 collection in Barcelona, ​​as the culmination of its rebranding efforts over the past few years. It was held at Through the creativity, innovation and joy that have always been part of our history since our founding in 1984, the show will be a journey through Desigual’s past, present and future. The event was held at the port of Barcelona, ​​where the America’s Cup yacht race is held, and over 400 people participated, including celebrities, media, fashion and Barcelona socialites from around the world.
This journey began in 1984, when Thomas Mayer’s vision was to create fashion for humans, not just clothing. The company launched a unique and bold campaign that was unprecedented in the fashion industry, and quickly gained attention. Desigual offers a free, authentic and positive way of living, connecting people all over the world with the spirit of Barcelona.
In recent years, we have been working on strategic rebranding and repositioning, and this fashion show was a milestone. Collaborations with unique designers such as Alphonse Maitrepierre, Collina Strada, and Maria Escote, as well as collaborations with international Latin singer Nathy Peluso and transgender models and actresses. Brand ambassadors like Hari Nef and sustainable collections like “On Demand Collection”, a ground-breaking project using AI, “The New
Desigual”, and “Glow”. In the era of “Up”, brand campaigns and products that transformed from the traditional Desigal were able to connect with a younger customer base.
These initiatives are part of Desigual’s commitment to remain a brand with unique values, and our desire to continue offering fresh, contemporary approaches to the current fashion landscape. .
This year, Desigual once again demonstrated its closeness to the city of Barcelona by starting a long-term partnership with American Magic, challengers to the 2024 America’s Cup in Catalonia. The growth and rebirth of the brand is reflected in special events and partnerships such as these, which continue to build on Desigual’s history in new ways.
THE SS25 FASHION SHOW “Reflections”
The Spring/Summer 2025 collection returns to its roots in celebration of the brand’s 40th anniversary.
The title of the fashion show, “Reflections,” has two meanings: it reflects the past, present, and future in a mirror, and it also refers to the introspective thinking that gave birth to this collection. The over 100 meter long runway set up in Barcelona’s port was lined with mirrors, with a beautiful sunset over the Barcelona coastline. The set design, overseen by Paris-based creative studio MATIÈRE NOIRE, serves as a reflection of Barcelona’s past, present and future, and brings the show to life with music by JOHN TALABOT. I blew it. The Spring/Summer 2025 collection looks back to our Mediterranean roots and our archives, focusing on style, innovation and versatility. An ode to the fleeting beauty of warm spring and summer, it captures the essence of nature, evoking nostalgia for long days at the seaside. Like all Desigual collections, it is a story of joy, creativity and innovation. COLLECTION
A collection of looks inspired by the Mediterranean, summer dusk, the ’90s and 2000s, surfing and Barcelona, ​​fresh from the Desigual archives under the creative direction of Helena Tejedor. Styled with a modern reinterpretation. Attention was also paid to the accessories, including a bold Voyager maxi bag, sandals with Desigual’s “D” emblazoned on the heel, and GIGI STUDIOS sunglasses. From day to night, the collection focuses on items and layering that are reminiscent of the show’s main theme of “Reflections,” such as mirrors embedded in skirts, metallic and reflective accessories, and surf-inspired details. It includes stories that cover various moments of Desigual Girl. A versatile and youthful collection that fully expresses nostalgia and our attitude towards fashion.
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Makeup and hairstyles from Max Factor, Thuya and Wella Professionals each enhance your natural beauty and create a look that looks straight from the ocean. Wet hair, glowing skin, and rosy cheeks gave her a fresh, radiant, and dewy finish.
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(Left) Hari Nef opened the show with a transparent tulle dress inspired by the colors of a sunset, gradating from sky blue to yellow to orange, finishing with a vibrant purple. An image of Barcelona’s iconic sunset.
(Right) Amelia Gray closes the show in a deep V-neck top tied at the chest in a mix of textures including sequins, floral prints and sheers, black cargo pants and black heeled sandals. Black cargo pants and black heeled sandals. Desigual Girl’s final look proclaiming her reinvention and new chapter to come.
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(Left) An asymmetrical orange top with various layers has a side train that adds movement and volume. Denim pants and styling in different finishes inspired by Desigual’s 90s archives. Complete the look with denim heeled sandals.
(Center) Asymmetric white lace top with ruffles and side train. Add a pop of color to beige capri pants inspired by Desigual archives with red sandals. (Right) White knotted bodysuit with “Desigual” written on the front. Asymmetrical skirt and styling with mirror embroidery.
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(Left) The brand’s classic “hybrid” jacket (suit and denim combined). Pair it with a white bikini top and relaxed-fit suit pants with a surf swimwear-inspired waistband. White sneakers and sunglasses completed the look.
(Center) Denim jacket and skirt set with surfwear-inspired waistband detail. White sneakers and sunglasses completed the look.
(Right) Add volume and texture with a black bikini top, light blue jeans, crossed mirror skirt, and Voyageur maxi bag. A perfect balance of “it’s all about the details and layering”.
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(Left) Denim blue maxi tulle dress with front knot. Chrome sneakers, a printed shoulder bag inspired by the brand’s archives and a metallic belt with a sun motif. A look inspired by the Mediterranean and the Barcelona sun.
(Center) An oversized cropped leather jacket is the focal point, complemented by simple black bikini bottoms. Red sneakers and a printed maxi bag inspired by the brand’s archives complete the look. (Right) Relaxed-fit suit with surf swimwear-inspired waistband detail, khaki shirt, and macrame sarong.
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(Left) Black and white maxi dress with 2010 archive print on the front knot. Make it pop with black sandals and orange sunglasses.
(Center) A total washed denim look, with a raffia bag added to the jacket inspired by Desigual’s 1984 original.
(Right) Asymmetrical black sheer tulle dress with pink and lilac floral print. A studded clutch bag and long earrings elevated the evening look.
The runway was set in Barcelona’s port, and supermodel Amelia Gray, who was selected as the 2024 Daily Front Row Model, was shown on the runway, with the Mediterranean horizon in the background and numerous mirrors reflecting the vivid colors of the sunset. (Amelia Gray) and Hollywood actress Hari Nef (who has been the face of the past two campaigns), along with Andrea Meyer (daughter of Desigual founder and CEO Thomas Meyer). Mayer), she gracefully walked the runway while showing off looks from the 2025 Spring/Summer collection.
After the show, an after-party was held on the rooftop of Desigual’s headquarters overlooking Barceloneta Beach, attended by guests from all over the world, including celebrities staying at the W Hotel, as well as members of the media, artists, and fashion industry figures. did.
In addition to being broadcast on Desigual’s official SNS and website, the fashion show was also shown to the public on a large screen installed in front of the company’s headquarters adjacent to Barceloneta Beach, where many people enjoyed it.
[Image 8:×1490.jpg] AMIAYA
[Image 9:×1160.jpg] RIEHATA
Guests include Paris Jackson, Amelia Gray, Hari Nef, Ester Exposito, Thylane Blondeau, and Greta Fernandez. More than 400 people
participated from Japan, including model/DJ AMIAYA and
choreographer/artist RIEHATA.
We also have friends who have supported us since our founding, including Alphonse Maitrepierre, Maria Escote, Collina Strada, and Jordi Labanda. Members of the Desigual community, including Gala Gonzalez, MirandaMakaroff, and Nina Urgell, arrived wearing Desigual’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection.
[Image 10:×922.jpg] Amelia Gray
[Image 11:×1105.jpg] Hari Nef
[Image 12:×1118.jpg] Ester Exposito
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Thylane Blondeau
[Image 14:×1160.jpg] Greta Fernandez
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Clara Berry
Desigual is an international fashion brand founded in Barcelona in 1984 by Thomas Mayer. We deliver positive and authentic messages to people who want to express their best selves. It is famous for its individuality and uniqueness. We are at a critical time for that future. We are in the process of refreshing our image, collection and space with the aim of attracting a new generation of consumers. Currently, the company has more than 2,600 employees and sells six product categories: women’s, men’s, children’s, accessories, shoes, and sports through 109 countries, 10 sales channels, and 393 brand stores.
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