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RAGE “RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Summer” GRAND FINALS has finally begun! Announcing additional event informatio n!

“RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Summer” GRAND FINALS has finally begun! Announcing additional event information!
“Shadobas Channel SP” starring Kana Yuuki, Shizuka Ishigami, Kaoru Sakura and others will be distributed from the venue! It has been decided that there will be a lottery where you can win luxurious prizes!
RAGE, one of the largest e-sports entertainment companies in Japan operated by CyberZ Inc., Avex Entertainment Inc., and TV Asahi Inc., is the final tournament of the competitive online TCG “Shadowverse” tournament “RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Summer.” The GRAND FINALS will be held at Belle Salle Akihabara on Sunday, June 16, 2024. Check out who will come out on top from the many participants!
Ahead of this weekend’s event, additional content information such as the on-site broadcast of the official “Shadowverse Channel SP” starring Kana Yuuki, Shizuka Ishigami, Kaoru Sakura, and others, as well as a lottery where you can win luxurious prizes, will be announced. We would like to inform you.
Tournament URL:
[Image 1:×542.png ]
iDeal|Gasode, Hirobosu, Haruka, Yuto Fujiwara, iDeal|Yoshidame, Spicies, N/S, and Rosa, who won the qualifying tournament held at Makuhari Messe in May. Eight Chii players will participate in the GRAND FINALS.
At this event, it has been decided that “Shadobas Channel SP” will be broadcast at the venue. In addition, there will be a cosplay photo session with Myako and Yunocy, and performers from past official programs such as “#Magical Shadowverse” and “Shadow Bath Academy” will gather on a special stage. In addition, there will be a wealth of side content, including booths where you can compete against famous players and product sales. As RAGE Shadowverse approaches a turning point, content unique to offline content will enliven the venue.
■List of side events
▼Main stage
・”Shadobas Channel SP 31st Offline 8th Anniversary Live Broadcast”
[Image 2:×542.png ]
To commemorate the 8th anniversary of the release of “Shadowverse”, we will be delivering “Shadow Channel SP 31st Offline 8th Anniversary Live Broadcast”.
We will deliver a lot of information such as campaign information commemorating the 8th anniversary and new information about
“Shadowverse” in the future.
There will also be an award ceremony for the “Shadow Grand Prize” held at “Shadowverse” Official X.
*This program can be viewed for free at the venue after “RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Summer GRAND FINALS” is distributed. Please check the official website for details.
[Time] 20:00~ (planned)
[Performers] Kana Yuki, Shizuka Ishigami, Kaoru Sakura, Kazuki Tomoda, Yu Ebihara, Yuito Kimura (tentative)
[Distribution URL]
▼Side event
・RAGE Shadow Lottery
[Image 3:×542.png ]
We will be holding a lottery where you can win luxurious prizes and limited-edition items at the venue. Participate in various side events and campaigns, collect stamps, and exchange them for lottery coins at the reception desk!
For details, please check the announcement on the RAGE official website ( ・Shadowverse ALL Additions Showcase
[Image 4:×542.png ]
We will be displaying all card pack banners and real promotion cards from Volumes 1 to 32, allowing you to look back on the history of “Shadowverse”.
・Battle Royale
[Image 5:×542.png ]
A 1vs1 room match will be held between the visiting “Shadowverse” players, and a battle royale will be held that will continue until the winning streak ends!
・Four-person flight tournament
[Image 6:×542.png ]
This is a side event where Shadowverse players who gathered there can participate in a tournament in groups of four.
[Implementation format] Rotation, Unlimited
For details on side events, please visit the RAGE official website Please check (URL: ■GRAND FINALS tournament table
[Image 7:×1080.png ]
[Image 8:×542.png ]
■GRAND FINALS time schedule
10:00-11:15 Opening, 1st round, 1st match
11:15-12:25 1st round 2nd match
12:40-13:50 1st round 3rd match
13:50-15:00 1st round 4th match
15:15-16:25 Semi-final 1st match
16:25-17:35 Semi-final 2nd match
17:55-19:15 Finals Ending
■“RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Summer” GRAND FINALS Overview
[Date] Sunday, June 16, 2024 Doors open at 08:30 (B1F doors open at 09:30) Performance starts at 10:00
[Venue] Bellesalle Akihabara (3-12-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) For details on accessing and visiting the venue, please see the URL below.
[GRAND FINALS distribution URL]
MC: Hiroki Fuse, Kanna Fujita
Live commentary: Kosuke Hiraiwa, Kazuki Tomoda
Commentary: Maru, Yu Ebihara
■“Shadowverse” (Cygames Inc.)
“Shadowverse” is a competitive game that can be played on smartphones, where you build a deck of 40 cards using three types of cards: “Followers,” “Spells,” and “Amulets.” You win when you reduce the opponent’s leader character’s health to 0. This is an online TCG (Trading Card Game). As of 2024, 9 languages ​​including Japanese have been released worldwide, and the cumulative number of downloads has exceeded 30 million. Taking advantage of its highly competitive nature, it has also entered the e-sports scene by holding world tournaments with a total prize pool of 280 million yen and
establishing a professional league.
■What is RAGE?
[Image 9:×76.png ]
RAGE is an e-sports event operated by CyberZ Inc., Avex Entertainment Inc., and TV Asahi Inc., in collaboration with CyberZ Inc., Avex Entertainment Inc., and TV Asahi Inc., which combines next-generation sports competitions “esports” with various forms of entertainment. and e-sports entertainment that challenges new norms. In addition to operating “official tournaments” for popular titles such as Apex Legends, VALORANT, and Shadowverse, we are implementing three projects: offline and online “events” for general participation, and “Pro League” that determines the top professional teams. Masu. The highest number of simultaneous connections for online viewing exceeded 410,000 people, and RAGE dominated the top 3 domestic simultaneous connections for e-sports events*1.The offline event held for the first time in two years in 2022*2 had 13,000 people. Tickets for Super were sold out immediately, and tickets at Saitama Super Arena*3 were also sold out the following month. More than 26,000 people attended, the largest number of attendees in Japan, setting a historic record for e-sports events in Japan. RAGE continues to set records for the number of simultaneous users at official tournaments in Japan, and is No. 1 in Japan in terms of total attendance and total number of viewers at e-sports events, and is currently the e-sports entertainment that drives Generation Z.
*1 Number of simultaneous connections is the total of official YouTube and Twitch watch parties *Researched by Esports Charts *2 RAGE VALORANT 2022 Spring *3 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour Challengers Japan Stage2 Playoff Finals Official Website: X: RAGE official store:
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