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Home » Cross Hotel Sapporo Enjoy sweets and Hokkaido food in a hammock while staying in the city center at Hanging Garden, an outdoor cafe with a resort feel Cross Hotel Sapporo

Cross Hotel Sapporo Enjoy sweets and Hokkaido food in a hammock while staying in the city center at Hanging Garden, an outdoor cafe with a resort feel Cross Hotel Sapporo

Orix Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
Hanging Garden, an outdoor cafe with a resort feel where you can enjoy sweets and Hokkaido food in a hammock while staying in the city center [Cross Hotel Sapporo]
The 20-seat hammock cafe, open to anyone for 42 days only, will open on June 20th.
Cross Hotel Sapporo (Location: Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, General Manager: Naoya Mikami) will provide hammocks to all guest seats in the front garden of the hotel from June 20th (Thursday) to July 31st (Wednesday), 2024. We will be holding a cafe “Hanging Garden 2024” using the used products.
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Hanging garden (as of 2023)
At Cross Hotel Sapporo, we offer our customers experiences that can only be found here, based on the concept of “NEW DISCOVERIES, NEW CONNECTIONS.” This time, planned and managed by Bonfire Bunkasha Co., Ltd., we will hold an outdoor event called “Hanging Garden 2024” where you can enjoy cold sweet drinks such as tapioca and smoothies, as well as bar menus such as wine and pizza while swinging in a hammock.
[Image 2: &s3=101028-248-D56E64CA013399A4F74A6CD EBCF45-2756X1837.jpg] Using hammocks for audience seating
This event, which will be held for the second time since last year, will feature a 6m x 7m steel frame tent with a retractable roof built in the front garden of the hotel, with hammocks suspended from the upper frame to create seating for 20 guests. This was the second time the event was held, following last year, and although it was extremely hot, which is unusual for Sapporo, many customers came to enjoy the resort-like experience of hammocking in the shade. This year, we will be more conscious of an urban resort, with an open layout that allows for easy ventilation, and a food and beverage menu. The food and beverage menu will include sweets, alcoholic drinks, pizza, and other foods from a kitchen truck on the same premises. This time, we will also be serving foods made with seafood, such as Hakodate salt lemon sour and squid rice, which convey the charm of Hokkaido.
At Cross Hotel Sapporo, we will continue to hold events that you can experience with all five senses as “CROSS DELIGHTS.”
1. About Hanging Garden 2024
[Image 3:×1837.jpg] Hammock tents appearing in the city center
Event date and time: June 20th (Thursday) to July 31st (Wednesday), 2024, open every day
*Business hours may change depending on weather etc.
Number of seats: 20 hammock seats
*Please note that we do not accept reservations for seats.
*Seating fee: 300 yen per person (tax included)
Menu to be offered: 17 types of food/pizza, spicy cheese curry, scallops, pork skewers, squid rice etc.
Drinks/Draft beer, highball, lemon sour, wine, etc. 9 types
6 types of sweets/tapioca drinks, smoothies, etc.
*Contents may change depending on purchasing status.
This event is open to anyone other than hotel guests.
2. Accommodation plan with Hanging Garden 2024 ticket
[Image 4:×1837.jpg] Feel like camping with a table lamp (image)
Accommodation plan that includes accommodation and a 1,000 yen ticket that can be used at Hanging Garden.
Accommodation period: Thursday, June 20, 2024 to Tuesday, July 30, 2024 Price: 7,300 yen per person per night (tax and service included) *2 people per room, no meals
Reservation method: Reception by phone or on the hotel’s official website Please make your reservation by 2pm on the day of your stay. TEL 011-272-0010 (main)
     Hotel official website
About Cross Hotel Sapporo:
Based on the concept of “a place where you can encounter Hokkaido quality that will make your heart sing,” this lifestyle hotel with 181 rooms allows you to experience the charms of Hokkaido, including hospitality that gives you a sense of the region and productions that will turn your stay into a special day.
There is a lounge service where you can enjoy food and drinks unique to Hokkaido in a free-flow style, guest rooms created with artists active in Hokkaido, and a large public bath with a view of Sapporo on the top 18th floor. We will also provide exciting connections between local communities and people, such as holding cultural events that stimulate individuality and sensibilities and that can be enjoyed with all five senses.
Official website: Official account: About CROSS HOTEL:
CROSS HOTEL is a mid-scale lifestyle brand located in prime locations in major cities, connecting with people and the city, and providing unique and irreplaceable stays. Based on the brand concept of NEW DISCOVERIES, NEW CONNECTIONS, we will deliver a time where you can make new discoveries and feel stimulated no matter when you stop by. The three Cross Hotels we currently operate are located in the center of Sapporo, Kyoto, and Osaka, where everyone can gather without barriers and provide an extraordinary experience within reach. About ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS:
ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS is the inn and hotel management business brand of ORIX Hotel Management Co., Ltd. We have a wide range of categories, from luxury to casual, centering on both inns and hotels, and provide experiences tailored to the various life stages of our guests in order to provide “places you’ll want to visit again.” We are delivering. In December 2023, we will open the new Atami/Izuyama Karaku, and currently ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS operates 14 inns and hotels under 5 brands, from Hokkaido in the north to Fukuoka and Oita in the south. It is expanding.
ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS Official Website: ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS Instagram official account:
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