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Persol HD Recruiting participants! Workshop “Working Well-being x Career Crossing” held

[Persol HD] Recruiting participants! Workshop “Working Well-being x Career Crossing” held

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Press release: June 10, 2024
Call for Participation! Workshop “Working Well-being x Career Crossing” held *~Eliminate the anxiety that comes from being in the same environment for a long time and expand your career possibilities~*
* ■Background of “Working Well-being x Career Crossing”*
At Persol Group, we define “work well-being” as the happiness and satisfaction that a person feels through working.
“Working Well-being Lab” is an online community where you can deepen your knowledge about “well-being at work” and think about how you should work together with your colleagues.
” is operated.
As part of this effort, we are collaborating with Mr. Atsumi Osawa, who presides over the “Career Crossing” seminar, which brings awareness to people who have worked in the same environment for a long time. Participants can learn from each other about their own “well-being at work” and learn more about their own “well-being at work.” We have decided to hold a workshop called “Working Well-being x Career Crossing” to encourage people to think deeply.
In this first workshop, participants will be able to resolve their concerns about their career through interaction with other
participants, and help them visualize and express their own skills that they would not be able to notice on their own. The aim is to make people aware of their hidden potential and improve their “well-being at work.”
* ■Overview of “Working Well-being x Career Crossing”*
・Date and time: July 8th (Monday) 19:00-21:00 (Reception starts at 18:30) ・Venue: Persol Career Otemachi Office (5th floor, Otemachi Building, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
・Capacity 50 people
・Participation fee: Free
・Application conditions:
– People who are worried about their career or skills
-Those who want to think about their career possibilities
-Those who want to deepen their thinking about “working well-being” * ·Application method: *
* From the address below or the QR code, you can join the Facebook community “Working Well-being” hosted by Persol Holdings.
Lab.”, and then apply from the event page in the community after joining. * * ・* Application deadline: July 8th (Monday) 12:00

18:30 Reception starts
19:00 Opening Purpose explanation “Learn your skills from a new perspective” CaliClo Workshop (Mr. Atsumi Osawa, leader of the large company skills study group)
19:20 Individual work 1.: Inventory of career and skills
19:30 Group work 1.: Self-introduction, introducing your skills and exchanging opinions
20:10 Individual work 2.: Take stock of what you are good at and what people often say to you
20:20 Group work 2: Give feedback to each other about combining your skills and strengths
20:40 Individual work: Action declaration from today
20:50 Summary and future activity information
21:00 End
* ■What is “Career Crossing”*
“Career Crossing” is a workshop aimed at people who have worked for the same company for a long time. “I’m worried about my own market value.” “While I’m feeling fulfilled in my work, I have doubts about whether my current way of working is okay.” “I’m interested in changing jobs or getting a side job, but haven’t taken action yet.” Share with other participants in similar situations the worries and anxieties you have about your career that you have because you have worked for a company for a long time, such as “I don’t have a lot of money” and “I sometimes sacrifice myself for the company’s profits and goals.” , can be resolved by interacting. The aim is to help participants become aware of their own hidden skills and the career possibilities associated with them through interaction.
* ■Message from Atsumi Osawa, leader of the large company skills study group* “Career Crossing” is a “career crossroads” where you can meet people you wouldn’t normally meet and expand your horizons. I myself have had the experience of correctly recognizing my own skills and learning new options by talking with people from different environments. I believe that an objective perspective from outside of yourself is extremely important in expanding your life. We welcome those who have been active in one place for a long time, those who are uncertain about their career, and those who lack confidence in their own potential to join us. Let’s face ourselves and think about our well-being from various perspectives, and use this as an opportunity to realize your ideal way of working!
* ■Atsumi Osawa Profile*
After graduating from Waseda University in 2009, joined Toyota Motor Corporation. After working in corporate sales in sales and product planning for commercial vehicles and vehicles for government agencies, he started working in advertising in 2015. Engaged in all aspects of domestic sales promotion planning, including planning communication strategies and implementing measures. Experienced in planning domestic sales strategies for the fuel cell vehicle “MIRAI” and producing and editing web articles for owned media.
From 2022, I will be able to work fully remotely as an overseas nomad worker. Involved in corporate marketing support and community management. Leads the “Large Company Skills Study Group”.
[Award/judge history]
・Adtech tokyo presentation, 1st place in popular session ranking (2019) ・JAA Advertising Paper Silver Award (December 2016)
* ■What is “Working Well-being Lab.”*
If everyone can experience “well-being at work,” both individuals and society will become more diverse and prosperous.
But what should I do? This Facebook group was established as a community to face these questions and think together. We aim to provide opportunities for participants to deepen their knowledge of “working well-being” with each other, mainly by sharing information and providing information on events.
Click here to apply for membership: * ■About Persol Holdings Co., Ltd.*
Since our founding in 1973, we have provided comprehensive human resources services including temporary staffing, recruitment, outsourcing, and design development. Established joint holding company Temp Holdings Co., Ltd. in October 2008. The company name was changed to Persol Holdings Co., Ltd. in July 2017.
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market (stock code: 2181). Revenue for the fiscal year ending March 2024: 1,327.1 billion yen (IFRS)
* ■About “PERSOL” Group- * **

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