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Regarding the establishment of “Mirai DX Academy General Incorporated Association”

Regarding the establishment of “Mirai DX Academy General Incorporated Association”

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Press release: June 10, 2024
Regarding the establishment of “Mirai DX Academy General Incorporated Association”
Mirai DX Academy General Incorporated Association (Location: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Executive Director: Saeki)
Takuya (hereinafter referred to as “the corporation”) was established with the purpose of supporting the development of financial DX human resources, and announced that it will begin operations from today. (Our company logo)
* -Background and purpose of establishment- *
In training DX (digital transformation) human resources at financial institutions, we not only acquire IT skills, but also develop a wide range of skills, including the ability to drive projects, the ability to conceptualize digital strategies based on business plans, and the ability to make proposals to support local DX. There is a need to develop talented human resources.
Our corporation focuses on the following three points in particular, and contributes to the development of DX human resources at financial institutions by holding trainings, meetups, and providing educational materials.
1. Cross-border: Creation of human exchanges that go beyond existing frameworks such as organizations and industries
2. Concreteness: Exchange based on specific themes and contents 3. Feasibility: Providing means to put the gained knowledge into practice * – Fellow -*
The following people have been appointed as fellows to provide advice and guidance to our organization.
・Kiyoto Enomoto ・Mitsunobu Okubo ・Takuro Okada ・Kotaro Zanma ・Makoto Shibata ・Ken Shibusawa ・Tomoko Sumita ・Masato Narita ・Kohei Hirako ・Shozo *Titles omitted, in alphabetical order. A brief biography of each fellow is provided below.
* – Main activities -*
Our company plans to carry out the following activities this year. – Designed “Regional DX Study Abroad” by financial institution staff. Conducted DX internships with local governments and local companies as fields.
– With the keyword “regional transformation”, we held a DX meetup centering on financial institutions, local companies, and local governments.
– Accumulating examples of DX solutions that financial institutions can implement and developing training curriculum.
“Sendai DX Meetup”
In addition, as a preliminary event for the establishment of our corporation, Ai Home Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tomiya City, Miyagi Prefecture, Representative Director: Ken Ito, hereinafter referred to as “Ai Home”) and our corporation
The Establishment Preparation Committee held the “Sendai DX Meetup” on March 22nd of this year in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.
Many local companies representing the Tohoku region, including Ai Home, and five local banks met in Sendai to discuss the future of DX in the Tohoku region.
Below is a brief history of our fellows and executive director. (※Titles omitted)
– *Second Regional Banks Association SARBLAB Office Manager Kiyoto Enomoto * After joining the Second Regional Banks Association, he worked in the Business Management Department, General Planning Department, General Affairs Department, Planning Department, and Human Resources and Training Department, before becoming Deputy Manager of the Planning Department in July 2016 and becoming the Innovation Promotion Office (SARBLAB Office) in July 2019. ) Serves as deputy manager. In July 2021, he became the director of the newly established SARBLAB office. We are promoting the activities of SARBLAB, an organization that supports digitalization of member banks of the Second Regional Banks Association and open innovation through collaboration with external companies such as startups.

– *Mitsunobu Okubo, Co-founder of FINOVATORS, Financial Innovation Association, General Incorporated Association *
Digital Agency Digital General Advisor, Ministry of Finance
Assistant to the Chief Digital Officer. A parallel worker who is responsible for public-private collaboration in the areas of GovTech/CivicTech/FinTech. At a financial holding company, he was in charge of digital strategy and promoted new business development and open innovation.
Meanwhile, in his pro bono activities, he is involved in the formation of a financial innovation ecosystem by mentoring FinTech startups, making recommendations to the public sector, and collaborating with overseas FinTech industry organizations. Tokyo Foreign Company Attraction Project (Fintech Business Camp) Mentor, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Code
He has served as a member of for e-Gov, Cabinet Secretariat, Government CIO Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs CIO Advisor, Ministry of Finance CIO Advisor, Financial Services Agency Advisor, etc.

– * Takuro Okada, Representative Director, Financial Data
Utilization Promotion Association, General Incorporated Association * A parallel worker who works on a mission to connect the financial industry horizontally as the representative of the Financial Data Utilization Promotion Association, vice chairman of the Financial IT Association, and CEO of the Digital Agency and Trust Co., Ltd. Graduated from Tohoku University Faculty of Engineering. Consistently engaged in the financial digital field at 77 Bank, Japan Bankers Association, and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking. Since 2022, while working as a private sector specialist at the Digital Agency, he has also established the Financial Data Utilization Promotion Association and the Financial IT Association. As a startup manager, he supports collaboration among association members.

– *InnoProviZation Representative Director Kotaro Zanma*
PreviousNTT Data
Director of the Open Innovation Business Creation Office and part-time lecturer at Kobe University. With the theme of open innovation and business creation, we will launch a monthly forum “From the Port of Toyosu” where innovators of cutting-edge technology and business models will gather. Held innovation contests in 15 cities around the world, and engaged in business management, new business creation, and marketing support consulting at NTT Data Management Research Institute. Graduated from Hokkaido University.
– * FINOLAB Chief Community Officer Makoto Shibata *
He assumed his current position with the establishment of FINOLAB Co., Ltd. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo and joining the Bank of Tokyo, he worked at the Ikebukuro branch, studied abroad at Oxford University (earned a master’s degree in development economics), and worked in the accounting department, Nagoya branch, and planning department, and has been consistently engaged in financial IT-related research since 1998. In 2018, he moved from Mitsubishi UFJ Bank to JDD, which is responsible for promoting innovation at MUFG, and went to the UK as a visiting researcher at Oxford University. He has been involved in the development of Japan’s fintech community since its inception, and also participated in the creation of FINOVATORS. In 2021, he became an outside auditor when UI Bank obtained its banking license.

– * Shibusawa & Company Co., Ltd. Representative Director Ken Shibusawa * Founded Shibusawa & Company Co., Ltd. in 2001. Founded Commons Co., Ltd. in 2007 (changed the name to Commons Investment Trust Co., Ltd. in 2008 and became chairman of the board). Founded & Capital Co., Ltd. in January 2023 and became CEO. He is also a senior advisor at Brunswick Group, a senior advisor at Bain & Company Japan, secretary of Japan Association of Corporate Executives, and co-chair of the Middle East and Africa Committee. He is a member of several
government-related committees, including the Kishida Cabinet’s “Council for the Realization of New Capitalism,” and the Financial Services Agency’s “Sustainable Finance Expert Council.” Triple I for Global Health Co-Chair, Special Advisor to the Chair of ISSB (International Sustainability Standards Board), International Director of the Foundation for Valuing Impact, advisor to the Office of the President of the University of Tokyo, etc.

– * Tomoko Sumita, Executive Officer, Future Co., Ltd. *
Executive Officer of Future Co., Ltd., Director of Leiblitz Co., Ltd., Future Global Design
(Singapore corporation) director, representative director of H3 Co., Ltd., director of World Market Co., Ltd., senior expert at Digital Agency, and outside director of Xebio Holdings.
Earned a master’s degree in industrial psychology from Columbia University. Joined Future System Consulting as a new graduate. While his career includes being seconded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (first secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Denmark), seconded to the Cabinet Secretariat (assistant to the Information and Communication Technology Comprehensive Strategy Office), and seconded to the Digital Agency (supervisor of special projects), he also worked for Mondela himself. He has also launched Japan (a Japanese subsidiary of an online jewelry brand) and H3 (a company aimed at disaster prevention consulting and human resource development).

– * Masato Narita, President, Shinkin Chukin Bank Business Co., Ltd. * After graduating from Seijo University Faculty of Law, Department of Law, joined a financial institution (currently Shinkin Central Bank). Studied marketing at Waseda University Business School and served as Minamikyushu Branch Manager, Sales Promotion Manager, and Audit Manager. In 2018, he became the representative director and president of Shinkin Chukin Business Co., Ltd. In 2023, he will launch the “Ojisan Future Research Institute” as a director.

– *Kohei Hirako, Associate Professor, Department of Comprehensive Economics, Faculty of Comprehensive Economics, Kinjo University* Visiting Associate Professor, Organization for the Promotion of Advanced Science and Social Co-creation, Kanazawa University, and Preparation Office for the Faculty of Policy Studies, Kinjo University Also serves as an associate professor. Specializes in comprehensive problem solving through industry-academia-government collaboration and interdisciplinary research focusing on regional issues. After working at a city bank, representing a university-based venture, and studying at Kanazawa University, he assumed his current position. His publications include “Community Comprehensive Care and Area Management” (co-author).

– *Shizou , Chairman, NPO Financial IT Association * Joined the Bank of Japan in 1987 and was mainly responsible for the examination and monitoring departments of financial institutions. After serving as Deputy Director of the Center for Financial Advancement, he established Financial Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. in 2018. He runs the “Passionate Financial Man
Association” with the aim of developing society through finance. His books include “Learning about regional revitalization and regional finance from practice” (co-author, Gakugei Publishing, 2020) and “Flexible transformation of financial institutions: the collapse of pyramid organizations, the birth of self-management organizations” (co-author, Financial and Fiscal Studies). Jigyo Kenkyukai, 2020).

– * [Secretariat] General Incorporated Association Mirai DX Academy Executive Director Takuya Saeki*
Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Policy Studies. At Japan’s largest independent strategic PR firm, he was involved in planning public relations strategies for global IT vendors and consumer goods manufacturers, as well as launching an industry association involving video equipment manufacturers and content manufacturers.
Joined Dynatrek Co., Ltd. in 2009. Since joining the company, he has been involved in sales strategy planning for the data integration and analysis tool DYNATREK. The tool has been rolled out since it was first introduced to local banks in 2012, and currently has a nearly 40% market share in the local banking industry.
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