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TKP Corporation Announcement of formulation of “Sustainability Policy” and “Policy on Human Capital Management”

TKP Co., Ltd.
Notice of formulation of “Sustainability Policy” and “Policy on Human Capital Management”
TKP Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Takateru Kono) has formulated a
“Sustainability Policy” and a “Policy on Human Capital Management” and has published them on our website.
Background to the formulation of the “Sustainability Policy” and “Policy on Human Capital Management”
TKP aims to realize a sustainable society through its business activities based on the corporate philosophy of “a space regeneration distribution company (creating value for society by regenerating and sharing idle assets)”. . In accordance with this corporate philosophy, we have formulated a new “Sustainability Policy” to clarify our stance on promoting sustainability more proactively and proactively. Additionally, in conjunction with this policy, we have formulated a “Policy on Human Capital Management.” We believe that efforts to generate innovation and human capital management are the foundation of our business activities, and we will make further efforts to develop human resources and improve the workplace environment.
Sustainability policy
TKP aims to realize a sustainable society through its business, based on the corporate philosophy of “a space regeneration distribution company (creating value for society by regenerating and sharing idle assets)”. Utilizing the know-how of existing businesses that we have cultivated as a leading company in the space sharing business, we will turn the flow of people and companies from overseas, including Asian countries, into business opportunities and pursue alliances and M&A with the aim of further increasing added value. At the same time, we will promote corporate activities based on the sustainability policy set forth below.
In addition, we will strive to improve the transparency and
reliability of our sustainability management by appropriately disclosing these activities on our website, etc., and making continuous improvements through dialogue with internal and external stakeholders.
1) Service x Innovation
In order to continue creating new value as the needs of customers and the times change, we will develop and provide high-quality services while continuously incorporating technological innovation and reforming the entire organization. In order to not only improve the quality of our services but also create new businesses, we will promote innovation by encouraging the active participation of diverse human resources, improving the skills of our employees, and
strengthening our intellectual property strategies. Through these initiatives, we will continue to embody TKP’s goal of becoming a “revolutionary company that creates value for society by utilizing IT and financial tools” as set forth in our employee code of conduct. 2) Human resource development and respect for human rights
We believe that people are the basis of management, and strive to develop human resources who can realize our employee code of conduct (*). We strive to improve employee satisfaction and engagement by emphasizing employee well-being and creating a workplace environment where each employee can work comfortably and maximize their individual abilities.
We also support and respect international norms and standards regarding human rights, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact, and All forms of discrimination based on self-identification, physical disability, social status, etc. are prohibited. We foster a fun and positive organizational culture where diverse human resources with various backgrounds work together with mutual respect and emphasis on teamwork. We respect the human rights of all stakeholders involved in our business activities and strive to protect them.
* TKP employee behavior guidelines:
1. Emphasis on speed – Get the chance! Decision to challenge/withdraw 2. Yes We Can! Maximize customer satisfaction and impress customers 3. Always create! Improvement! revolution!
3) Environmental consideration through space sharing
Our company recognizes that responding to climate change, realizing a recycling-oriented society, and caring for biodiversity are global issues. We believe that space sharing, which is our core business, will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption for society as a whole, as well as reduce negative impacts on
biodiversity. By utilizing idle space and providing a space with new value as a sharing service, we aim to realize an environmentally friendly and sustainable business.
4) Coexistence with local communities
Utilizing our company’s network of locations across the country, we contribute to regional development and solving social issues. Through our space sharing business, we aim to create spaces that contribute to the development of the local economy and culture from idle spaces, increase the vitality and attractiveness of the area, and create new value for local residents and users. To this end, we aim to build relationships of coexistence and co-prosperity through extensive communication and collaboration with various stakeholders, and together build a prosperous local community.
5) Compliance
We understand the importance of understanding and complying with laws and regulations related to business activities, and we will implement them reliably. Additionally, through education and training, we aim to raise awareness of legal compliance and instill corporate ethics among each officer and employee. Furthermore, we will deepen our
understanding of social norms and corporate social responsibility, and practice compliance in all corporate activities.
We will move forward with our business based on the above policy and realize sustainable development of the company and society.
*For information on our sustainability policy and initiatives, please also visit our website.
Information will be updated from time to time.
Policy on human capital management
At TKP, we believe that it is important to generate innovation and engage in human capital management in order to continuously increase corporate value. In order for all employees to cooperate and demonstrate their creativity to the fullest, we have formulated the following two policies with the main themes of “retaining diverse human resources” and “improving the workplace environment,” and are working to develop human resources and improve the workplace environment. We are working on it.
1) Human resource development policy
Our mission in human resource development is to “achieve a three-way win for society, employees, and the company.” We will instill the TKP Employee Code of Conduct, which is our value, and link the goals of the company, departments, and employees.To achieve this goal. We will systematically and systematically provide the necessary education to enable people to act proactively, and develop people who continue to take on challenges while enjoying business.By doing so, we aim to achieve “well-being,” which is our vision for human resources development. We aim to improve organizational engagement.
2) Policy on improving the workplace environment
TKP has established a “Policy for improving the workplace environment” and is working to improve the workplace environment. We have established the following four items and will continue to strive to create a safe and comfortable working environment.
i) Creating a safe and comfortable working environment
We aim to realize comfort and enrichment for our employees, ensure a comfortable and safe work environment, and improve the character and character of our employees.
We respect individuality.
ii) Prevention of overwork
We will actively work towards realizing work style reforms by thoroughly visualizing working hours and improving human resources and labor management.
iii) Health maintenance, mental health care
We believe that the health of a company is predicated on the health of its employees, and we actively work on early detection and early measures of illness through regular health checkups and mental health care.
iv) Anti-harassment measures
We will work to prevent all forms of harassment based on the Harassment Prevention Regulations. Additionally, we will strive to detect and rectify harassment as early as possible by establishing a consultation desk.
*For information on human resources development policy and workplace environment maintenance policy, please visit our website.
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