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Home » Frontier Works Co., Ltd. will exhibit at “Anime Expo” in the United States, “Japan Expo” in France, and “Manga Expo” in Taiwan in the summer of 2024!

Frontier Works Co., Ltd. will exhibit at “Anime Expo” in the United States, “Japan Expo” in France, and “Manga Expo” in Taiwan in the summer of 2024!

Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.
Frontier Works Co., Ltd. will exhibit at “Anime Expo” in the United States, “Japan Expo” in France, and “Manga Expo” in Taiwan in the summer of 2024!
Frontier Works Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo;
Representative: Masahide Tsuji; hereinafter referred to as “Frontier Works”) will be hosting “Anime Expo,” which will be held in the United States from July 4th (Thursday) to July 7th (Sunday), 2024. 2024”, “Japan Expo Paris 2024” will be held in France from July 11th (Thursday) to July 14th (Sunday), 2024, and “Japan Expo Paris 2024” will be held from July 25th (Thursday) to July 29th (Monday), 2024. We will be exhibiting at the “2024 Manga Expo” to be held in Taiwan.
[Image 1:×221.jpg] This summer 2024, Frontier Works will be exhibiting at representative Japanese anime festivals in three regions: America, France, and Taiwan!
This is our first time exhibiting at Japan Expo Paris, one of the world’s largest comprehensive expositions of Japanese culture. This is the fourth time we have exhibited at Anime Expo, one of the largest anime conventions in North America, following in 2019, 2022, and 2023.
This will be our third time participating in Manga Expo, Taiwan’s largest manga and anime festival, following 2022 and 2023.
For fans around the world who love Japanese manga, anime, and culture. We plan to carry out a variety of initiatives, including screenings and exhibitions that will be the world’s first public release of new anime.
We are also planning to distribute goods for the first time and novelties that can only be obtained here, so please come visit the Frontier Works exhibition booth!
*At Japan Expo Paris 2024 in France, we are planning to exhibit for business purposes.
Further detailed exhibition information will be posted on the Frontier Works official website and official Facebook page.
-Official homepage:
-Official Facebook page: Event Overview
■Anime Expo 2024
[Image 2:×700.png ]
・Period: July 4th (Thursday) to July 7th (Sunday), 2024
・Location: Los Angeles, USA/Los Angeles Convention Center
・Booth name: animate GROUP [#3700]
*This time at “Anime Expo 2024”, Frontier Works will be located at the “Animate Group” booth.
・Anime Expo 2024 event official website:
[Image 3:×1360.jpg] ◆Event information 1◆
3D LIVE “Uta no Prince-sama♪ ALL STAR STAGE -MUSIC UNIVERSE-” will be screened on AX!
[Image 4:×1500.jpg] ・Event name: Anime Expo 2024, Shining Production, and Raging Entertainment present
       Utano☆Princesama ALL STAR STAGE -MUSIC UNIVERSE-
・Date and time: Los Angeles local time, July 4th (Thursday), starting at 6:00 p.m.
・Location: The Novo
・Tickets on sale now: *The video and audio will be in Japanese only, and there will be no English subtitles.
*This performance will be 3D LIVE. There are no plans for cast members to appear on stage.
*Both Anime Expo admission ticket and 3D LIVE ticket are required. [What is “Uta no Prince-sama♪”]
Since the release of the first game in 2010, we have expanded our media mix to include CDs and anime. We deliver stories told by unique idols along with charming music created by Elements Garden.
・3D LIVE portal site:
・Official website:
・Official SNS: @utapri_sss
・Copyright notation: (C) Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ ALL STAR STAGE Production Committee Illust.Frontier Works Inc.
◆Event information 2◆
“Haigakura” world premiere screening will be held!
[Image 5:×860.jpg] ・Event name: Frontier Works (animate GROUP) Presents World Premiere ・Date and time: Los Angeles local time, Friday, July 5th, 8:00-9:00 p.m. ・Location: ROOM 402AB
・Contents: Screening of the first episode of the TV anime “Haigakura” [TV anime “Haigakura”]
・Original work: Shinobu Takayama (Zero Sum Online/Ichijinsha Publishing) ・Copyright notation: (C) Shinobu Takayama/Ichijinsha/Haigakura Production Committee
・Official website:
・Official SNS: @haigakura_anime ・Teaser PV
[Video 2:] ■Japan Expo Paris 2024
・Period: July 11th (Thursday) to 14th (Sunday), 2024
・Location: Paris, France/Nord Villepinte exhibition venue
■23rd Manga Expo in 2024
[Image 6: &s3=16756-544F1DDDD892084A78315979ce c0a485-2774X590.jpg]
・Period: July 25th (Thursday) to 29th (Monday), 2024
・Location: Taipei City, Taiwan/World Trade Center Building 1 *Ticket purchase is required to enter each event. Please check the official website of each event for details.
Frontier Works Co., Ltd.
[Image 7:×1181.jpg] Business content: DVDs, CDs, books, magazines, radio, goods, games

Address: 4F/5F Higashiikebukuro Central Place, 3-22-17
Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Masahide Tsuji
Established: August 2002
Official website:
Official X account: @frontier_works Official YouTube:
Official Facebook: More details about this release: