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Tameny Co., Ltd. We have been commissioned by Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. to carry out the “Reiwa 6 Marriage Support Matching Implementation Project” in Tokyo!

[Tameny Co., Ltd.] We have been commissioned by Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. to carry out the “Reiwa 6 Marriage Support Matching
Implementation Project” in Tokyo!

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Press release: June 10, 2024
We have been commissioned by Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. to carry out the “Reiwa 6 Marriage Support Matching Implementation Project” in Tokyo! *
Tameny Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Kenjo Kurisawa, Securities code: TSE Growth 6181) is a Tokyo Metropolitan Government “Marriage Support Matching Business Support Outsourcing” (from April 1, 2024 to March 2025). Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd., the business promoter of the “Reiwa 6 Marriage Support Matching Implementation Project,” has announced that they will be offering AI-based matching, using matching apps, and participating in events. We would like to inform you that we have been entrusted with the task of providing individual consultations via the web to people who are hesitant. *
* Please note that our company, as the outsourcer, will refrain from disclosing details such as the development status and timing of provision of the AI-based matching contracted for this service. *

* ■Details of commissioned work for the marriage support matching implementation project in 2020 (excerpt) *
(1) Providing matching using AI
Utilizing the existing system provided by our company, we will prepare an AI matching system equipped with big data analysis functions. 1. About the mechanism of the AI ​​matching system
Users are asked to input their age, income, occupation, hobbies, personality, self-introduction, etc., and the AI ​​analyzes the matching suitability from this information and extracts the most suitable partner. When a match is established in the system, both parties are notified, and when a mutual message is exchanged, the status is set to match.
2. Target audience
Must be single, 18 years of age or older, living, working, or attending school in Tokyo.
3. Initiatives for peace of mind
In order to create an environment where users can participate with peace of mind, we will thoroughly verify their identity. Appropriate screening will be conducted by requiring the submission of proof of singleness/income (tax withholding slip, etc.), health insurance card, written oath, and online interview. In addition, sufficient systems will be in place to allow interviews to be conducted regardless of the number of applications. Additionally, we will create a system that prohibits interaction with other people once a relationship begins. We will also propose and implement other safety measures.

(2) Online marriage consultation
Utilizing the existing system, anyone can consult for free on the web, from safe encounters to marriage. Strive to improve usability by adding optional features as necessary. Also, 8 hours a day (weekdays) 12:00-20:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-18:00) and available for consultation at any time except during the year-end and New Year holidays.
Consultations include advice related to marriage hunting, such as how to groom yourself, how to create a profile when using matching apps, and introductions to matchmaking events, as well as providing information on metropolitan government measures such as metropolitan housing and employment support even after dating. Our professional staff will help you resolve your various concerns about marriage, such as getting married, and help you take the first step toward marriage with peace of mind. Additionally, based on the design of the marriage support portal site “TOKYO Futari STORY,” we will create an LP that will capture the interest of site visitors and provide a link to the consultation reservation form. In addition, an administrative manual will be created in consultation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and provided to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The content will be shared with each other.

* ■Future outlook *
Regarding the status of our regional revitalization projects, including the outsourcing of this business, we are generally progressing within the scope of the initial plan, and the performance forecast for the fiscal year ending March 2025 is There are no changes at this time from the contents announced in the “Summary of Financial Results [Japanese GAAP] (non-consolidated)”.
In addition, in our regional revitalization business, we utilize the knowledge and know-how we have cultivated through our matchmaking business, Partner Agent, to provide matchmaking support systems for local governments (12 prefectures). ), we operate matchmaking support centers (in 6 prefectures), and hold various events and seminars, but we will continue to work towards not only revitalizing local areas but also realizing a better society beyond that. We will work to support local governments in matchmaking in a variety of ways.

-3D operations for local governments-

(Results in provision/consignment, etc.)
Provision of matchmaking support system “parms” Aomori prefecture, Miyagi prefecture, Akita prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Saitama prefecture
Tokyo, Fukui Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Oita Prefecture
Entrusted management of matchmaking support centers Hokkaido, Miyagi Prefecture, Tokyo, Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture
Many events/seminar management contracts

* -Tameny Co., Ltd. Company Profile- *
Trade name: Tameny Co., Ltd.
Stock code: TSE Growth 6181
Representative: Kenjo Kurisawa, President and Representative Director Business start: September 2006
Location: 3rd floor, IMAS Osaki Building, 1-20-3 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo U R L:

-Marriage hunting area-
・Marriage agency “Partner Agent”
・Marriage party “OTOCON”
・App-based marriage consultation agency “Partner Agent App”
・Matching app “Smart marriage date”
-Casual wedding area-
・Wedding production “Suma-kon”
・Wedding after-party production “Second party-kun”
・Wedding photo “studio LUMINOUS”
-Life & Tech Area-
・Insurance agency “Tameny x Insurance Clinic”
・Post-marriage support service “Anniversary Club”
・CONNECT-ship, a mutual introduction platform for members of matchmaking businesses
・Marriage Agency Federation “Marriage Hunting Alliance Partners” -Regional revitalization area-
・Marriage support system for local governments “parms”
・Marriage support center of local government (contracted operation) ・Marriage support events and seminars held by local governments (held on commission)

* [Contact information regarding this matter] *
Tameny Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Hirata/Yokota
TEL: 03-5759-2700 FAX: 03-5759-2701
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