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Home » Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture “#Asakura’s Favorite Place Photo Contest” will be held!

Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture “#Asakura’s Favorite Place Photo Contest” will be held!

[Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture] “#Asakura’s Favorite Place Photo Contest” will be held!

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Press release: June 10, 2024
[Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture] “#Asakura’s Favorite Place Photo Contest” will be held!
*Asakura City*
This year, we have expanded the recruitment target to include all ages, and will be holding two parts: the “U-18 Division” for high school students and below, and the “General Division”!
We are looking for photos that capture the charm of Asakura from your perspective.
The recruitment theme is “My favorite place in Asakura.” Any photo related to Asakura City is OK!
It doesn’t matter if you live in Asakura City or attend a school in Asakura City. Anyone can apply. Please apply without hesitation! You can easily apply using the application form and receive a special prize. Photo contest logo. An example of an entry for the 2020 #Asakura’s Favorite Place High School Student Photo Contest.
■Recruitment theme
“Asakura’s favorite place”
Any photo related to Asakura City is OK!
Examples: Recommended spots, daily scenery, delicious food/drinks, people, hidden charms, new charms, etc.
■Recruitment period
Saturday, June 1, 2020 – Saturday, November 30, 2020
-U-18 Division – Under 18 years old (high school students and under) *Residing in Asakura City or attending a high school in Asakura City does not matter. Anyone under high school age can apply!
-General section-No requirements
*Anyone can apply!
-How to apply-Application form
*Enter the photo, photo title, date of shooting, location, situation when the photo was taken, thoughts on the work, etc. (about 100 characters), photographer’s name (pen name is acceptable), contact information (phone number), etc.
In addition to the above, please enter your school name and grade for the “U-18 section” and your address for the “general section” before applying!
■Number of applications/size
Up to 3 items per person, 600pixel x 800pixel or more
Each department
・Special selection 1 person QUO card worth 10,000 yen + commemorative gift ・3 winners: QUO card worth 2,000 yen + commemorative gift
・Participation prize available
・Entered photos must be taken by the entrant himself, regardless of the date of the photo, but must be photos that have not been previously submitted to this photo contest.
・Entered photos must not have been stamped or otherwise processed. ・If a person is included in the photo to the extent that it is possible to identify them, the applicant must obtain the consent of the person in the photo before applying, and this is the
responsibility of the applicant. Asakura City shall not be held responsible for any infringement of rights.
・The rights to the photos belong to Asakura City and will be used for city promotion projects.
・Applicants may be interviewed when featured in Asakura City City Promotion Magazine “Conne Sakura” etc.
・The personal information received will be used only for this project by Asakura City and will be managed appropriately.
■Judging committee members (planned)
・Hiroshi Sueyoshi (K-Works representative)
A graduate of Asakura High School, he is currently working as a graduate student photographer in Asakura City.
・Yukio Asakura (Asakura City Attraction Ambassador)
In addition to performing as Neta Asakura, he is active as a “half-farmer, half-art talent” who runs a farm in his hometown of Chikuzen.
photo contest flyer
(URL: ) [Contact information]
Asakura City Planning and Promotion Department City Promotion Division (Conne Sakura)
Chikugo District Tourism Council
(Secretariat: Kurume City Hall Tourism and International Division) TEL:0942-30-9137, FAX:0942-30-9707
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