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Anicom Insurance Co., Ltd. Anicom Insurance has started recruiting for the 9th “Animal Senryu”!

[Anicom Insurance Co., Ltd.] Anicom Insurance has started recruiting for the 9th “Animal Senryu”!

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Press release: June 10, 2024
Anicom Sompo 9th “Animal Senryu” recruitment begins!
*Winners will receive original stickers and canvas art*
Anicom General Insurance Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Shingo Noda, hereinafter referred to as No. 1 in pet insurance market share) Anicom Insurance Co., Ltd. (Anicom Insurance) will now begin recruiting for the 9th “Animal Senryu”. Anyone who lives with animals can apply. The 50 winners will receive “original goods”. We welcome applications from animal owners nationwide.
*Share is calculated based on the number of contracts for each company in 2023. “2024 Pet-related Market Marketing Overview” survey published by Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.

■What is “Animal Senryu”?
“Animal Senryu” is a project where you can submit a special photo of your child’s casual moments, expressions and gestures that only the owner can capture, and a senryu based on that photo. We started in 2015 with the aim of conveying to as many people as possible the joy and richness of living with animals. Every year, we receive a wide variety of entries, including heart-warming works depicting moments in which you felt a connection with your child or memorable anecdotes, as well as works that make you laugh or phrases that use buzzwords. Last year’s 8th “Animal Senryu” competition received approximately 8,000 entries, the largest number ever, and was enjoyed by many pet owners.
▶ Click here for the works of the 8th “Animal Senryu”

▲An example of the work that won the 8th Excellence Award
■Winners will receive original stickers and canvas art.
▲Original sticker
▲Canvas art
This time, all 50 winners will receive an “original sticker,” and 10 of them will receive a “watercolor canvas art.” Both items are one-of-a-kind original goods made from submitted photos.
In addition, all works submitted for “Animal Senryu” will be introduced on a special website (*).
You can apply regardless of whether you have a pet insurance contract with Anicom Insurance, so we encourage all your friends and family to apply.
*If Anicom Sompo Insurance deems the work to be unsuitable for publication, such as if it contains slander or defamation, it may not be published.

■Summary of the 9th “Animal Senryu”
[Application period] June 10th (Monday) to June 30th (Sunday), 2024 [How to apply] From the dedicated reception form

[Result announcement] Anicom Sompo official website

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