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Home » yurinasia will hold a dance academy in Tokyo! ! We are recruiting members who aim to become professionals!

yurinasia will hold a dance academy in Tokyo! ! We are recruiting members who aim to become professionals!

Space Shower Network Co., Ltd.
yurinasia will hold a dance academy in Tokyo! ! We are recruiting members who aim to become professionals!
Popular dancer and choreographer yurinasia will hold a dance academy “jABBKLAB ACADEMY in TOKYO”! !
We are recruiting members who aim to become professionals!
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jABBKLAB instructors, led by yurinasia, will be moving from Fukuoka to Tokyo this summer.
It has been decided that the first professional dancer training school “jABBKLAB Academy” will be held.
We are looking for professional aspiring members who want to learn from and work with Yurinasia, who not only performs as a dancer but also works as a choreographer regardless of genre.
At the academy, in addition to jABBKLAB’s regular dance lessons, he will also give practical skills and lectures as a choreographer. Yurinasia, who has choreographed many commercials for major companies, TV dramas, and music videos for popular artists, will teach you what to know as a choreographer, how to respond to the required
choreography image, and also about when dancers appear in
advertisements and music videos. To go.
The program will be held over three days, August 2nd (Friday), August 3rd (Saturday), and August 4th (Sunday), with all classes held in the afternoon. It’s sure to be an enriching time filled with learning and laughter! !
We are looking for members who want to utilize their own sense of style and become a member of jABBKLAB as a choreographer or
professional dancer, as well as dancers who want to work with yurinasia in the industry in the near future!

Hello, I’m Yurinasia.
This time, we have decided to hold an academy in Tokyo so that dancers who like yurinasia and jABBKLAB can learn our choreography techniques and dance.
We are recruiting “jABBKLAB Tokyo members”.
Career and achievements are not required as long as you have dance experience. Thankfully, although I am based in Fukuoka, I have had many
opportunities to work in Tokyo in recent years. If I were alone, I would not feel any inconvenience in commuting to and from Tokyo. However, when working on advertisements, movies, TV, or music videos, there are many situations where multiple dancers who can dance in the Tokyo area are required. For example, we provide choreography support to entertainers, and perform as dummy dancers, stand-ins, and backup dancers for idol groups.
As you know, all of my disciples and students at jABBKLAB are located in Fukuoka, so currently I mostly decline requests and outsource the work to outside production companies.
Normally, I would like to work with friends I can trust, and that is often what I am asked to do, but I honestly feel that the situation is unavoidable, and that is why I have created this opportunity. We are looking for dancers to join jABBKLAB!
I can’t make any promises to all participants, but I think there will be opportunities to ask for work in some form soon.
The ability to respond flexibly to any situation is required. I would like to take this opportunity to share all the knowledge and techniques that jABBKLAB and I have learned!
It would be an irreplaceable joy for me if the dancers who gathered here in the future could go on their own and make a living doing dance-related work.
I want to work with yurinasia and create a piece! I want to steal techniques! I want to be active in the field, I want to be independent as a choreographer, I want to perform, I want to create! We are waiting for dancers who think so.
Event overview
・jABBKLAB regular dance lessons
・Knowledge as a choreographer, basic practical skills and lectures ・About dancer appearances in advertisements and music videos ・Regarding on-site support for dummy dancers and stand-ins
 and more…!!
■Date and time
DAY1 August 2, 2024 (Friday) Reception 18:15~
DAY2 August 3, 2024 (Sat) Reception 16:50~
DAY 3 Sunday, August 4, 2024 Reception 16:50~
*This is a 3-day program.
Meguro-ku, Tokyo *Winners will be contacted individually for location details ■Tuition fee
33,000 yen (tax included)
■Application period
6.10 (Mon) 20:00 – 6.30 (Sun) 24:00
■Winner notification date
*Due to the small number of participants, it will be a lottery. ■How to apply
This academy uses BitfanPass for registration.
To apply, you will need to download the Bitfan Pass app.
Registration is free.
Please read the details and notes on the application page below before applying.
■Application qualifications
・Gender doesn’t matter
・Over 18 years old
・Dance experience (regardless of career)
・Those who are not affiliated with a production company
Lecturer introduction
[Image 2:×1228.jpg] yurinasia
Dancer, dance instructor, and choreographer from Fukuoka Prefecture. He has received numerous awards including JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT vol.23 FINALIST. Since around 2019, her dance videos posted on SNS every Friday have become a hot topic, attracting attention both domestically and internationally. Received “BEST CREATIVE PERSON” at “SPACE SHOWER MUSIC AWARDS 2022”. She runs dance spot jABBKLAB (Jab Club) with her husband, breakdancer ayumugugu. In 2022, he will establish jABBKLAB Co., Ltd. and hold his first solo performance “jABBKLAB TOUR 2022” in the same year. In 2023, he will make a guest appearance at the world’s largest street dance event “DANCEALIVE 2023 FINAL”. Since 2023, he has been appearing regularly on NHK E-Tele’s “Sonntag ~Odori no Hoshi~”. He also serves as a supervisor.
Official Website:
Choreographer’s representative works (*partial)