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Warner Bros. Studio Japan G.K. Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – Making of Harry Potter Opening, “1st Anniversary Event” held to commemorate 1st anniversary of opening

Warner Bros. Studio Japan LLC
Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – Making of Harry Potter Opening, “1st Anniversary Event” held to commemorate the 1st anniversary of opening A total of 200 fans, along with Kensho Ono, Mizuki Yamamoto, and Harry Sugiyama, recreated famous scenes from the movie in the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle.
Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter
(hereinafter referred to as Studio Tour Tokyo) allows you to experience the behind-the-scenes production of the world-famous Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies. To celebrate our 1st anniversary on June 16th (Sunday), we will be holding a “1st Anniversary” for a month. So today, ahead of the 1st anniversary of the opening, we will be speaking with Kensho Ono, who provided the voice of Harry in the Japanese dubbed version of the “Harry Potter” movie series, Mizuki Yamamoto, an actor who is a big fan of Harry Potter, and the talent. We held a “1st Anniversary Event” with Harry Sugiyama and 200 fans.
[Image 1:×1019.jpg] ■“1st Anniversary Event” Report
In commemoration of the first anniversary, the event was held in the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle, which is also popular on the studio tour and is featured many times in the banquet scenes of the Harry Potter movies. Kensho Ono, Mizuki Yamamoto, and Harry Sugiyama, dressed in costumes inspired by a scene from the movie, appeared and celebrated the 1st anniversary with 200 fans who gathered in their own cosplay. Did. When asked by MC Harry about his memories of the 1st anniversary studio tour in Tokyo, Mr. Ono said, “I feel like the 1st anniversary went by so quickly,” and said that he was on stage with them when they participated in last year’s opening ceremony. I talked about an episode in the waiting room with Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy.
Mr. Yamamoto is also a big fan of Harry Potter, and talks about how he became a fan after reading the original novel, saying, “I set myself a rule to finish reading Harry Potter on the day it was released, and I was engrossed in reading Harry Potter. I was an elementary school student at the time, so I was very disappointed and wondered why I couldn’t get into Hogwarts. In addition, to commemorate the 1st anniversary, Mr. Ono will have the names of the Japanese dubbing voice actors cast and staff engraved on the cane box today, June 10th. (Monday) and that the voice of the digital audio guide will be Kensho Ono’s voice from June 17th (Monday). I expressed my thoughts on being able to be involved in the world of his works.
In the talk session related to the “1st anniversary”, Ms. Yamamoto, who celebrated her “1st anniversary” as a mother this year, shared a personal story about how she recently celebrated her child’s 1st birthday with her family, which filled the venue. I was enveloped in a celebratory mood. In response to Harry Sugiyama’s question, “Are you planning to show your children Harry Potter once they’re a little older?” Mr. Yamamoto answered, “Of course, (Harry Potter) is a textbook in our family.” Ta. Afterwards, a large anniversary cake in the image of the four Hogwarts dormitories celebrating the first anniversary appeared on the stage of the Great Hall, and with the signal of “Incendio”, a spell to light the lights chanted by Mr. Ono, Mr. Yamamoto, and the fans, countless candles were lit. Finally, like the famous scene at the end of the first movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where the Hogwarts students gather together in the Great Hall of Hogwarts Castle and throw their wizard’s hats at the ceiling, Ono-san, Mr. Yamamoto, Mr. Harry, and 200 fans threw their hats high into the ceiling of the Great Hall for a grand finale. Finally, when asked about his message to the fans who love Harry Potter and this Studio Tour Tokyo, Ono said, “I’m honored to be able to work on Harry Potter like this, even 20 years after the first movie.” I hope that Studio Tour Tokyo will continue to make history as a sacred place for Harry Potter.” Mr. Yamamoto also said, “Today was my first time here, and I’m going to visit it for Halloween and Christmas.” I want to enjoy the changes with each season, so please come visit us not just once, but twice or even three times.” lighting ceremony
[Image 2:×995.jpg] A finale inspired by famous scenes from movies
[Image 3:×1287.jpg] Talk session
[Image 4:×916.jpg] [1st anniversary content]
■1st anniversary print ticket
The print ticket service that was popular during last year’s grand opening is now available with a 1st anniversary design designed by Mina Lima, a graphic designer who worked on the movie’s graphic design, and will be available from June 16th (Sunday) to 7th. It will be distributed for a limited period of one month, starting on Monday the 15th of the month.
[Image 5:×1910.png ]
■Digital guide Japanese updated version narrated by voice actor Kensho Ono From June 17th (Monday), we will start providing an updated version of the digital guide in Japanese, narrated by Kensho Ono. The tour experience guided by Harry’s voice will be a unique and unique experience that will make you feel as if you are entering the world of a movie.
[Image 6:×1365.jpg] ■The names of 20 Japanese dubbing voice actors and 1 translator have been added to Wandroom.
From June 10th (Monday), the names of the actors and staff involved in the production of the movies “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts,” including Kensho Ono, will be engraved on the wand room. The names of the 20 Japanese dubbing voice actors who dubbed the main cast of the series, and Keiko Kishida, who worked on subtitles and translation, will be added.
[Image 7:×1287.jpg]
[Image 8:×1287.jpg] Additional Japanese dubbed version cast (excerpt)
Kensho Ono (Harry Potter), Mamoru Miyano (Newt Scamander, Percy Weasley), Ichiro Nagai (Albus Dumbledore), Wataru Takagi (Dobby), Shinpachi Tsuji (Sirius Black), Yumi Sudo (Hermione Granger), Yuki Tokiwa (Ron Weasley), Takaya Haji (Severus Snape), Masashi Ebara (Lord Voldemort)
■MinaLima 1st Anniversary Limited Art Collection
Starting June 16th (Sunday), the 1st anniversary art collection created by MinaLima will be available.
[Image 9:×2600.jpg] ■ MinaLima 1st Anniversary Can Badge
On Sunday, June 16th, the 1st anniversary of our opening, we will be handing out 1st anniversary tin badges to all visitors.
Also, from the following day, June 17th (Monday), if you purchase one of the MinaLima 1st Anniversary products (5 types) listed above or an acceptance letter for admission to Hogwarts, you will receive this 1st Anniversary. You will receive a can badge.
*Ends as soon as it runs out
[Image 10:×2600.jpg] ■1st Anniversary Afternoon Tea
Backlot Cafe will be offering the 1st Anniversary Afternoon Tea, a limited menu available only during the 1st anniversary period. At this “1st Anniversary Afternoon Tea,” you can enjoy cute sweets and drinks inspired by the first movie in the movie series, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” Please take this opportunity to enjoy our special afternoon tea, which is a magical way to celebrate our 1st anniversary.
[Image 11:×2507.jpg] [Speaker comments]
■Mr. Kensho Ono (special guest)
My memory of Studio Tour Tokyo is that I was able to participate in the opening ceremony of Studio Tour Tokyo. I was on stage with Tom Felton, who plays Draco. I clearly remember Tom speaking to me in the waiting room, saying, “Harry, it’s great to finally meet you!” For some reason, when I spoke to him, there just happened to be no interpreter, and even though I had a lot to say, I couldn’t speak English, so Tom said, “See you later, Potter,” and went somewhere else. , I have a very memorable incident where I felt so frustrated that I have never regretted not being able to speak English so much. The 1st anniversary only comes at the same time as the 1st
anniversary, so I’m especially looking forward to the very rare goods that can only be obtained at this time. The audio guide with my voice is very loud and I think it’s fun just to listen to it, and you may even be able to hear spells related to the scene, so I hope you’ll look forward to it. It’s been more than 20 years since the first film was released, but I’m truly honored to still be working on Harry Potter-related projects like this, and I’m proud to be building history as a Harry Potter sacred place. I hope you like it. Anyway, I think it’s a facility that allows you to enter the world of Harry Potter, and there is a lot of information, so I hope you will visit again and again, immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter, have fun, and continue to make memories together. I hope you can make it. ■Mizuki Yamamoto (special guest)
What made me fall in love with Harry Potter was the original novel. I was so engrossed in reading Harry Potter that I had set a rule for myself to finish reading novels on the day they were released. I was an elementary school student at the time, and I often wondered, “Why can’t I get into Hogwarts?” For the 1st anniversary, I’m interested in the 1st anniversary limited afternoon tea. I’m really looking forward to finding out which scene from the first Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone inspired these sweets. I think being able to be on the studio tour in Tokyo while listening to Mr. Ono’s voice will make you feel like you’re entering the world of Harry Potter. My child also turned 1 this past year. He just turned 1 year old, so we recently celebrated our 1st anniversary. I always find it amazing how children change from day to day. I want my children to read Harry Potter as a “textbook at home.” I look forward to the changes in Studio Tour Tokyo’s seasonal events. I think this is a facility that anyone can enjoy, whether it’s with friends, children, or a lover. Please come and visit us not just once, but twice or thrice.
■Harry Sugiyama (MC)
Thank you for coming to our 1st anniversary event today. Today I appeared in a costume with a Dumbledore motif. We are happy to be able to celebrate our first anniversary with fans dressed in various costumes such as Gryffindors and Dumbledore. We hope you enjoy the magic of our 1st anniversary.
[Image 12:×1287.jpg]
[Image 13:×1287.jpg] ■Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – What is the Making of Harry Potter? Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo opened on Friday, June 16, 2023 at the former Toshimaen site. Here at Studio Tours Tokyo, we take fans to breathtaking movie sets, including Hogwarts’ iconic Great Hall, Diagon Alley, and the Forbidden Forest, where they learn behind-the-scenes of filmmaking and explore magical animals. You can encounter them and see gorgeous costumes. There are also lots of fun activities to do, including riding a broomstick, drinking a refreshing Butterbeer, pretending to be a moving portrait in the hallways of Hogwarts, joining the crowd at a Quidditch match, and shopping for exclusive Studio Tour Tokyo merchandise. You can enjoy it to the fullest. Additionally, here at Studio Tour Tokyo, we have the world’s largest Harry Potter shop, divided into 13 themes. The store is decorated with over 1,500 specially-crafted props, and the beautiful interior is inspired by elements from Diagon Alley’s many shops, including Honeydukes, Ollivander’s and Flourish & Blotts. It has a design. Many limited items that can only be obtained here will also be sold. Our restaurants and cafes offer traditional British cuisine such as fish and chips, roast beef, English breakfast and afternoon tea.
It will be the first of its kind to open in Asia, and it will take approximately four hours to tour the facility, which boasts the world’s largest indoor Harry Potter facility. Following the success of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, which has been well received since opening in 2012, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo will also feature sets that can only be seen in Tokyo. You can have an experience like no other.
■Official website:
▼Click here to register for the e-mail newsletter to get the latest information Customer registration URL: ■Official X: (@wbtourtokyo)
●Tickets for Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo must be purchased in advance from the official website.
(Adults ¥6,500, Juniors ¥5,400, Children ¥3,900)
■About the “Harry Potter” franchise
Years have passed since the moment 11-year-old Harry Potter met Rubeus Hagrid, the keeper of the keys and the domain of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Harry’s many adventures became widely known and moved into the hearts of people. It left behind an unparalleled “trace”. Harry Potter has become a social phenomenon, and now, over 25 years later, it has become one of the most successful and best-loved pieces of entertainment in history.
J.K. Rowling’s best-selling novel Harry Potter has been brought to life through the interaction and evolution of various projects within a single worldview, and continues to be loved by millions of fans around the world. I am. Eight blockbuster Harry Potter films and three epic Fantastic Beasts films bring mesmerizing action to the screen, while Harry Potter and the Cursed Child dazzles on stage. Experience the wizarding world like never before with Portkey Games’ cutting-edge video and mobile games. Fans can also show off their passion for the work through innovative consumer products and thrill with spectacular location-based experiences, including five Universal Studios theme parks around the world.
Warner Bros. Discovery’s expanding Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts portfolio includes innovative touring experiences, events and retail shops designed to help fans enjoy special moments and locations. It also includes Platform 9 3/4 and the iconic Harry Potter New York flagship store. In addition, “Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter” and “Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter” offer a chance to experience
behind-the-scenes secrets from the movies and discover the secrets of wizards and Muggles alike. You can make new discoveries.
We will continue to provide fresh and exciting content that will captivate the global community, as Max’s new drama series, which faithfully depicts the original Harry Potter works, will further expand this world. Fans around the world will continue to be enchanted by a fascinating world of magical exploration and new discoveries for generations to come.
Visit the official website for the latest franchise news and features.
■Warner Bros. Discovery:
Warner Bros. Discovery (Nasdaq: WBD) is a leading global media and entertainment company with a diverse portfolio of products and unique brands across its television, film and streaming portfolio.
The programs and services we produce and distribute are available in more than 220 countries and regions and in more than 50 languages. Through our representative brands and networks, we provide
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