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Home » Suntory Ltd. Nanase Nishino has been appointed as the new CM character for “Horoyoi”! Our first attempt at a one-shot shoot full of tension! An “engrossed” world that changes one after another with Mr. Nishino’s “push” as the signal!

Suntory Ltd. Nanase Nishino has been appointed as the new CM character for “Horoyoi”! Our first attempt at a one-shot shoot full of tension! An “engrossed” world that changes one after another with Mr. Nishino’s “push” as the signal!

Suntory Ltd.
Nanase Nishino has been appointed as the new CM character for “Horoyoi”! Our first attempt at a one-shot shoot full of tension! An “engrossed” world that changes one after another with Mr. Nishino’s “push” as the signal!
New WEB-CM “Dream begins.” Released on June 11th (Tuesday) The 60-second one-cut full version will be aired exclusively on
terrestrial TV on June 14th (Friday)
Suntory Ltd. has chosen Nanase Nishino as the new CM character for the new message of the “Horoyoi” brand, with the theme “Infatuation begins.” In conjunction with the appointment, we created a new 60-second commercial shot in one shot, depicting the world of “Horoyoi” and “Dreams begin.” on a large-scale set. In addition to releasing a WEB-CM “Dream ga Hajimaru.” which condenses it into 15 seconds from June 11th (Tuesday), a special TV-CM will be released in June that will deliver the uncut 60-second footage shot in one shot. It will be aired on Friday the 14th.
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The “Horoyoi” brand is a long-selling brand that has been loved by customers of all ages since its release in 2009 as a 3% alcoholic beverage with a gentle taste that can be enjoyed comfortably. Our lineup of diverse flavors has also been well-received.
Focusing on the fact that “Horoyoi” is enjoyed by many people along with the things they like and are passionate about, we have revised the brand message to “Start your obsession.” To do. The new brand message expresses that “Horoyoi” makes the time you enjoy doing what you love even more enjoyable, and is like a companion when you enjoy your time to the fullest. Together with Nanase Nishino, who has been appointed as the new CM character, we will convey the appeal of the brand.
■About the new CM In the new CM, Mr. Nishino uses the “squeak” sound of opening a can of “Horoyoi” as a switch to act as if he is absorbed in something he likes in his free time. In this commercial, the wall of the room that serves as the background comes off, and the world that you are absorbed in is greatly expanded to the entire space, expressing how “Horoyoi” further boosts your happy self-time. In the making-of video, you can see Mr. Nishino and his staff working together in one-shot shots as the world view changes one after another, from sweets to manga to games.
The main character of this new commercial is Mr. Nishino, who has many hobbies and is obsessed with the things he likes. Mr. Nishino is relaxing and doing whatever he likes with Horoyoi in hand, but the moment he stuffs his face with sweets…a sweets monster suddenly appears, and before he knows it, the entire room has become a world of sweets! When you start reading the manga, characters from the story of “Tokyo Tarareba Musume” jump out, and when you start playing the game, the world of the game expands and giant robots appear, and the three worlds you were fascinated with appear in the real world. Masu. At the end, Mr. Nishino and the characters from the three worlds toast with each other with “Horoyoi” in hand, and the commercial ends with a satisfied smile as if he accomplished something. Every time you open the can, “infatuation begins.” Check out Nishino’s facial expressions that switch on and change, the sense of speed at which his worldview changes one after another, and the new commercial, which is full of immersion that makes you feel like you’re immersed in each world together. please.
A 15-second version of Mr. Nishino immersing himself in his own time and a scene in which he becomes even more absorbed in his “likes” by opening a can of “Horoyoi” will be released on June 11th (Tuesday). ) will be distributed. The entire uncut 60-second version, which was captured in one shot while the camera was still rolling, will be available only during the TBS series “Hamada Song Festival★Wolf Boy” (19:00-19:55), which will be broadcast on June 14th (Friday). It will be aired on terrestrial TV. -About the CM song-
The song that lights up the commercial is THE BLUE HEARTS’ “Yume,” which is covered by Fuyuko Shioiri of FINLANDS. Pianist Marasi, who boasts 1.96 million followers on YouTube, will play the piano. The lyrics are perfect for supporting people who want to fully enjoy what they love and what they want to do, Fuyuko Shioiri’s powerful and emotional singing voice, and Marasy’s elegant piano that invites listeners into an immersive world. The performance draws the viewer into the world of the commercial.
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-Photography episode-
Mr. Nishino entered the scene and immediately checked each movement with the director. We carefully coordinated the direction of the hands when opening the can and the cooperative play with the staff. During practice, she struggled a little when her movements were delayed or she had too many movements and couldn’t understand the order, saying, “It’s so busy.” Even so, in between shoots, he looked at the interior and decorations of the room and said, “It’s cute! Even the messy look looks stylish. I want to imitate it at home.” It was impressive to see him enjoying the set and experimenting with it. did. The actual performance came after several practice sessions. Once the camera started rolling, the filming continued for 60 seconds non-stop, and the tension on set was at its peak. The staff and cast were drawn to Mr. Nishino’s concentration on filming as the production
progressed, and when the director said “OK,” the staff and cast cheered. Although this was Nishino’s first attempt at shooting a one-shot, it was successfully completed on the fifth try, which was considerably less than planned. The tension that had been
concentrating on them was released, and smiles spread across the faces of Mr. Nishino, the cast, and the staff.
For this shoot, I created a room with moving walls in a house where I live alone. In order to express the way each world actually expands into the room without using CG as much as possible, we pay close attention to each set, and the illustrations for “Tokyo Tarareba Musume” are luxurious as they are newly drawn illustrations for this commercial. . Please also pay attention to the making video that shows how the shooting took place.
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-CM overview: “The dream begins.” version –
・15 seconds Distribution start date: Tuesday, June 11, 2024
 CM main URL: ・60 seconds
Distribution start date: Friday, June 14, 2024
 CM main URL: The special TV-CM on June 14th (Friday) will be released as a WEB-CM after the OA. *The 60-second version will be aired as a special TV commercial on TBS’s “Hamada Song Festival★Wolf Boy” (19:00-19:55), which will be broadcast on June 14th (Friday). ■Interview with Nanase Nishino
Q: Please tell us how you feel about being appointed as the commercial character for “Horoyoi”.
A: I’m happy. Of course, it was a product that I had drunk before, and many people knew about it. I knew that they offered a variety of flavors, so I was very happy to see the Horoyoi commercial character, which is familiar to me.
Q: Do you have any memories or episodes with “Horoyoi” so far? A: I think it was the entrance to drinking alcohol. When I turned 20, I was in a group at the time, so I have fond memories of drinking with everyone, thinking, “Let’s have a drink together.” The appearance and packaging are so cute that I just can’t help but pick it up. I was living in a dormitory, so even then, there were times when people would ask me, “Do you want to drink?” Peach and other fruit-based drinks are easy to drink.
Q: It was a large-scale shoot with moving sets, but how was your first shot at shooting one cut?
A: I’ve been excited ever since I found out that this is the project. I thought that this was something we would all have to work together on, and that it would be a great challenge, but when I actually came here today, I thought that all the tricks and things were amazing. I also checked the movements and changed things quickly, but
surprisingly I didn’t have much time. I was nervous when I first started memorizing it, but after practicing it over and over again, I managed to finish it. It was a lot of fun. I said, “I want to do it again” (lol)
Q: Were there any sets or tricks that you were particularly excited about, or were there any that were difficult?
A: They all have very different tastes, and the interior of the room that serves as the base is also very cute. Sweets, comics, and games. It was fun to see things change when you pressed a button, and things like the lighting to change as well. It was difficult to get him to wear a jersey (lol). It was still okay to take it off, but I had a hard time getting my arm in.
Q: You have experienced multiple worlds such as the world of sweets, the world of manga, and the world of games. Do you have a favorite world? Also, if there are any other worlds you would like to enter, please let me know.
A: I like all three worlds, but I think it’s the games. In reality, the thing I enjoy most in real life is playing games.
As for the other worlds I would like to enter, I like watching movies, so I think “Horoyoi” would be a good companion, and I also like singing. I sing a lot at home, so I think it would be even more fun if I had “Horoyoi”. I like emotional stories, but I also like works that have a bit of a mystery feel, where you don’t know who the culprit is until the end. I also like hero stuff.
Q: The concept of this commercial is “Infatuation begins.” Is there anything in common with the things that Nishino-san is obsessed with? A: I guess it’s something that interests me. The manga I’m currently obsessed with is about kimonos, and I’ve always been interested in kimonos, and after learning about the manga, I learned more about the types of patterns and fabrics. Also, I’ve always loved animals, so I like stories about veterinary clinics and behind-the-scenes stories. I like things that give me that kind of knowledge.
Q: May 25th, the day the character appointment was announced, was Nishino-san’s birthday. It’s also a turning point of turning 30 years old, but is there anything you would like to become obsessed with while drinking “Horoyoi” this summer?
A: This summer, I’ll be working on the stage all summer long, so after the performance is over, I think I’ll be able to soak in the excitement and think, “Today is over.” . I don’t really like summer, so I want to stay indoors as much as possible…but my hobby is going out to solve mysteries, so I thought why not drink and solve mysteries (lol). After that, right? I think if you can solve a mystery and say “Okay!” and drink “Horoyoi” as if it were a celebration, you’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment.
■Performer profile
Nanase Nishino
[Image 8:×1000.jpg] actress. Born May 25, 1994, from Osaka Prefecture.
Debuted as a member of the idol group Nogizaka46. After graduating from Nogizaka46 in 2018, he has been active as an actor. He has appeared in numerous dramas and movies, including the drama “It’s Your Turn”, “Unsung Cinderella: Hospital Pharmacist’s
Prescription”, “Hakodume ~Fight! Koban Joshi~”, and the movie “Shin Kamen Rider”. She won the Outstanding Supporting Actress Award and New Actor Award at the 45th Japan Academy Awards for the movie “Lone Wolf’s Blood LEVEL 2,” and the Best New Actor Award at the 44th Yokohama Film Festival for “Love is Light.” Awarded. She is scheduled to appear in the stage play “2024 Gekidan☆Shinkansen Inoue Kabuki “Basarao” from July.
■“Tokyo Tarareba Musume” work profile
[Image 9:×990.jpg ]
Cumulative circulation of over 3.3 million copies! A very popular manga by author Akiko Higashimura.
The theme is work and love for a woman in her 30s. Set in modern Japan, the story depicts the sufferings of three unmarried women who have reached the age of 33 as they talk about what if, instead of facing reality. draw The harsh reality that the three of them face is told in a cynical yet somehow humorous atmosphere. Published by Kodansha.
(C) Akiko Higashimura/Kodansha
-Comment from author Akiko Higashimura
I thought it would be the fourth time for the three Tarareba girls to appear in a commercial for “Horoyoi”, but this is already their fifth time! I was so excited to draw this illustration! I was surprised when I saw the finished video! This is a cutting edge commercial! Please take a look!
■Song release information
Product title: Yume / Shioiri Fuyuko (FINLANDS) feat. Marashii Official YouTube URL: Distribution start date: Temporarily from June 11, 2024 (there may be some deviations depending on the distribution store)
Distribution label: piano
Distribution site: Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes Music Store, LINE Music, Amazon Music, etc.
Delivery link:
■Song credits
Title : Dream
Artist: Fuyuko Shioiri (FINLANDS) feat. Marashii
Lyrics and composition: Masatoshi Mashima
(C)1992 by Jingle Jangle LLC
℗2024 piano
Produced by Keisuke Tominaga
Arranged by Junji Chiba/Keisuke Tominaga
Drums: Hideo Yamaki
E.Bass: Hiroo
E.Guitar: Takayuki “Kojiro” Sasaki
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Shojiro Watanabe
Recording Assisted by Yosuke Maeda, Hisaya Nishimoto
Music Production Assistant: Mayu Inaba
Artist Management (Fuyuko Shioiri):
Artist Management(Marashii) : Subcul-rise Record
More details about this release: