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Home » AI counselor solves problems of love and sexual assault! Professional support by 5 female AIs by HARUKA.AI on OpenAI GPT4o

AI counselor solves problems of love and sexual assault! Professional support by 5 female AIs by HARUKA.AI on OpenAI GPT4o

AI counselor solves problems of love and sexual assault! Professional support by 5 female AIs by HARUKA.AI on OpenAI GPT4o
You can consult with us anytime, anywhere, and our 5 female AI will sincerely advise you on any problems you may have. An AI consultation service that combines privacy and peace of mind, with 5 female AI counselors on standby.
G-Cloud Co., Ltd., which develops AI (artificial intelligence) & Web3 technology, and Legal AI Co., Ltd. (, an AI legal tech company that develops person generation AI and voice generation AI, are using OpenAI’s GPT Based on this, you can rest assured about your secrets! We are launching a new counselor service that uses AI to support your love life and sexual assault.
An innovative service has been launched that allows people to easily and safely consult about the concerns that many people have today regarding love and sexual assault. We will provide a new counseling service in which five female AI counselors will discuss their respective positions and provide the best advice. This service provides an environment where users can feel safe discussing their concerns while protecting their privacy. AI counselors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provide appropriate advice from a variety of perspectives. This service, which specializes in counseling on love problems and sexual assault, provides stress-free, reassuring, and specific support to all people who are experiencing problems. Please use AI Counselor, a new era counseling service, as a partner to reduce your mental burden and overcome difficulties.
Theme: “Is a man’s attractiveness about looks or money?”
[Image:×2424.png ]
Conclusion In the end, a man’s attractiveness is not just about looks and money, but what is important is his inner richness and sincerity. Appearances and financial strength may act as temporary attractions, but for a long-lasting relationship, what’s on the inside is what matters most. Men who have this balance are the most attractive, and this is the reason why sexual activities and relationships between men and women are better.
HARUKA – Features of AI Counselor
For many people with problems related to love or sexual assault, having someone they can trust is important. Meanwhile, we have launched a new “AI Counselor” service. In this service, five female AI counselors discuss from their own knowledge and standpoint and provide the best advice to users. ### Features and Benefits 1. Multifaceted approach: Five female AI counselors will discuss the theme from various perspectives and provide advice based on their respective positions and experiences. This allows users to get a variety of opinions. 2. Privacy protection: The service can be used completely anonymously, so you can consult with peace of mind while protecting your privacy. 3. 24-hour, 365-day support: We have a system in place that allows you to consult with us anytime, anywhere, and we will respond immediately if you have any sudden concerns or problems. 4. Providing expertise: Each AI counselor is well-versed in romantic and sexual assault and has a dedicated knowledge base. Therefore, you can expect professional and practical advice. ### Target Market This service is aimed at all people who wish to seek advice regarding relationship problems and sexual assault. It is especially suitable for young people who have concerns that they find difficult to discuss with others, and for people who wish to seek advice in an environment that protects their privacy. It will also be of great help to people who find it difficult to seek advice regarding sexual assault. ### Market Background and Needs In modern society, concerns about love and sexual assault continue to increase. In Japanese society, the number of reported cases of sexual assault is increasing, and the demand for mental support is increasing, especially among young people. Based on these considerations, the “AI Counselor” service is designed to meet the diverse needs of today. The “AI Counselor” service is a new tool for solving problems related to love and sexual assault from a multifaceted perspective. This service, which ensures privacy and is available 24 hours a day, will be a reassuring support for many people. We will continue to strive to improve our services to support everyone’s mental health. Please try this new counseling service. How to use HARUKA’s AI counselor (AI private sexual damage consultation tool) URL:
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