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Home » ILI Co., Ltd. provides amazing experiences through app development using Apple Vision Pro, which is not yet released in Japan.

ILI Co., Ltd. provides amazing experiences through app development using Apple Vision Pro, which is not yet released in Japan.

ILI Co., Ltd. provides amazing experiences through app development using Apple Vision Pro, which is not yet released in Japan.

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Press release: June 11, 2024
ILI Co., Ltd. provides amazing experiences through app development using Apple Vision Pro, which is not yet released in Japan.
*February 2024, 3 months since Apple released the product. Apple Vision as soon as possible
What is the solution of ILI, which is conducting research, development and implementation to obtain Pro and make the most of its appeal? * Apple Vision Pro, not yet released in Japan.
This product is a “spatial computing” device that fuses the real world and the digital world and is conscious of connections.It can be used not only for entertainment experiences such as games and watching videos, but also in a wide range of situations such as daily life and business. , is attracting attention from all over the world. Co., Ltd. whose corporate philosophy is “Do Today for a better Tomorrow” ILI (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Daisuke Sugiyama, Capital: 50 million yen, Founded: 2007, hereinafter referred to as ILI) is one of the first companies that Vision
Get Pro. In February 2024, for three months after the release of Apple Inc. in the United States, we will be offering technology transfers from major construction companies, live viewing of concert songs from the perspective of the performers, and videos to give people in nursing homes who are unable to travel a sense of the world. We have conducted research and development and implementation to maximize the appeal of the experience.
Get Apple Vision Pro Early
ILI representative Daisuke Sugiyama, who travels all over the world, comes into contact with cutting-edge technology from each country and uses Apple Vision.
Research how to use Pro. Prevent accidents by checking the 3D model of the construction site, grasping the site situation in real time, improving the accuracy of plans, and instantly displaying dangerous areas with AR during safety inspections at construction sites. We are proceeding with development to help. Additionally, by using it for training at independence support facilities, training can be conducted in a virtual environment, with the aim of improving users’ confidence and skills.
Clients and stakeholders will be provided with two Apple Vision machines owned by ILI.
Pro” is lent out to students so that they can try it out and gain feedback from the field in their research.
Apple Vision Pro will be released in Japan on June 28th. ILI Research has begun in various parts of the world that have access to this information, including the “Important”, and I believe that Japan should have a sense of crisis as it is already lagging behind.

At Apple Store
* ILI Co., Ltd.*
* Representative Director and President | Global Business Producer* * Daisuke Sugiyama (DK Sugiyama) *
|Daisuke Sugiyama Official Website
|Instagram @dksugiyama
Born in Tokyo in 1979, raised in New York. Started his own business at the age of 19. Graduated from Keio University School of Policy Studies (SFC) in 2002. Completed the Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration in 2004 (obtained an MBA).
2007 ILI Co., Ltd. solves communication problems
Established. In 2014, he served as president of Quantum Leap Inc., which was launched by former Sony chairman Nobuyuki Idei (late). Mr. Idei’s advice*
He is faithful to the idea of ​​“getting the latest technology before anyone else and trying it out right away.”* He always practices “Try It First (DO).”*
Quantum Leap Co., Ltd. Founder and former Sony Chairman in 2013 Selected by Mr. Nobuyuki Idei, he has been involved in numerous business productions connecting large companies and ventures as the executive officer and president of Quantum Leap. Experienced in tough negotiation and project management in teams of different races. App development using Apple Vision Pro
Jotaro Sugiyama, who belongs to the AI/DX division of , and is also a current Keio University student, started Infinity Inc. at the age of 19. With the mission of “creating exciting experiences with
cutting-edge technology,” Apple
We are researching and developing smartphone apps, XR content, etc. using AI and the latest technology, including Vision Pro.
He was the only Japanese and the youngest person to win the 2020 Apple-sponsored programming contest “Swift Student Challenge.” “Swift Student
“Challenge” is an annual student contest in which young people from around the world demonstrate their coding skills using the programming language “Swift” provided by Apple, and will be held for the fifth time in 2024. He was the only Japanese winner of the award and considers himself to be a college student who knows more about Apple products than anyone else.

“Japan” is an app where you can see daily mysterious and powerful photos of Japan taken by photographer and ILI creative director Masaaki Miyazawa.
Everyday.” We are currently conducting further research with the impending implementation of Apple Vision Pro functionality in this app.
Photographer Masaaki Miyazawa’s energizing photo distribution service “Japan Everyday”
Click here to download the app
YouTube: Infinity Inc.’s Jotaro Sugiyama and photographer Masaaki Miyazawa experience Apple Vision Pro, which is not yet released in Japan.

*Characteristics of “Japan Everyday”*
Attractive photos that change daily – Seasonal scenery full of energy from Japan and abroad
We deliver the best selection of 200,000 pieces in a different cut every day. Can be placed on the home screen You can place your favorite photos on the home screen of your computer or smartphone and view them anytime. Overwhelming Power Experience a dynamic and overwhelming immersive experience using Apple Vision Pro
*Infinity Co., Ltd. Representative Director*
* ILI Co., Ltd. AI/DX Division*
*Digital experience creator, app director, AI/DX developer*
*Keio University School of Environment and Information Studies (SFC)* * Jotaro Sugiyama*
* |* Profile
Born in Tokyo in 2003. During his elementary school days, he became interested in designing entertainment experiences through programming at the robotics class Clefas, and began learning programming at Life is Tech. 2020 Apple-sponsored programming contest “Swift”
At the time, he was the only Japanese person to win an award in the “Student Challenge.” Since then, NHK
He has been active in a variety of ways, including appearing on E-TV’s “Numa ni Hamatta Heitaitemita”, entering the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University, and founding Infinity Co., Ltd., and has been involved in consulting for listed companies on AI/DX conversion and using AI. We are doing some development.

* |* Developer’s message
*This is Jotaro Sugiyama from Infinity Co., Ltd. *
With the mission of “creating exciting experiences using cutting-edge technology,” we utilize the latest technologies such as AI to create smartphone apps and XR content. *
* We are the first to incorporate cutting-edge technology, including the Apple Vision Pro that I am currently wearing, and are implementing it in society while looking for ways to utilize it. *
Generative AI has been rapidly evolving in recent years. There are various ways to use it, but not many people are able to master it yet. We provide the power of AI to many people from the perspective of applications. *
* For example, Mielsa, developed jointly with a disability and welfare organization, is an app that uses AI to read out the surroundings, and is used as eyes for visually impaired people. *
Additionally, in an initiative to raise children’s health awareness in collaboration with Keio University and LIXIL, we are developing AR content to be used in workshops to help children learn about health awareness in a fun way. *

Related article: Mielsa, an AI-powered visual impairment support app developed by Keio University students

* Creative Director, ILI Co., Ltd.*
*Photographer/Film Director*
*Masaaki Miyazawa*
* |* Message
* Worked with Apple Vision as a photographer together with 20-year-old young digital creator Jotaro Sugiyama.
I experienced Pro before anyone else in Japan and started developing apps. * * This is a revolutionary device that allows your work to be viewed more realistically by many people. *

Photographer Masaaki Miyazawa Official Website

* |* Profile
Born in Tokyo in 1960. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Photography. Received the Nihon University Art Society Encouragement Award upon graduation. In 1985, he won the New York ICP Infinity Award for Best Newcomer for his first film, “Ten Nights of Dreams,” which used infrared film. 2014 Ise City Tourism Poster won the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award at the Japan Tourism Poster Contest. From 2004 to 2014, worked as the official photographer for the 62nd Shikinen Sengu ceremony at Ise Jingu. Specially appointed Department of Photography, College of Art, Nihon University (2017-).
He is widely active in the fields of advertising, magazines, PV, CM, and fashion, and his portrait photography covers a wide range of subjects, from writers to athletes. He has photographed people representative of the era, such as Kengo Iekuma, and has published over 150 photo books, including gravure ones. He actively photographs a wide range of subjects, including swimming jewel carps,
thoroughbreds, and pedigree dogs. Official photographer of “My Philosophy”.
Apple Vision Pro User Testimonials
“We used Apple Vision Pro to present to a client. We were able to view the 3D model in real time, and the client raved about it.”
“Used for medical simulation. Surgical practice can be performed realistically, contributing to the improvement of young doctors’ skills.”
“Used in product design work. It makes it easier to check 3D models and improves design accuracy. Clients also like it.”
“Experience a local AR tour before traveling. I was able to get real information about tourist spots in advance, which made me look forward to my trip even more.”
“I played the latest VR game. It was extremely immersive, and I enjoyed a sense of reality that made me forget reality. It’s also fun to share with friends.”
“Used in conjunction with music production software. Spatial audio makes mixing songs easier and expands creativity.”
We are looking for people who can use their innovative ideas and technological capabilities to collaborate on research and development to increase Japan’s presence in the global market. Vision
We aim to advance projects that open up the future with partners who are willing to pilot Pro and explore new possibilities. Please feel free to contact us.
Session information will be released on June 11, 2024
The latest ways to use Vision Pro were announced in the WWDC24 keynote.
-Contact information regarding this matter-
ILI Co., Ltd.
AI/DX Division Jotaro Sugiyama
Phone: 03-6868-5624
FAX: 03-6868-5628
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