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Kiva Co., Ltd. Free participation Web accessibility seminar held with Tsuruha Holdings

[Kiva Co., Ltd.] [Free participation] Web accessibility seminar held with Tsuruha Holdings

*View in browser* *Kiva Co., Ltd.*
Press release: June 11, 2024
[Free participation] Web accessibility seminar held with Tsuruha Holdings *~Held offline and online simultaneously~*
* Kiva Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Kota Nojiri, hereafter
Kiva) is Tsuruha Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Representative Director and President: Jun Tsuruha, hereinafter referred to as Tsuruha Holdings Co., Ltd.
We will be holding a seminar on “Tsuruha Holdings’ Perceptions of Web Accessibility” from 12:00 on Thursday, July 18, 2024, with Mr. Iwata, General Manager of the Media Promotion Department, Corporate Strategy Headquarters, as a guest. *
Under the Act on Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (*1), which was revised on April 1, 2024, businesses are now required to provide reasonable accommodation (*2), which was previously an obligation for administrative agencies and an obligation for businesses to make efforts. Now that it has become compulsory, there is an urgent need for companies to respond.
While there is a need for an environment in which all people, including people with disabilities and the elderly, can smoothly use information and services provided on the web, web accessibility is still unfamiliar, and a survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (*3)
According to
99.7%, of which only 4.6% meet the JIS standards for web accessibility. In this seminar, we will welcome Mr. Iwata from Tsuruha Holdings, a company that handles web accessibility, as a guest, and he will talk about why we started working on web accessibility, how we do it, and the future. We look forward to your participation.

*1 Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities A law aimed at promoting the elimination of discrimination on the basis of disability in order to realize a society in which all citizens coexist while mutually respecting each other’s personality and individuality, without being divided by the presence or absence of a disability.
*2 Providing reasonable accommodation
If a person with a disability expresses a desire to have social barriers removed, take necessary and reasonable measures to remove the barrier, as long as the burden of doing so is not excessive. *3 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Reiwa 4
Communication Usage Trend Survey Report (Corporate Edition)”

* Takuya Iwata *
*Tsuruha Holdings Co., Ltd.*
* Manager, Media Promotion Department, Corporate Strategy Headquarters *

Joined Tsuruha Career Support in March 2013, and transferred to the Human Resources Recruitment Department of Tsuruha Holdings in July of the same year. In order to strengthen recruitment, we revamped the entire recruitment process and was promoted to leader in May 2015. After that, he was recognized for the introduction and achievements of online utilization in recruitment activities during the coronavirus pandemic, and was appointed as the head of the President’s Office, which was newly established in April 2020 at the head office to promote DX for the entire group. In his current position since January 2023, he has been in charge of media promotion for all group companies.

*Kota Nojiri*
* Kiva Co., Ltd. *
*Representative Director and President*
Founded Puentee LLC while attending university. We are developing an agency business for Chiba blacksmith cutlery, connecting many blacksmith craftsmen with the restaurant industry. Since 2019, he has been working as a new business development department manager at a venture company, where he has experience in content marketing, launching an EC site, and selling the business.
With the desire to create a service that is used around the world, we established Kiva Co., Ltd. in 2020 and provide the warranty service “proteger” that you can buy with confidence.
From December 2023, we will start providing the web accessibility service “Uniweb” in order to provide equal websites to everyone.

* ■Seminar overview*
Date and time: July 18th (Thursday) 12:00-13:00
Participation fee: Free
Venue: Simultaneous distribution via Zoom/Shibuya Hikarie 11th floor ROOM A (2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8510)
Offline is limited to 30 people.
We will also be broadcasting simultaneously via Zoom, so we will send you the viewing URL to those who participate online.
*Please note that if there are a large number of offline participants, a lottery will be held.
*Please refrain from any commercial activities within the venue. *Participation by competing companies may be refused.

▼Click here to apply

-Inquiries regarding seminars-

* ■Interview article with Mr. Iwata of Tsuruha Holdings*
“I want to create a world where everyone can get information equally, and have as many people as possible think, “I’m glad Tsuruha Group exists.”

* ■What is web accessibility?*
“People with limited physical and mental functions, such as the elderly and people with disabilities, can access and use information provided on the Web regardless of their age or physical conditions.” This is not just a special treatment for people with disabilities; anyone can be in the same situation as a person with a disability. ・Temporary injury or illness (such as being unable to use your arm due to a cast due to a traffic accident, or being unable to see due to an eye patch due to an eye disease)
・Changes due to aging
・Deterioration of visual acuity due to aging (presbyopia, changes in the crystalline lens (appearing yellowish, dark, blurry), etc.) ・Eye diseases common in middle-aged and elderly people (cataracts, glaucoma, etc.)
*Approximately half of people in their late 70s have cataracts with yellowing. ・Hearing loss due to aging
・Foreign travelers (Can foreigners who do not understand Japanese be able to obtain evacuation information in the event of an earthquake while traveling?)
Reference: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Accessibility of homepages required of public institutions

* ■About Uniweb*
Uniweb provides web accessibility features for all web services ‘on day one’ by simply adding a single line of code.
In order to aim for websites and services that are equal for all people, users in various situations, such as people with visual impairments and people who are temporarily unable to use their hands due to an injury, can read aloud and change the contrast. We would like to make it possible to understand correct information through various ways such as.
View details

* ■Tsuruha Holdings Co., Ltd.*
Representative: Jun Tsuruha, President and Representative Director Location: 1-21 Kita 24-jo Higashi 20-chome, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido URL:
Business details: Management guidance and management of drugstores that sell pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, etc., and dispensing pharmacies that fill prescriptions.

* ■Kiva Co., Ltd.*
Representative: Kota Nojiri, President and Representative Director Location: 3-12-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo +SHIFT TSUKIJI 7F
Business details:
・Development and operation of “proteger

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