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General Incorporated Association ETHICAL EXPO JAPAN Roundtable discussion with Mayor Ashiya, local councilors, and NO YOUTH NO JAPAN! “Ethical Expo 2024 OSAKA” performer information released

[General Incorporated Association ETHICAL EXPO JAPAN] Roundtable discussion with Mayor Ashiya, local councilors, and NO YOUTH NO JAPAN! “Ethical Expo 2024
OSAKA” performer information released

*View in browser* *General Incorporated Association ETHICAL EXPO JAPAN*
Press release: June 11, 2024
A roundtable discussion with Mayor Ashiya, local councilors, and NO YOUTH NO JAPAN! “Ethical Expo 2024 OSAKA” performer information released
*A roundtable discussion between Generation Z and young politicians will be held! *

From left: Ashiya Mayor Ryosuke Takashima, Onomichi City Council Member Atsuko Murai, Yamatokoriyama City Council Member Aoi Sugimoto *Ethical Expo 2024, Japan’s largest ethical festival co-created with Generation Z, will be held from Saturday, June 15th to Sunday, June 16th, 2024 at Grand Front Osaka North Building.
It will be held at Knowledge Plaza. At this event, young politicians including Ashiya Mayor Ryosuke Takashima and NO YOUTH NO
Information has been released that Japan representative Ayumi Adachi and others will appear. *

* “We will create attractive politics and society” ~ Roundtable discussion between Generation Z and young politicians ~ *
While there are many Generation Z members who are keenly aware of social issues such as climate change and gender, voting turnout among people in their 20s remains low. Together with a fresh-faced politician who was elected in 2023, we will talk about topics such as “How can we connect politics to the ambivalence of Generation Z?” and “How can we use politics to create the society that Generation Z envisions?”

* ◇Day 1 (16:00-17:00 *scheduled): Local councilor x Generation Z “Give us the option of becoming a local councillor. Is your
ambivalence a social problem?” *
* ◇Day 2 (13:40-14:40 *planned): The youngest mayor x Generation Z “How can we create our ideal society from politics?” *
Performer information
* Aoi Sugimoto (Day1 – 6/15) *
Member of Yamatokoriyama City Council. Based on her experience caring for her grandfather at his death, she wanted to popularize life meetings (where elderly people and their families discuss
life-sustaining treatments while they are still healthy), so she retired from Recruit Co., Ltd. and ran for office. Although he has no support group, no campaign car, and is an independent newcomer, he won the top spot in the Yamatokoriyama City Council election in April 2023. Lives with 5 rescue cats.
* Ayumi Adachi (Day1 – 6/15) *
Representative director of NO YOUTH NO JAPAN, a general incorporated association. Born in 2001, 4th year student at Waseda University’s Faculty of Political Science and Economics. NO YOUTH NO in 2021 JAPAN and engages in advocacy activities and collaboration with local governments and think tanks with the aim of creating a society where young people can make their voices heard and their voices are heard, including activities to disseminate information about elections, politics, and society on Instagram (currently has approximately 100,000 followers). etc.
* Atsuko Murai (Day1 – 6/15) *
Member of Onomichi City Council. Born in 1981. Born in Innoshima, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Graduated from Okayama Hakuryo High School in 2000. Graduated from Waseda University in 2004. He entered the aviation industry as a new graduate and worked at Narita Airport. After that, he entered the apparel industry and worked in Shinjuku and Harajuku. After returning to Innoshima in 2011, after getting married and giving birth, she devoted herself to civic activities centered on childcare support. First elected in April 2023 unified local elections.
* Ryosuke Takashima (Day2 – 6/16) *
Mayor of Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture. Born in Osaka in 1997. Graduated from Harvard University (majoring in environmental engineering and minoring in environmental science/public policy).
From 2016 to 2023, Chair of the Global Learning Community/Study Abroad Fellowship. In April 2023, he was elected for the first time in the mayoral election of Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture. Incumbent since May of the same year. We will focus our efforts on educational reform in public schools and engage in community development centered on dialogue with a wide range of generations, including the youth generation.
* Kaiji Takasu (Day2 – 6/16) *
Member of the Shiga Prefecture Basic Concept Council. Based in Suginami, Tokyo, he is involved in preparing cafe operations and planning and operating inspection tours to Northern Europe. Currently, he is focusing his efforts on the “Declaration of Cities for Education Reform” National Petition Project with colleagues from all over the country who are interested in education in order to create a movement to change public education for the better.
* 【event information】*
Participation fee: Free (no reservation required)
Date: June 15th (Sat) – June 16th (Sun), 2024
Official website:
Time: 11:00-19:00
Location: Grand Front Osaka North Building 1st floor Knowledge Plaza 1st floor, Grand Front Osaka North Building, 3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011
Sponsor: ETHICAL EXPO JAPAN General Incorporated Association Co-sponsor: Knowledge Capital General Incorporated Association Contact:

* [Organizer Overview] *
ETHICAL EXPO JAPAN General Incorporated Association
8th floor, New Plaza Building, 2-21 Taiyujicho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka *Representative*
Naotoru Urino (Representative Director)
* Email*
* Representative profile *
Born in a single-parent household, she lived in an institution until she was 6 years old, and began to think that her mission was to help those in a socially disadvantaged position. For this reason, I decided to start a student business when I entered university. At the age of 18, he worked as a sales agent for Meiji Dairy Products, and then worked as a deputy manager of the sales department at a human resources company. In March 2020, after developing products in Cambodia, we started supporting the promotion of fair trade products, and in order to spread ethical consumption from the field of fair trade to Japanese society, in order to change the world from BtoB. Founded L’Entre. After that, in order to create an environment where consumers can be directly enlightened on ethical values, ETHICAL Established EXPO JAPAN.
* number of employees*
25 people (including executive committee members)
August 30, 2022
*Business details*
Holding an ethical expo
* [What is Ethical Expo] *
With the mission of “Creating a world where ethics are cool,” we connect social activists, social entrepreneurs, student groups, companies, and creators, focusing on social contribution and environmental conservation, and share our thoughts and activities with society through co-creation projects. This is an event to spread the word. Last year, General Incorporated Association ETHICAL
We launched EXPO JAPAN and held the first event in 2023.

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