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atama plus begins franchise development of “atama + cram school”, which uses AI to deliver optimal learning for individuals

atama plus Co., Ltd.
atama plus begins franchise development of “atama + cram school”, which uses AI to deliver optimal learning for individuals
~Together with our launch partners, we will gradually open schools nationwide from June~
atama plus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Daisuke Inada, hereinafter referred to as atama plus), which develops and provides AI teaching materials “atama+”, is a company that uses AI to deliver optimal learning for individuals. We are pleased to inform you that we will begin the franchise development of “Atama+Juku (hereinafter referred to as “Atama+Juku”). Launch partners include Kazunari Hayashibe, representative of Matsugaku, a super-individualized cram school with 29 classrooms mainly in Nagano Prefecture, Yusuke Matsuda, founder of Teach for Japan and Learning for All, and entrepreneur Yu Kanda. With his participation, we will gradually open schools across the country from June.
[Image 1:×2177.jpg] ■Background and purpose
Recently, the cram school market is undergoing a major turning point. As the demand for individually optimized learning increases, expectations are high for digital utilization due to the use of tablet devices under the GIGA School concept, the acceleration of online learning during the coronavirus pandemic, and the rapid development of generative AI technology. On the other hand, the shortage of instructors and the lack of human resources and know-how to run cram schools are major issues, and in particular, the gap in educational opportunities between rural areas and metropolitan areas, where the population is declining and the birthrate is declining, is widening. There are concerns.
Atama plus has the mission of “Creating new possibilities for education, people, and society,” and is developing the AI ​​teaching material “atama+,” which creates a learning curriculum optimized for each student. It is provided to elementary, junior high, high school, and recent graduates through cram schools and preparatory schools, and has been introduced in over 4,000 classrooms in 47 prefectures nationwide. We are also promoting new initiatives to deliver learning using atama+ to more students, such as starting the operation of online cram schools from 2023.
In order to realize optimal learning for each individual, we have been working to expand and improve educational material content and improve the accuracy of recommendations based on learning data with a cumulative total of 700 million answers and qualitative information obtained in the field of use. Ta. In 2024, we will add Japanese language for elementary and junior high school students, classics, information, geography, Japanese history, and world history for high school students, Japanese, arithmetic, and English for elementary school students, five main subjects for junior high school students, and many national and public universities for high school students. It is now possible to correspond to 6 subjects and 8 subjects given in the common test. In addition, for mathematics, “AI analyzes the understanding level of the basic unit”, and for English vocabulary, “AI determines the level of memorization”, etc., so that students can learn independently according to the characteristics of each subject. It has become.
Regarding the use of atama+ in cram school classrooms, we will establish a directly managed cram school, “THINX”, in Nagano Prefecture in 2022, in order to demonstrate a management model that allows students to learn independently to achieve their goals with high reproducibility. *” opened 3 classrooms. As a result of repeated trial and error regarding the learning environment, curriculum design, instructor involvement, etc., THINX and Matsugaku, an
ultra-individualized cram school that has undergone a model
conversion, have achieved a track record of students passing universities with fewer operational resources than before. We were able to confirm results such as significant growth. In addition, students commented, “It’s good to be able to decide what to do by yourself,” “They carefully monitor my learning progress,” and “I am flexible enough to review things I don’t understand at school and prepare for tomorrow.” ” has been received. Based on these results, we decided to launch “atama+Juku” and develop the franchise in order to reach students across the country more quickly.
■About atama+Juku
atama+ Juku is a cram school that provides a different form of learning from traditional group cram schools and individual
instruction cram schools by utilizing the AI ​​teaching material “atama+” and the huge amount of learning data that has been
Feature 1. “Fixed Tuition Fee/Unlimited Attendance” for students to complete their studies
The study time at atama+ varies greatly depending on each student’s goals and current location. Rather than the traditional model where students are charged based on the number of lessons, by adopting a flat rate system that does not depend on the number of lessons, students can work at their own pace to achieve their goals without worrying about costs. You can go to cram school and complete your studies.
Feature 2. Individualized optimal learning realized by “AI x people” atama+ provides teaching tailored to each student in different grades and elective subjects, and the teacher utilizes learning data to assist students in setting goals and conduct interviews to provide coaching, allowing for optimal individualized learning through AI and people. Realize. In addition, by significantly changing the role of the teacher from the traditional model, it is possible to operate the school with fewer people than before, regardless of the teacher’s teaching experience.
Official website:
Inquiries regarding franchise membership:
■Launch partner
In addition to Mr. Hayashibe, the representative of the
ultra-individualized cram school Matsugaku, Yusuke Matsuda, the founder of Teach for Japan and Learning for All, and entrepreneur Yu Kanda will be our partners in launching atama + cram school and expanding the franchise. We are participating.
[Image 2:×891.jpg] Mr. Kazunari Hayashibe, Representative of Super Individual Tutoring School Matsugaku
-About Super Individual Tutoring School Matsugaku-
A cram school that supports students to pursue their goals with a strong heart and make their dreams come true, with the motto “Map for your dreams.” Operates 29 classrooms mainly in Nagano Prefecture. When atama+ was introduced in 2019, the style was individual instruction with one instructor and two to three students, but from 2020 the model has changed to “fixed-rate individual instruction.” As a result of refining the model, the number of students admitted to national and public universities has increased significantly from 6 in 2020 to 42 in 2024, and from 12 to 235 at private universities. Additionally, the number of students will increase by 18% from 2020 to 2023. All 29 classrooms are scheduled to be converted to atama+juku by spring 2025. -comment-
I discovered atama+ in December 2018, and the following month, all employees completed several IAs of atama+ and discussed its effects. As a result, we are confident that we will be able to achieve individually optimized learning, which was not possible with conventional individualized instruction, and that we will be able to improve the grades of elementary, junior high, and high school students and help them prepare for university entrance exams. In the five years since then, we have lived up to expectations thanks to the efforts of our employees who have undauntedly responded to major changes in order to make students’ dreams come true, and everyone at atama plus who has always been close to the classroom and supported us by putting students first. I was able to obtain the following results. I feel thrilled to have made it to the new starting line!
[Image 3:×1869.jpg] Entrepreneur and educator Yusuke Matsuda
-Career-Specialist in international education and overseas study support. Representative director of Crimson Education Japan, which operates Crimson Education, an overseas prep school, and Crimson Global Academy, an international school. He also serves as an ELSA Speak advisor, director of AwakApp, and a member of the Central Education Council of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. After graduating from university, he worked as a physical education teacher and a member of the Ichikawa City Board of Education in Chiba Prefecture, and served as a representative of Learning for All and Teach For Japan, as well as a specially appointed associate professor at Kyoto University and a visiting researcher at Stanford University. Graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Education and Stanford Graduate School of Business. Currently engaged in research in educational technology at Columbia University. He is the author of “Google, I’d rather work than Disney: “Classroom” (Diamond Inc.).
-Comment-While working with children in educational settings for many years, I have often felt a strong gap between the state of society and the state of education. This gap exists not only between “society” and “school” but also between “rural” and “urban” areas. In order to provide high-quality education, rural areas are suffering from a serious shortage of human resources. In order to realize individually optimized education, I feel that it is essential to make full use of technology and expand it with scale. By joining the atama + cram school franchise, we will realize a new form of individually optimized education and do our best to rectify the various disparities that exist in the education industry.
[Image 4:×1429.jpg] Entrepreneur Yu Kanda
– Career – Dropped out of high school in 2000, passed the university entrance exam, and graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University and Hitotsubashi University Graduate School. Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 2008 as a new graduate. Since 2013, he has been involved in the education business for working adults at Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd., and became a manager in 2016. While involved in business, no matter what age you are, you will experience the process by which learning changes people’s behavior and consciousness, and results change. Wanting to create his own business and contribute to the world, he retired from Recruit in 2024 and joined the atama + cram school franchise.
-Comment- When I was a high school student, I was so bad at studying in group classes that I ended up dropping out of the high school I attended. Later, as a teenager, I worked part-time as a part-time worker, and had the experience of being treated like a failure and giving up. In my case, I was lucky enough to meet a mentor who taught me about the significance of studying and how to study, and I was able to find a study method that suited me and advance to higher education, which helped me move forward in life. I was able to get a turning point where I could make a big change. This time, through atama + cram school, I would like to provide the optimal learning environment for as many students as possible and work to maximize the potential of each student.
*On June 11th, THINX will be rebranded to “Individual Atama+Juku”. [Atama plus Co., Ltd. company profile]
With the mission of “Creating new possibilities for education, people, and society,” we use technology to shorten the time it takes to acquire “basic academic skills” and increase the time to develop “ability to thrive in society.” That’s what I’m aiming for. We provide “atama+”, an AI teaching material that optimizes education for each individual, to more than 4,000 cram schools and cram schools nationwide (as of March 2024). From 2023, we have also started operating a cram school, “atama+ Online Cram School”, for middle school and high school students and current graduates.
Address: 3rd floor, Sumitomo Fudosan Azabu Juban Building, 1-4-1 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 2017
Representative: Daisuke Inada
Business details: Development and provision of educational services and products using AI
atama+ Online cram school:
atama+ EdTech Research Institute: [About AI teaching material “atama+”]
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