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Home » The 4th term of “Data Engineer Catapult”, an intern-direct engineer training program sponsored by Fukuoka City and produced by G’s Academy, has started.

The 4th term of “Data Engineer Catapult”, an intern-direct engineer training program sponsored by Fukuoka City and produced by G’s Academy, has started.

Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.
The 4th term of “Data Engineer Catapult”, an intern-direct engineer training program sponsored by Fukuoka City and produced by G’s Academy, has started.
Recruitment of participants starts from June 11, 2024
Entrepreneur/engineer operated by Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takeshi Yoshimura, President: Tomoyuki Sugiyama), which operates IT-related and digital content human resources training schools, universities, and graduate schools. Training school “G’s ACADEMY” will open “DATA ENGINEER CATAPULT”, an internship-type engineer training program for university students, vocational school students, and technical college students in Fukuoka, in August 2024. We are recruiting participants from June 11th.
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In this program, we will create encounters with local companies and technology and support you until you take off as an engineer. Website:
■Background of “Data Engineer Catapult” which aims to be a launching pad for new engineers
Due to the impact of the coronavirus and the spread of generative AI, Japanese companies and society as a whole are rapidly becoming digital, bringing about daily changes to social structures and economic activities.
Under these circumstances, the importance of engineers who can quickly utilize the latest technology and provide new value through the development of services and products that meet the needs of the times has become even more important.
However, small and medium-sized businesses and start-up companies in the city do not have the capacity to train students and new graduates, and seem to be focusing on mid-career recruitment.
On the other hand, although there are many students in Fukuoka who are interested in finding employment locally, many young people continue to leave the prefecture.
Therefore, with the full cooperation of Fukuoka City and Fukuoka’s IT and startup companies, we aim to discover Fukuoka students who aspire to become engineers, create encounters with local companies and technologies, and become a launching pad for new engineers. We will be holding an engineer boot camp “Data Engineer Catapult” directly connected to interns.
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■Characteristics of Data Engineer Catapult
POINT 1. Learn through lectures by current web engineer instructors and the student community
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Motivated students aiming to become engineers gather in Fukuoka to experience engineering culture through peer-to-peer learning, writing code thoroughly and teaching each other. In addition to learning how to build web services in lectures, through public code reviews, you will be taught how to write code that can contribute more to your work, and develop your practical skills as an engineer.
POINT 2. Learn practical data science from the basics
[Image 4:×483.jpg] In the 5-month curriculum, the ultimate goal is to create a “web application using data” that can be used in practical applications, and the aim is to improve the level of technical and soft skills as a web engineer.
*This curriculum aims to develop “web engineers who can utilize data” rather than “data engineer jobs.”
[Image 5:×483.jpg] POINT 3. Tuition fee is 10,000 yen! Upon completion, you will receive a congratulatory money equivalent to the tuition fee and a certificate of completion from Fukuoka City.
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Data Engineer Catapult is targeted at students attending universities, vocational schools, and technical colleges in Fukuoka Prefecture (as a general rule, students scheduled to graduate in March 2025 are not eligible, as it is preferable to participate in an internship after graduation). . Sponsored by Fukuoka City, which promotes
engineer-friendly cities and startup support, this program aims to provide students with opportunities to encounter local companies and technology, and serve as a launching pad for new engineers. It’s 10,000 yen.
At the final results presentation “Product Demo Day,” participants will not only compete on the products and code they created with their mentor companies, but will also provide internship matching
■Examples of past internship placements
・Fusic Co., Ltd.
・Quand Co., Ltd.
・Alter Booth Co., Ltd.
・Arquel Technologies Co., Ltd.
・eatas Co., Ltd.
・Cryptoya LLC, etc.
*There are cases in which new graduates have been able to find employment at IT companies by taking advantage of their experience in this program.
■Tuition fee
10,000 yen (tax included)
*If you complete the entire program, G’s ACADEMY will provide you with a congratulatory money equivalent to the tuition fee (transfer fees are to be paid by the student)
■Course period
August 2024 to mid-January 2025
■Participant capacity
Approximately 30 to 35 people
■Course venue
Offline venue: Engineer Cafe, G’s Academy Fukuoka Online: Zoom *Depending on the content, the course format will be offline or online. *In principle, classes held offline will be held at the venue, but if there are unavoidable circumstances, we will consider participating online, so please contact us in advance. *Please check the website for curriculum details.
■Participation qualifications
(1) Students attending universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, and technical colleges in Fukuoka Prefecture
(2) Students who love manufacturing or who are interested in business development
*In principle, those who are scheduled to graduate in 2020 are not eligible (those who are planning to proceed to graduate school, etc. are eligible)
*Document screening will be conducted
■Kickoff event announcement
[Image 7:×800.png ]
A kickoff event will be held in conjunction with this recruitment of students. We will invite graduates who have gone on to become engineers to talk about their life as an engineer, their work as engineers, etc. (this will also include the content of the briefing session). Please join us so you can get a concrete idea of ​​your goals.
・Date and time: Sunday, June 16, 2024 14:00-15:30
・Contents: Program overview explanation, panel discussion by alumni, Q&A ・Format: Online (Zoom URL will be sent to participants)
・How to apply: Please make a reservation from the official website ■Application to participate in Data Engineer Catapult
First, please join the online program information session from the official website. We will give lectures on a wide range of topics, including learning methods, internship methods, and data science. After attending the briefing session, please proceed to this entry. ・Briefing session dates: June 16th (Sunday), June 23rd (Sunday), June 26th (Wednesday), July 3rd (Wednesday), July 7th (Sunday), 2024 ・Entry deadline: July 9, 2024 (Tuesday) 15:00
Click here to apply for the kick-off event, information session, and main entry: Website:
■Sponsored by
Fukuoka City
G’s ACADEMY, Digital Hollywood Inc.
■About G’s ACADEMY
G’s ACADEMY is an engineer and entrepreneur training school
established by Digital Hollywood in April 2015 with the theme of “nurturing GEEKs who will change the world.” This concept has resonated with the school, and approximately 80% of the students who enroll are aspiring to start a business or seek employment at a venture company. As of May 2024, 105 companies have started their businesses, and the total amount of funding from investors is 13.8 billion yen. As a place to discover entrepreneurial engineers, we are implementing the short-term intensive programs “G’s CAMP” and “G’s CAMP YOUTH” in collaboration with local governments, universities, and entrepreneurs.
[Image 8:×477.jpg] We have created miraculous stories such as people who were complete beginners in programming when they entered the school, but by the time they graduated they had launched a series of services and succeeded in raising funds from VC shortly after graduation, and now the community of entrepreneurs and engineers has grown to over 2,000 people. is growing to.
In addition, in order to accommodate the large number of aspiring entrepreneurs, we have established an incubation institution called “D ROCKETS,” which allows investments of up to 5 million yen. By creating a chemical reaction between entrepreneurs and engineers, we are contributing to “creating services from Japan that will change the world.” Digital Hollywood University, the operating body, ranks 13th in the country in the number of university-based ventures established (according to the 2020 University-based Venture Survey (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)) and has produced a large number of entrepreneurs.
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