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Home » Hanazu Onsen Co., Ltd. Hanazu Onsen Fujisan Ryokan (Iwate/Hanamaki) Grand opening of “Nametokoyama Sauna ” themed around Kenji Miyazawa

Hanazu Onsen Co., Ltd. Hanazu Onsen Fujisan Ryokan (Iwate/Hanamaki) Grand opening of “Nametokoyama Sauna ” themed around Kenji Miyazawa

Lead Onsen Co., Ltd.
[Lead Hot Spring Fujisan Ryokan (Iwate/Hanamaki)] “Nametokoyama Sauna” themed on Kenji Miyazawa has opened grandly
The design is inspired by the silhouettes of “Kenji-san” and “Nametokoyama no Kuma” by Hanamaki’s proud fairy tale author Kenji Miyazawa. We will also be holding a pop-up at Sendai Parco from June 8th to 23rd.
Lead Onsen Co., Ltd. (75-1 Bennakahira, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture, Representative Director Shozui Fujii) is pleased to announce the grand opening of the “Nametokoyama Sauna” themed after Kenji Miyazawa, a relative of Kenji Miyazawa, at the hotel’s Shiraito-no-Yu bathhouse. Masu.
1.Sauna room that embodies the world of Kenji Miyazawa
The interior of the sauna is designed with the image of Kenji Miyazawa’s work, “Nametokoyama no Kuma” and Kenji’s silhouette, which Hanamaki is proud of.
[Image 1:×2001.jpg] indoor sauna
At Nametokoyama Sauna, we offer self-lowering, which has a strong sweating effect by increasing humidity.
The sauna stove has a steam locomotive inspired by the Galaxy Express, and the steam rising from its chimney is reminiscent of the Galaxy Express. Please experience the blissful self-relaxation that your body and mind will feel.
[Image 2:×2001.jpg] indoor sauna
3. Cold bath
This water bath is 1.25 meters deep, which is the same as the average depth of the hotel’s specialty, Japan’s deepest artesian rock bath, Shirazaru no Yu. Moderate water pressure wraps around your entire body, cooling you comfortably.
[Image 3:×2001.jpg] water bath
4. Outdoor bath where you can feel the great outdoors
Spreading out before your eyes is the clear Toyosawa River, the majestic Shiraito Falls, and the magnificent scenery of the mountains. You can relax your mind and body while enjoying this natural beauty. At night, the starry sky spread out is also a wonderful sight. Please enjoy the blissful “experience” of bathing in the open air while feeling the seasonal changes in nature.
[Image 4:×2001.jpg] Outdoor air bath space
■Sendai Parco “Tohog Sauna Oichi Sa Shift”
Tohog Sauna Oichi “Sakin Katai” will be held at Sendai Parco. Our sauna was selected from Iwate Prefecture.
Event period: Saturday, June 8, 2024 to Sunday, June 23, 2024 *Closed at 17:00 on the last day
Location: Sendai PARCO main building 6F PARCO SPACE6 (free admission) URL:
[Image 5:×606.png ]
Tohog Sauna Oichi Sa shift shift
■About Suzu Onsen Co., Ltd.
Fujisan Ryokan is a three-story wooden building that looks like the bathhouse in “Spirited Away” and has a historical atmosphere, made entirely of Japanese zelkova. Lead Onsen has a history of 600 years, and was opened as a hot spring inn in 1786 to serve as a bathing place for the masses. You can enjoy four baths, including Japan’s deepest artesian natural rock bath, “Shirazaru no Yu.”
“Lead Hot Spring” is said to be a “completely natural hot spring” that only 1% of its hot springs exist, and has been selected as a “hot spring heritage”, “New Japan 100 Famous Hot Springs”, and “Japan 100 Famous Hot Springs”.
In the fairy tale “Nametokoyama Bear” written by Kenji Miyazawa, it is said, “If it helps with stomach pain, it will also heal wounds. Lead hot springs…”
There are other inns that are said to have been loved by Kenji Miyazawa, but this is the only inn that appears in the work. More details about this release: