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Home » OMO7 Kochi by Hoshino Resorts First foray into Shikoku! “OMO7 Kochi by Hoshino Resorts”, where you can exp erience the charm of Kochi “with Kojan”, will finally open its grand opening on June 13, 2024!

OMO7 Kochi by Hoshino Resorts First foray into Shikoku! “OMO7 Kochi by Hoshino Resorts”, where you can exp erience the charm of Kochi “with Kojan”, will finally open its grand opening on June 13, 2024!

[OMO7 Kochi by Hoshino Resorts] First foray into Shikoku! “OMO7 Kochi by” where you can experience the charm of Kochi
Hoshino Resorts” will finally open on June 13, 2024!

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Press release: June 11, 2024
[OMO7 Kochi by Hoshino Resorts] First foray into Shikoku! “OMO7 Kochi by” where you can experience the charm of Kochi
Hoshino Resorts” will finally open on June 13, 2024!
*~The entire structure, including the newly renovated public bath, is now open to the public! ~*
“OMO7 Kochi (Omo)”, located in Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, is the first company in Shikoku
Hoshino Resorts” (hereinafter OMO7 Kochi) will have its grand opening on Thursday, June 13, 2024. As part of the “OMO” brand of “inside the city” hotels, we offer a stay where you can experience the lively Yosakoi Festival and Kochi’s hospitality culture. You can experience the unique hospitality of OMO7 Kochi, which was inspired by Kochi’s unique banquet culture “Okyaku”, and fully enjoy the charm of this unknown city.
*The concept is “Kojan and Raku Banquet. Come on, come on tonight!”* Our hotel is “Kojan and Rakuen”
Come on, come on tonight! Based on this concept, we have prepared a number of features that will make you fall in love with the city if you stay there. The people of Kochi are filled with a spirit of hospitality, exemplified by the phrase “Hello, I’m here!” and love to gather together for fun parties.
The charm of the city and people of Kochi is “Kojanto” (meaning “a lot” in Tosa dialect)
We hope that you will enjoy your busy trip. Furthermore, it is written as “Yosakoi” and pronounced “Yosakoi”, which is a concept that expresses the “Yosakoi Festival”, which is Kochi’s representative festival, and “Come at night!” to have a fun party.

* -Experience-*
* “Go-KINJO” is a service that allows you to enjoy the city to its fullest * “Go-KINJO” is an OMO service that supports guests to get to know the “city” within walking distance from the hotel and integrate into the city through new discoveries and encounters. It is structured around two types of content: “Neighborhood Map” and “Neighborhood
* “Neighborhood Map” that gathers in-depth information within walking distance * This map is 3.6 meters wide and 3 meters high and contains information collected by staff members themselves. We introduce in-depth shops that are not listed in guidebooks and recommended spots in the neighborhood.
* “Neighborhood activities” to deeply experience the charm of the city * * ~Vinegar Kichu, Japan’s best Sunday market tour~*
We will be holding a “Vinegar Kichu, Japan’s No. 1 (*1) Sunday Market Tour” that will introduce you to Kochi’s historic Sunday market. This is a tour where you can jump out of your hotel and enjoy the Sunday market, guided by an OMO ranger who loves the city. Shops that sell products using yuzu vinegar and offer attentive services based on the keyword “Vinegar Kichu”, which has two meanings in the Tosa dialect: “It’s sour and delicious” and “Attentive.” We will explore the charms of Kochi’s food and people, including shops that offer delicious food. Furthermore, during the tour itself, we will provide you with “tactful” guidance, including in-depth local information and introductions to must-see spots.
(*1) Reference Kochi Prefecture HP

Date: Every Sunday
Event time: 1st 7:00-8:00, 2nd 8:15-9:15
Capacity: Maximum 6 people each time
Fee: Free
Target Guests
* ~I understand everything! Tosa’s Okyaku course~*
Kochi is known for its party-loving nature, where people from all over come together to enjoy drinks and socializing. In this course, OMO rangers will talk about the charm of Kochi’s party culture,
“okyaku.” In addition, there will be time to experience the banquet tatami games “Bekuhai” and “Chrysanthemum Flower”, so once you participate, you are sure to fall in love with “Okyaku” in no time! Date: Every day
Event time: 17:00-17:30
Venue: 1st floor OMO Base Grand Staircase
Fee: Free
Target Guests
* “Yosakoi Gakuen LIVE” where you can enjoy the excitement of the Yosakoi Festival every night *
Yosakoi Festival is a summer tradition in Kochi. It is a big summer event that Kochi residents eagerly look forward to every year, and the city heats up all at once during this time. At OMO7 Kochi, our staff will be holding a “Yosakoi Gakuen LIVE” every night to let our customers feel the excitement and liveliness of the festival. All production including choreography, music, and costumes are original to OMO7 Kochi. The performance consists of three songs, and during the performance, the audience can join in and experience the dance. Don’t miss the impressive performance of the big catch flag “Fluff” fluttering. You can watch a show full of highlights and have a memorable night that doesn’t end with just sleeping.
Date: Every day
Event time 21:00-21:30
Venue: 1st floor OMO Base Grand Staircase
Fee: Free
Target Guests
* -Public space-*
* “OMO Base”, a seamless space that serves as a base for your stay * While it is a comfortable space with plenty of cedar wood throughout, it is a lively public space that uplifts your mood with colors that express Kochi’s charms, such as the Yosakoi festival, banquet culture, and warm tropical climate. In addition to a “neighborhood map” packed with information about the city, it also has “OMO Cafe & Bar”, “OMO Dining”, a lounge, and a shop. The grand staircase located in the center is an atrium, giving a feeling of spaciousness and openness. It can also be used as a stay space for reading or relaxing.
* “Tosanoyu”, a large public bath where you can relax while looking at Tosa’s rich nature *
A large public bath with a carved wooden Tosa dog welcoming guests at the entrance which resembles a guard stand. There is an indoor bath, an open-air bath, and a sauna, so you can heal the fatigue of your trip. A distinctive feature is the garden in front of the open-air bath. We incorporate the rich nature of Tosa, including medicinal plants that have been used as herbal medicines in our daily lives. There are also representative wildflowers such as Tosamizuki, Tosashimotsuke, and Tosanomitsubatsubazalea, and we have created a landscape that allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of each season all year round. In the indoor bath, there is a spectacular tile mural that imitates Kochi’s craft “Furafu”. We also have an auto-louri sauna. After taking a bath, you can enjoy a cold drink made with citrus fruits and ginger, and it is a large public bath where you can enjoy the charm of Kochi until the end.

Business start date: Thursday, June 13, 2024
Business hours: 15:00-25:00, 5:00-10:00
Notes: No gender swapping
Target: Guests only
An open-air bath where you can see Tosa’s seasonal scenery.
An indoor bath with a vivid tile mural of “Fluff”
An after-bath place with drinks unique to Kochi
Haute Rouly sauna
* -Rooms-*
A total of 133 rooms in 8 types to suit your travel needs, with a focus on guest rooms based on the concept of Kochi’s banquet culture “Okyaku”. This is a relaxing room with Tosa washi paper wallpaper and cypress furniture. Not only that, there is wall art depicting Tosa Inu dogs enjoying a banquet, giving you a sense of the gorgeous atmosphere of the party. In the living room, there is a round table where you can gather in a circle and a table shaped like a dish bowl (*2).If you spread out the “drunken set” on it, you can experience a fun drinking experience.
(*2) Large plates are essential for banquets in Kochi.
Utage Sweet
*Utage Sweet*
This room can accommodate up to 4 people and is recommended for groups of friends or families. The raised living room with tatami flooring provides plenty of space to relax. There is also space under the bed to store suitcases, so even if you are staying with multiple people, you can enjoy your time indoors without taking up too much space with your luggage.
Capacity: 4 people Number of rooms: 10 Size: 52 square meters Utage semi-sweet
*Utage semi-sweet*
The entire wall is covered with windows and wall art, giving a sense of openness. This is the most common of all guest room types. There is a sofa bed where you can lie down, and a table where you can enjoy a meal together, so you can spend your time the way you want.
Capacity: 3 people Number of rooms: 38 Size: 40 square meters drunken set
* Overview of “Drunk Set” *
Price: 4,800 yen (tax included)
Included: 2 bottles of local Kochi sake, several types of snacks, Beku cup (*3), furoshiki
(*3) Sakazuki, a sake cup used in ozashiki games in Kochi
* -Food-*
* OMO Dining incorporating Kochi’s local cuisine *
OMO Dining
Based on the concept of “TOSA Inspired,” this buffet-style meal incorporates Kochi’s local cuisine and cooking methods. For dinner, enjoy straw-grilled bonito tataki and sweet potato kenpi that are prepared right in front of you. For breakfast, we prepare freshly made sweet and sour French toast with the scent of yuzu and the Sunday market specialty, “Imo-ten.” The buffet table, lined with a variety of dishes, was designed to look like a platter, creating the fun of choosing as many dishes as you like and creating your own platter. By paying attention to both the food and the space design, we have created a dining space where you can fully enjoy the charm of Kochi’s food.
Straw-grilled bonito demonstrated right in front of your eyes * OMO Dining Dinner Buffet Overview *
(All prices include tax and service charge)
Price: 6,000 yen per adult
   Child (under 11 years old, over 7 years old) 4,200 yen per person   Child (under 6 years old, over 4 years old) 1,500 yen per person Time 18:00-20:30
(Reservations required for 3 times: 18:00~ / 18:30~ / 19:00~) Note: Day use available
Breakfast menu image
* OMO Dining Morning Buffet Overview *
(All prices include tax and service charge)
Price: 2,500 yen per adult
   Child (under 11 years old, over 7 years old) 2,500 yen per person    Child (under 6 years old, over 4 years old) 600 yen per person Time: 7:00-10:00 (last entry 9:30)
Note: Only available to hotel guests
* “OMO Cafe & Bar” where you can easily enjoy unique local products * OMO cafe & bar menu image
We offer everything from affordable snacks to satisfying menu items. Recommended dishes include the “bonito dog,” which is topped with sausage mixed with bonito, and the “myoga nade,” which uses whole ginger, an original menu that uses ingredients familiar to Kochi. This can be enjoyed not only inside the store, but also in the grand staircase and lounge on the same floor.
Time: 10:00-22:00 (last entry 21:45)
Price: Bonito dog 850 yen (tax included)
  Myoga nado 650 yen (tax included) etc.
* Equipment outline*
* Facility name * OMO7 Kochi by Hoshino Resorts
*Location* 9-15 Kutanda, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, 781-0832 *Accommodation fee* 1 night 53,000 yen~
(per room, tax included, dinner and breakfast included)
* Facility configuration * Guest rooms, large bath, OMO base (front desk, Neighborhood map, OMO Dining, OMO Cafe & Bar,
lounge, shop, locker), banquet hall, laundry
*Number of rooms* 133 rooms
*Transportation* Approximately 4 minutes walk from Tosaden Kotsu “Saenbacho” station
Approximately 5 minutes by taxi from JR Kochi Station
Approximately 30 minutes by car from Kochi Ryoma Airport
*Opening date*      Grand opening on June 13, 2024
*Telephone* 050-3134-8095
(OMO Reservation Center 9:30-18:00)
*What is “OMO”?*
“OMO” is a “hot-in-town” hotel developed by Hoshino Resorts
nationwide. A new type of hotel created by staff who love the city in collaboration with local residents. You’ll come across an unexpected attraction, and before you know it, you’ll even love the city. “OMO5 Tokyo Gotanda” opened in April 2024, “OMO7 Kochi” opened in June 2024, and currently 16 facilities are being developed. “OMO5 Hakodate” is scheduled to open in July.
▼If you want to know more about OMO▼
* Width of services explained by numbers and icons *
The numbers and icons behind OMO indicate the range of services. With this number, you can choose the best hotel according to the purpose of your trip and how you want to spend your time. OMO will support a wide range of city sightseeing trips.
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