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“Feel the wind with your toes.” Teva’s first trail running sandal “Aventrail” developed to enjoy nature

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“Feel the wind with your toes.” Teva’s first trail running sandal “Aventrail” developed to enjoy nature
On sale from Tuesday, June 11, 2024!
(June 11, 2024) – TOKYO, Japan, Teva(R), which was born in 1984 by developing the world’s first sports sandals with straps, and which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, is a company in the sports sandal category. Teva’s first revolutionary trail running sandal, “Aventrail,” which has been redefined with new technology, will be released on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. Available in two colors for both men’s and women’s, the price is 20,900 yen (tax included).
[Image 1:×1890.jpg] “Aventrail” is based on the concept of “Feel The Wind Through Your Toes” and is based on Teva’s philosophy of “enjoying nature”. This is a new product for the 2024 fall/winter season, developed as a running sandal that allows you to run freely. This innovative model bridges the gap between sandals and shoes, combining performance,
responsiveness, cushioning, comfort, and style to give you the best trail running experience.
The developer is Jean-Luc Diard, global VP of innovation for the Deckers brand and co-founder of HOKA(R). He brings various innovations to the sports scene, and based on Teva’s philosophy of “enjoying nature,” he created the new “Aventrail” to expand the philosophy of trail running.
A soft engineered knit upper provides breathability and forefoot stability on rough terrain, while a newly developed double-strap system secures the entire foot and allows for a fully adjustable fit. HYPER-COMF technology that exhibits excellent resilience and cushioning, and Teva’s original SPIDER RUBBER(R) outsole that has excellent durability and grip, provide sufficient support even on downhill slopes. The built-in nylon plate stabilizes the propulsion force and corrects twisting. It provides powerful running and acceleration on uphill. They cover less of the foot than running shoes, giving the forefoot a sense of freedom and openness. It can be used comfortably with socks or barefoot, depending on the runner’s preference.
Aventrail combines ease of use and high performance to create a wonderful trail running experience that allows runners to enjoy nature in a variety of environments by delivering speed and the exhilaration of barefoot running. It allows you to feel and run comfortably.
[Image 2:×2192.jpg] Japan’s campaign visual features world-renowned mountain runner Rui Ueda
[Image 3:×2100.jpg] Mr. Rui Ueda Profile
Born October 3, 1993 (from Nagano Prefecture), graduated from Saku Chosei High School and Waseda University. In 2014, he became the youngest and fastest to win the prestigious domestic competition, and his record at that time has not yet been broken. He became the world’s number one in 2019 and 2021, and in 2022 he achieved the Guinness World Record for “ONE STROKE” of Mt. Fuji. In the past 10 years, he has won 52 of 72 domestic matches (72.2% win rate), won 20 new tournaments, and won 8 international tournaments.He is a young talent who is currently attracting attention on the world stage.
Official website:
■ Impressions after wearing Aventrail
When I first wore them and went for a run, I thought, “They’re easier to run than I imagined.” In the first place, I had the assumption that sandals lacked stability and were not highly functional, but I was biased against sandals due to the fit of the Aventrail, the structure of the midsole for running on trails, and the placement of the lugs. Overturned.
■ About the visual shoot of Aventrail and the concept of running on the trail in sandals
I took various shots to convey the product concept of “enjoying nature” and “enjoying trails,” but running on the trail wearing Aventrail itself felt like a rough feeling that relaxed my shoulders and was free. It has a feeling of playing with it, and I think I was able to express the joy of running on a trail while enjoying nature, without having to consciously emphasize it.
■ Comments regarding the brand Teva
Through this campaign shoot, I was able to learn more about Teva’s brand history and product concept. As someone who enjoys mountain activities, I really sympathized with Teva’s philosophy of “enjoying nature.”
[Rui Ueda releases a video of him running on the trail with Aventrail! ] 30 seconds version 15 seconds version Aventrail
With Aventrail, you’ll experience a new level of freedom on your feet for your runs and outdoor adventures.
[Image 4:×2500.jpg]
[Image 5:×2500.jpg] These trail running sandals feature a double strapping system that securely secures the entire foot, while also being adjustable to suit your foot for a personalized fit. A soft-touch engineered knit upper provides breathability and forefoot stability on rough terrain. The top sole uses Super Critical Foam, which provides excellent resilience and cushioning. The midsole has a dual structure called HYPER-COMF, which combines Super Critical Foam with EVA that provides cushioning and support, and provides cushioning even when going downhill. The nylon plate built into the midsole is designed for a bouncy run and balanced acceleration on uphill climbs. The SPIDER RUBBER(R) (*) outsole has excellent durability and grip, and the three-dimensional traction lugs provide grip on the trail. The webbing is made of 100% traceable recycled plastic, and uses traceable REPREVE(R) 100% polyester webbing polyester yarn from Unifi in the United States. (*) SPIDER RUBBER(R): Teva’s unique SPIDER RUBBER(R) technology uses a grippy outsole to provide traction on slippery rocks and roads. price:
Men’s / Women’s ¥20,900 (¥19,000 excluding tax) Release date: Tuesday, June 11, 2024
[Men’s] Size 25.0cm – 29.0cm / Available in 2 colors / Weight approx. 337g (27cm) *Half size also available
[Women’s] Size 22.0cm – 25.0cm / Color 2 colors available / Weight approx. 275g (24cm) *Half size also available
Sole specs:
Drop 6mm / Heel 33.5mm / Forefoot 27.5mm (27cm)
[Men’s] Col:Total Eclipse/Green Flash, Black/Charcoal
[Image 6:×520.jpg]
[Image 7:×511.jpg] [Women’s] Col: Burnt Olive/Vivid Violet, Marshmallow/Marigold
[Image 8:×1247.png ]
[Image 9:×1246.png ]
About Aventrail materials/technology
[Image 10:×733.png ]
Adopts a double strapping system that wraps around the bottom of the sole. Hold your feet firmly. The upper is made of engineered knit material that is soft to the touch, breathable, and stretchy. Sole with HYPER-COMF Technology
Uses midsole with different hardness. Super critical foam for ultimate cushioning and EVA midsole for stability. The built-in nylon plate stabilizes the propulsion force and corrects twisting. Adopts Teva’s original SPIDER RUBBER(R) outsole with excellent grip.
・Engineered knit
・Polyester webbing
・Molded strap end
・Super Critical Foam (SCF)
・Nylon plate
Comments from Aventrail developers
Jean-Luc Diard
Aventrail developer. After gaining experience in the trail running shoe industry, he is currently the global VP of innovation for the Deckers brand, co-founder of HOKA(R), and a rare inventor. It brings various innovations to the sports scene.
“The Aventrail sandal’s upper design keeps your foot locked in with essential breathability for performance and health, while the open toe gives your toes freedom and connects you to nature from the bottom up. The difference between high-performance trail running sandals and trail running shoes is that these sandals dramatically improve your sense of freedom of movement. It has the grip, cushioning and propulsion properties of a shoe, but with added performance elements.” Lee Cox
Deckers Brands Teva/Vice President and General Manager
“Teva is a pioneer who created the first sports sandal 40 years ago, and now we are introducing the brand’s first sandal specifically designed for trail running, the Aventrail. From the creator of the sports sandal category, Aventrail launches a new era in Teva footwear, and we’re excited to continue to innovate as we expand into this new category. doing.”
Teva “Aventrail” TRY ON event held!
To commemorate the release, we will be holding an event where you can try on “Aventrail” and experience trail running at the following stores!
・RUN-WALK Style Osaka Store (RUN-WALK Style Osaka Store) June 22nd (Sat) ・ART SPORTS Main Store (Art Sports Main Store) June 22nd (Saturday) ・RUN-WALK Style Nagoya store (RUN-WALK Style Nagoya store) Saturday, July 6th ・Sponsored by ART SPORTS main store, a training event where you can run with Rui Ueda @ Mt. Takao, July 7th (Sunday)
*Event details and additional stores will be posted on Teva’s Instagram account @tevajapan ( [Teva exists to enjoy nature]
[Image 11:×2000.jpg] Teva was born in Grand Canyon, USA in 1984. A river guide was having trouble guiding people around because his thong sandals easily came off. One day, when his sandals were about to fall off at the water’s edge, he improvised and attached the hook-and-loop strap of a watch that happened to be nearby to the tong cord, and designed it so that it would be difficult for his sandals to fall off. has begun. Teva’s sandals are not created from scratch, but are made from existing items, almost like a bricolage.
“Teva” is “Nature” in Hebrew. As you can see from the brand’s origin, which was born on a riverbank, and the brand name, which has the meaning of nature, Teva, which has its roots in the outdoors, has a deep connection to nature and environmental conservation.
[About Teva]
Teva(R) developed the world’s first sports sandal on the shores of the Grand Canyon in 1984. Inspired by the spirit of adventure, these versatile and durable modern outdoor shoes are loved by people around the world who lead adventurous and active lifestyles. In 2020, Teva replaced the straps on its flagship sandals with 100% recycled plastic. Teva is working to reduce our impact on the global
environment so that future generations can freely explore and enjoy nature. For more information about Teva, a division of Deckers Brands, visit
[About Deckers Brands]
Deckers Brands is a global leader in the design, sale and wholesale of innovative footwear, apparel and fashion accessories, creating both everyday items for casual lifestyles and products for high performance activities.
The brand portfolio includes UGG(R), Koolaburra(R), HOKA(R), Teva(R) and Sanuk(R).
Deckers Brands products are sold in more than 50 countries and territories at certain department and specialty stores, Company-owned and operated retail stores, and certain online stores, including Company-owned websites. Deckers Brands has a 50-year history of growing niche footwear brands into market-leading lifestyle brands that attract millions of loyal customers from around the world. For more information, please visit
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