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Home » HJ Holdings Co., Ltd. “Killing Kind ~Dangerous Relationship~” Mikako Komatsu & Kenjiro Tsuda dubbing cast decided! Preview video released!

HJ Holdings Co., Ltd. “Killing Kind ~Dangerous Relationship~” Mikako Komatsu & Kenjiro Tsuda dubbing cast decided! Preview video released!

HJ Holdings Co., Ltd.
“Killing Kind ~Dangerous Liaison~” Mikako Komatsu & Kenjiro Tsuda dubbing cast decided! Preview video released!
Comments from the dubbing cast that talk about the highlights of the story have also arrived!
[Image 1:×1500.png ]
The psychological thriller novel “The Killing Kind” by Irish best-selling author Jane Casey has been adapted into a drama by Eleventh Hour Films, which is highly popular and has a track record of producing such films as “Alex Rider” and “Magpie Murder.” On the online video distribution service Hulu, the Japanese title of this work, which will be released for the first time in Japan, is “Killing Kind ~ Dangerous Relationship ~” and exclusive distribution will start from July 13th (Saturday)!
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] (C) Eleventh Hour Films 2023
Ingrid Lewis (Emma Appleton) is a barrister who once defended John Webster (Colin Morgan), who was accused of stalking. Initially having a lawyer-client relationship, the two gradually become attracted to each other and become close, but Ingrid, who has a fiancé, tries to distance herself from John. At that time, the house where Ingrid and her fiancé live catches fire… One year later, Ingrid suddenly receives a warning from John, “Your life is in danger.” Immediately after that, suspicious events begin to occur around her again… This is a full-fledged psychological thriller that darkly and vividly depicts the search for the truth of the incident while being at the mercy of John’s disturbing behavior and temptations.
This time, even though she knows she shouldn’t have anything to do with John, her seductive afterimage crosses her mind, and she is dubbing the role of Ingrid, a lawyer who is troubled by suspicions. It has been decided that Mikako Komatsu, who has played the voice of the main character in many anime and dubbed versions of popular foreign dramas and movies such as the movie “Kingdom for the Planet of the Apes”, will be playing the role! The dubbing of John, who
persistently follows Ingrid and toy with her, is done by Kenjiro Tsuda, who is not only a voice actor for animation, foreign movie dubbing, and narration, but also works as an actor in live-action dramas and stages. I will perform.
At the same time, a preview of the dubbed version has also been released! The story begins on a deserted bus with a sudden phone call from John, the man who had been stalking Ingrid in the past. Ingrid is confused and pushes him away, telling him, “Don’t call me again,” but John warns him, “You’re in danger.” And in Ingrid’s head, the sweet time she and John spent together comes back to life. A number of suspicious events occur in the midst of this… “You’re in danger too. You know you need me, right?” Can I trust him? Isn’t he the culprit? When Ingrid asks, “Why are you involved…?” Tsuda whispers sweetly in her deep voice, “Because I love you,” which is a must-hear!
In addition, Ingrid’s ex-boyfriend Mark (Elliot Barnes-Worrell) will be played by Kentaro Ito, who has a reputation for his unique low-pitched voice and reliable acting skills, such as in the anime “NARUTO” and “Golden Kamuy.” Ryutaro Okiayu plays Detective Nash (Carr Logan), who investigates a strange incident, in the anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, and plays a wide range of characters, including the strongest demon Kuroshimu and Zhuge Liang from “Paripi Kongming”, with his cool voice. It has been decided that Ingrid’s best friend Suzanne (Olivia Drima) will be played by Hinako Takahashi, whose father is former Hiroshima Toyo Carp legend Yoshihiko Takahashi, who has dubbed for many anime, movies, and dramas with her excellent acting skills! Please look forward to this authentic psychological thriller where you are at the mercy of a dangerous British gentleman. [Notice]
[Video 2:] 【comment】
[Image 3:×1654.jpg ]
■Mikako Komatsu (role of Ingrid Lewis)
I was in charge of the Japanese dubbing for Ingrid!
She is a very talented lawyer, but she gets involved in various cases. John is a stalker who relentlessly follows Ingrid.
In addition to John, suspicious people keep appearing around Ingrid…! Who is the culprit of the incident…! ? We are looking forward to a development that will defy your expectations!
Please enjoy!
[Image 4:×900.jpg] ■Kenjiro Tsuda (as John Webster)
It’s an interesting combination of the mystery of finding the culprit and the thrill of a human drama.
John, the character I will play, is a former stalker of the main character, Ingrid.
The relationship between Ingrid and John is thrilling.
There are many other suspicious characters lined up. This is a drama like never before.
Please take a look.

-Work information-
“Killing Kind ~Dangerous Relationship~” (character/spoken) [Distribution date] Exclusive distribution of all episodes at once from Saturday, July 13th (all 6 episodes)
[Copyright] (C) Eleventh Hour Films 2023
[Distribution page URL] -story-
Ingrid Lewis (Emma Appleton) is a brilliant barrister. After successfully defending businessman John Webster (Colin Morgan), who was accused of stalking by his ex-boyfriend, she becomes intimate with John despite having a fiancé. However, when she tries to end the relationship, John starts stalking her. Meanwhile, a fire breaks out at Ingrid’s house. Was it just an accident or did John start the fire? The truth remains a mystery.One day, after a year, she suddenly receives a phone call from John. “You’re in danger.” Immediately after that, a senior at work who was carrying the red umbrella that Ingrid had borrowed was hit by a taxi and killed. Ingrid suspects John’s involvement, but John approaches her, saying, “I’m the only one who can protect you,” and “Trust me.” Even though Ingrid knows that she shouldn’t have anything to do with him, the image of him still haunts her. Should I trust John? Who exactly is the culprit? Ingrid works hard to uncover the truth…
[Original title] The Killing Kind
[Executive producers] Eve Gutierrez, Paula Cuddy, Jill Green, Jane Casey [Original work] Jane Casey (“The Killing Kind”)
[Screenplay] Zara Hayes, Jonathan A.H. Stewart
[Cast] Emma Appleton (“The Witcher”, “The End of the World”), Colin Morgan (“Merlin”, “Belfast”),
Elliott Barnes-Worrell (“Ready Player One,” “Doctor Dolittle”), Kerr Logan (“Game of Thrones,” “Private Detective Strike”),
Sarah Powell, Olivia Drima and others
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