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Home » KRAFTON exhibits two new titles at “Steam Next Festival”

KRAFTON exhibits two new titles at “Steam Next Festival”

KRAFTON exhibits two new titles at “Steam Next Festival”
– “Flyway Games” adventure game “Waltz and Jam”
– “ReLU Games” AI mystery game “Uncover the Smoking Gun”
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KRAFTON JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Lee Kang-seok) will announce new titles from KRAFTON’s creative studios “Flyway Games” and “ReLU Games” at the “Steam Next Festival” held from June 11th (Tuesday). did.
■“Flyway Games”, adventure game “Waltz and Jam”
“Flyway Games” exhibited the adventure game “Waltz and Jam”
(hereinafter referred to as “Waltz and Jam”).
“Waltz and Jam” features the main character “Waltz”, a soul who one day awakens in a coffin, and his partner “Jam”, a dog. This is a casual action-adventure game that starts with the afterlife and explores various worlds based on the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins. It blends action and puzzles while staying true to the adventure basics of exploration and discovery. Players can develop their characters by carving hidden paths, discovering treasures, and collecting various equipment and treasures in a world rendered in familiar, fairy-tale-style hand-drawn graphics.
“Waltz and Jam” features characters with a variety of appearances and language, and players will meet them and progress through the story while helping or conflicting with each other. It is also important to properly utilize the surrounding environmental elements and enemy attacks to defeat various monsters and giant bosses. The trial version was released on Steam on May 29th, and we have received various feedback from users.
“Waltz and Jam” Steam Store page
■AI mystery game “Uncover the Smoking Gun”
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] “ReLU Games” exhibited the AI ​​mystery game “Uncover the Smoking Gun.” Uncover the Smoking Gun is a mystery game where players take on the role of detectives, tracking clues in a case, uncovering the truth, and finding the culprit. Unlike traditional multiple-choice deduction games, the game uses natural language processing to interrogate suspects and dig up evidence through free chat.
For “Uncover the Smoking Gun,” we applied GPT-4o, an interactive AI service based on open AI’s large-scale language model, using our proprietary technology to suit the game.
Suspects in the game don’t just answer the player’s questions, they speak in their own unique way, giving you the immersive feeling of chatting with a real person. Also, the in-game scenario itself changes as you ask the suspects the right questions, allowing you to enjoy more consistent gameplay. The trial version will be released on Steam on May 28th, and we will further improve the game based on various feedback from users, and plan to officially release it on June 24th. “Uncover the Smoking Gun” Steam Store page ■About “Steam Next Festival”
“Steam Next Festival” is held three times every year in February, June, and October, and in June it will be held from the 11th to the 18th Japan time. Anyone with a Steam account can enjoy real-time game streaming and free demos of various participating games that will be released.
Demo versions of Waltz and Jam and Uncover the Smoking Gun can be downloaded for free on their respective Steam Store pages. Please take this opportunity to play.
■About KRAFTON, Inc.
KRAFTON, Inc., headquartered in South Korea, is committed to discovering and publishing engaging games that provide fun and unique experiences. Founded in 2007, KRAFTON is home to world-renowned developers such as PUBG STUDIOS, Striking Distance Studios, Unknown Worlds, Bluehole Studio, RisingWings, 5minlab, and Dreammotion. I belong to Each studio is constantly trying new things, innovating the enjoyment of games through new technology, and expanding their platforms and services to capture the hearts of even more fans. KRAFTON operates top-notch entertainment content such as “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS”, “PUBG MOBILE”, “The Callisto Protocol”, “NEW STATE MOBILE”, “Moonbreaker”, “Defense Derby”, and “TERA”. With passionate and motivated teams around the world, KRAFTON is a technology-forward company with world-class capabilities, committed to expanding business horizons to include multimedia entertainment and deep learning. For details, please visit (C) 2024 KRAFTON, INC.
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