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Introducing a playful sandal collection inspired by “inflatables” from “CAMPER”

Introducing a playful sandal collection inspired by “inflatables” from “CAMPER” ……
CAMPER, a shoe brand from Mallorca, Spain, has a rich lineup of playful sandals born from explorations beneath the surface for its summer collection.
[Image 1:×2500.jpg] The CAMPER 24SS collection is inspired by the technical aspects of water sports, with the theme of exploring what lies beneath the surface.The sandal collection includes technical and advanced protective materials similar to those found in diving suits, easy-to-fit closing systems, and layering. It is also adopted. Among them, many items are inspired by “inflatable objects” that can be inflated by injecting air, and are characterized by bold voluminous soles and soft comfort. The unisex line “PELOTAS FLOTA”, which debuted last summer, has a wide range of lineups, and new models from the standard lines “ORUGA” and “MATCH” that are reminiscent of underwater are also available. On sale.
“PELOTAS FLOTA” debuted last year from Camper’s icon series “PELOTAS”. Featuring bold volumes and a unique design, the unique design was inspired by inflatable objects. With a 30% bio-based outsole, an ergonomic EVA footbed and a soft recycled neoprene combination, it’s the perfect everyday summer companion. This season, in addition to existing models, we will be introducing slide sandals with asymmetric hole design, thong style, and fisherman style for men.
[Image 2:×2200.jpg] Men WHT K100939-003 (size 40-43) *Eshop limited / BLK K100939-001 (39-44) Women WHT K201620-003 (size 36-39) / BLK K201620-001 (36-40)¥26,400- (Tax in)
[Image 3:×2200.jpg] Men only BLK K100940-001 (size 39-44) Women only WHT K201607-004 (size 36-39)¥24,200- (Tax in)
[Image 4:×2298.jpg] Men BLK K100942-001 (size 39-44) / Men only KHK K100942-003 (size 39-43) BLK K201618-001 (size 36-40) /pel/camper-pelotas_flota-K201618-001¥25,300- (Tax in)
[Image 5:×2200.jpg] Men K100942-005 (size 40-43) *Shinjuku Flags/Eshop limited K201618-005 (size 36-39)¥27,500- (Tax in)
[Image 6:×2200.jpg] Men only KHK K100938-002 (size 40-43) *Eshop limited / BLK K100938-001 (size 39-44) ¥28,600- (Tax in)
The sporty sandal “ORUGA” (meaning caterpillar in Spanish) is a casual sandal that is attractive for its supple flexibility, just like its name suggests. It features a vertically cut outsole that provides excellent flexibility when walking. Continuing from last season, the shoe features a lightweight, natural EVA outsole with 30% bio-based ingredients. This season, we are releasing new sandals with refreshing gradation prints, using recycled neoprene reminiscent of sportswear.
[Image 7:×2205.jpg] Women only BLK K201647-004 (size 35-40) / KHK K201647-002 (size 35-40) ¥24,200- (Tax in) / Scheduled to arrive in early June
“MATCH” is a sandal with a sporty design and excellent performance inspired by sailing shoes. It has an ergonomic, unisex silhouette that is easy to wear and easy to coordinate with other outfits. The recycled PET webbing tape upper and EVA rubber outsole provide a light, summery feel. This season, we’ve introduced the matching “Twins” webbing tape with bicolor gradation and rubber details.
[Image 8:×2200.jpg] Men only BLU K100539-035 (size 39-43) ¥22,000- (Tax in)
[Image 9:×415.png ]
[CAMPER] Camper is a premium casual footwear brand born in Mallorca, Spain. There are 400 stores in about 40 countries around the world, and in Japan there are currently about 50 stores nationwide. The advanced design inspired by the rich nature of the Mediterranean Sea, the craftsmanship of artisans, and cutting-edge innovation combine to create the ultimate in comfort, making walking a fun and happy time. sublimate to. Wear Camper and enter an extraordinary world that is a little happier than usual. Walk, Don’t Run.
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