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Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu Luxurious afternoon tea where you can enjoy tea ceremony culture with Japanese sweets made by artisans and aromatic matcha

[Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu] Luxurious afternoon tea where you can enjoy tea ceremony culture with Japanese sweets made by artisans and aromatic matcha

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Press release: June 11, 2024
[Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu] Luxurious afternoon tea where you can enjoy tea ceremony culture with Japanese sweets made by artisans and aromatic matcha
*Limited dates from June to August 2024*
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Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu (Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, General Manager: Fumiyuki Ishitobi) will be open from June 20th (Thursday) to June 24th (Monday), July 20th (Saturday) to July 24th (Wednesday), 8, 2024. From the 22nd (Thursday) to the 25th (Sunday) of the month, we will be offering the third round of Matsue Chanoyu Culture Afternoon Tea at the restaurant MOSORO on the 1st floor.
In Matsue City, April 24th, the anniversary of the death of Lord Harusato Matsudaira (Fumai Lord), is designated as “Chanoyu Day”, and the 24th of every month is a day for people to become familiar with the tea ceremony culture, and our hotel will offer events on the 24th. We are developing a project that combines afternoon tea and tea ceremony culture. In this third edition, we have planned for you to enjoy Japanese sweets from stores that are members of the Matsue Tea Ceremony Culture (Matsue Confectionery Association), which has been certified as a 100-year food by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, along with matcha.
June’s Japanese sweets “Hydrangea” and “Nadeshiko” (Keigetsudo), Matcha “Yakumo no Mukashi” (Nakamura Chaho)
Japanese sweets, which are delicate works of art that can be enjoyed by the eyes and tongue and are inspired by seasonal flowers and scenery, are offered monthly from three of Matsue’s most
well-established stores: Keigetsudo, Saiundo, and Saneido. I will do it. The matcha you will enjoy with your meal will be “Yakumo no Mukashi” by Nakamura Chaho, founded in 1898, which has just the right amount of richness and gentle sweetness to complement the Japanese sweets.

The hotel’s special sweets include the “Kyoho Eclair,” which is a luxurious dish with fluffy cream topped with juicy Kyoho pulp, and the “Watermelon and Salt Granita,” where you can enjoy the salty taste and sweetness of watermelon with a crunchy texture. You can enjoy it full of deliciousness.
The savory item is “Gentan Soba Crepe with Prosciutto and
Asparagus,” which is a crepe made from Gentan buckwheat flour, which has a unique aroma, and wrapped with prosciutto and asparagus.The refreshing sweetness of the peach and the sourness of the yogurt fill your mouth. We offer a diverse lineup filled with the chef’s specialties, including cold “peach soup.”

At our hotel, we will continue to develop food projects that will develop together with the tea ceremony culture.
Kyoho eclair
* Afternoon tea overview of Matsue tea ceremony culture *

* [Period] * June 20th (Thursday) to 24th (Monday), July 20th (Saturday) to 24th (Wednesday), 2024
August 22nd (Thursday) – August 25th (Sunday) * [Time]* 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
* [Place] * Restaurant “MOSORO” (Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu 1st floor) * [Fee] * 4,500 yen per person. Minimum of 2 people.
*Up to 6 people per day, reservation required at least 3 days in advance * 【menu】*
* 〇Savory * ・Iinan pork cutlet sandwich ・Gentan soba crepe, prosciutto and asparagus roule
・Peach soup ・Shrimp and onion risotto ・Paprika beignets ・Vegetable terrine *〇Sweets * ・2 types of Japanese sweets
[June] Keigetsudo: Hydrangea and Nadeshiko [July] Saiundo: Summer vacation/fireworks [August] Saneido: To be determined
・[June] Kyoho eclairs [July-August] Shine Muscat eclairs
・Melon trifle ・Mango pudding ・Delaware and cream cheese Gyuhi roll ・Apricot guimauve ・Sencha blancmange ・Watermelon and salt granita ・Scone ・Mango confiture ・Clotted cream
* 〇Drink: 1 type from below * ・Matcha: Nakamura Chaho (Yakumo no Mukashi) *All ・Tea: TWG Tea (Royal Darjeeling/French Earl Gray)
・Tea: Tea specialty store Pungency (Sayaka Minami/Saemidori/Sakura Black Tea Dreaming of Tomorrow)
・Coffee ・Orange juice

※The photograph is an image.
*The menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients. *The displayed amount includes service charge (12%) and consumption tax (10%). *If you have any food allergies, please inform the staff in advance. * 100 Year Food Certification by Agency for Cultural Affairs “Matsue Tea Ceremony Culture” *

Matsue, along with Kyoto and Kanazawa, is famous for its tea and sweets shops. One of the reasons for this is the existence of Harusato Matsudaira, the seventh lord of the Matsudaira family of the Matsue domain during the Edo period. Lord Harusato Matsudaira was a famous tea master who called himself Fumai and mastered the tea ceremony culture. In Matsue, the tea ceremony culture fostered by Lord Fumai still lives on in people’s lives. In the town, many long-established tea shops and Japanese sweets shops continue to protect their noren. The tea ceremony aimed at by Lord Fumai has been passed down as the Fumai style, and many of the Japanese sweets used at tea ceremonies, including the three famous Matsue sweets from Wakakusa, Yamakawa, and Natanosato, have been passed down to this day. Masu.
In addition, Matsue’s tea ceremony culture is a unique culture that has been inherited and cultivated in daily life, reflecting the history and climate of Matsue. Not only local residents but also tourists visiting Matsue come here for the tea ceremony and sweets, and they are also popular as souvenirs.
* Restaurant MOSORO *
Interior view of the restaurant
With the theme of “Feeling the essence of Shimane with all five senses”, we have created a space where you can feel the essence of Shimane not only through the food, but also through your eyes. Each private room has a theme of Oki, Izumo, or Iwami, and the interior of the main area expresses the atmosphere of Matsue Castle Town. This is one of the few restaurants in San’in where you can enjoy a live kitchen. We also provide video production in the anniversary room, which can be used for celebrations and anniversaries.
* Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu *
Hotel exterior
In addition to a total of 163 guest rooms including suites, there is a restaurant and 5 large and small banquet halls.
I’m here. With the theme of “Color and Beauty,” the entire hotel expresses the colorful and attractive “Shimane.” JR Matsue Station Even though it’s right in front of you, the moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a high-quality, sophisticated space.
*Customer inquiries regarding “Matsue Chanoyu Culture Afternoon Tea”* Matsue Excel Hotel Tokyu Reservations/Inquiries
7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tel. 0852-27-3160 *About details about this release*

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