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Home » IVS 3 days of summer in Kyoto where startups are most active. Announcing the first speakers for Japan’s largest startup conference “IVS2024 KYOTO”! #IVS2024

IVS 3 days of summer in Kyoto where startups are most active. Announcing the first speakers for Japan’s largest startup conference “IVS2024 KYOTO”! #IVS2024

[IVS] 3 days of summer in Kyoto where startups are most active. Announcing the first speakers for Japan’s largest startup conference “IVS2024 KYOTO”!

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Press release: June 11, 2024
Three days in summer in Kyoto, where startups are most active. Announcing the first speakers for Japan’s largest startup conference “IVS2024 KYOTO”!
IVS KYOTO Executive Committee (Headline Japan Co., Ltd., Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City) will be held from Thursday, July 4, 2024. Japan’s largest startup conference “IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS” will be held at Kyoto Pulse Plaza as the main venue for three days on the 6th (Saturday).
We are pleased to announce the first speakers of “Crypto 2024 KYOTO”.

* Create opportunities for a new future! “IVS2024 KYOTO”*
KYOTO is a three-day event that aims to jump-start Japan’s startup ecosystem. We support the growth and development of startups through a variety of sessions, content, and side events. This is a great opportunity for industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and many other people involved in startups to come together, meet new people, share knowledge, and create new business opportunities.

CITY” has been updated and experts from various industries will discuss social issues and the future. You can touch on a wide range of topics, from social issues to advanced technology. Comprised of nine areas, it provides an ideal environment for all participants involved in startups to take a step toward the future, and realizes new ideas and encounters with promising colleagues.

New project “GROWTH”
AREA will serve as an important hub for business professionals to maximize investment and partnership opportunities, providing sessions and individual matching opportunities to support startup success. There are many VCs on site, so participants can make pitches and consult about investment. We also offer a private space to explore strategic collaborations, such as business alliances or important meetings with key partners.

ZONE will bring together well-known investors and executives from large companies from around the world to create professional sessions, exchanges, and networking opportunities that will help your business.

Kyoto, the host city for the second consecutive year, is a city where tradition and innovation combine, making it the perfect place for startups to come up with new ideas and solve social issues. The environment where historical background and modern technology intersect is the fertile ground for creating new business models and innovation.

Additionally, Kyoto’s diverse culture and philosophy make it an ideal base for international networking.

* Top leaders from various industries gather! The first speaker has finally been announced! *
ANRI Representative Partner Henri Samata
AZX Professional Group Partner Miki Amemiya
Boost Capital Co., Ltd. Representative Director Takao Ozawa
Coral Capital Founding Partner&CEO James Rainey
EY Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC Partner Sho Fujiwara
ForbesJAPAN Executive Officer Web Editor-in-Chief Yuka Tanimoto HIRAC FUND Director Hiroyuki Jinno
KDDI Digital Divergence Holdings Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Akito Fujii
MPower Partners General Partner Kathy Matsui
NOT A HOTEL Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO Shinji Hamauzu Novastar Ventures Limited Director Riki Yamauchi
Nstock Co., Ltd. Representative Director Noboru Miyata
Project Coalis General Partner Masaya Kubota
Woven Capital Partner Michiko Kato
Ikuko Ota, Managing Director, Accenture K.K.
Animal Spirits LLC Representative Partner Yusuke Asakura
Animal Spirits LLC Director Yuri Nakayama
ANDEL Co., Ltd. Representative Director Satoshi Furuhashi
Globis Capital Partners Co., Ltd. Partner Hidekazu Yuasa Emre Globis Capital Partners Co., Ltd. Principal Shota Isoda
Spider Plus Co., Ltd. Director CFO Yu Fujiwara
Market River Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yuko Ichikawa Mercer Japan Co., Ltd. Startup Initiative Lead Yusuke Tsutsui Raxul Co., Ltd. President and CEO Yo Nagami
ABEJA Co., Ltd. Representative Director CEO and Founder Yosuke Okada IVRy Co., Ltd. Founder & CEO Ryoga Okunishi
Major7th Co., Ltd. Representative Director Koichi Maruo
Sales Marker Co., Ltd. Director COO Shintaro Ogihara
Masanao Matsumoto, WiLGeneral Partner & CEO Co., Ltd.
YOUTRUST Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO Yuka Iwasaki Going Merry Co., Ltd. General Partner Osamu Suzuki
Soracom Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Ken Tamagawa Resona Bank, Ltd. Representative Director and President Shoichi Iwanaga Loan Deal Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Mirai Harada Kenichi Yokota, Deputy General Manager, Japan M&A Center Co., Ltd. Tamako Watanabe, Senior Specialist, Japan Research Institute, Ltd. Kyoko Kanayama, Representative of Yorube Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office
Akie Iriyama, Professor, Waseda University Business School
Naonobu Fuwa, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Yoshiaki Ishii, Director, Japan Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation Organization, Independent Administrative Agency Law Office ZeLo Lawyer, Head of Labor and Employment Law Department Toyohiro Fujita

It has been decided that the top people in the industry will be on stage. In addition, many managers, executives, investors, and experts will be on stage.

* “IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS CRYPTO 2024 KYOTO” event overview *
From July 4th to 6th, 2024, IVS2024 KYOTO will be held in Kyoto, where tradition and innovation combine.
IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO will be held simultaneously.

KYOTO is a conference aimed at entrepreneurs, investors,
entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, and anyone interested in startups and open innovation. For business owners and investors seeking financing and business growth opportunities, as well as those interested in new business ideas, we provide a valuable opportunity to build a new future.

IVS Crypto 2024
KYOTO is a conference specializing in crypto and blockchain. Pioneers in the field take a deep dive into the evolution of the digital economy and the potential of Web3. Both conferences will be held at the same location, and attendees are free to attend either event.

Name: IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO
Sponsored by: IVS KYOTO Executive Committee (Headline Japan/Kyoto Prefecture/Kyoto City)
Date and time: July 4th (Thursday) to July 6th (Saturday), 2024 Venue: Kyoto Pulse Plaza, etc.

* Two types of tickets are available for each purpose: “NEXT Pass” and “BUSINESS Pass” *
IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO has two types of tickets available. The zones and projects you can enter will vary depending on the type of ticket.
* NEXT Pass | ¥21,000*
Target audience:
Aspiring entrepreneurs, new business managers, engineers, students, and anyone interested in startups

We provide an environment where you can learn innovative ideas and connect with like-minded people.
There are sessions where you can learn everything from the basics of starting a business to solving the latest social issues, and you can network with like-minded people.

* BUSINESS Pass | Startup | ¥83,000*
Target audience:
Founder or CXO of a startup with a product less than 7 years old and with less than $1 million in capital
*Application and approval are required for purchase.

Designed for managers from seed to Series A stages. The aim is to improve the success rate of startups.
Over the course of 3 days, you will learn the A-to-Z of startups, and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet with investors and mentors.

* BUSINESS Pass | Investor | ¥185,000*
Target audience:
VC, CVC, financial institutions, individual investors, investment departments of business companies

Providing high-quality networking opportunities with promising startups and asset owners.
We provide an environment that helps you strengthen your portfolio, expand your influence, and discover new investment opportunities. * BUSINESS Pass | Executive | ¥185,000*
Target audience:
Mid-to-late stage startup CXO, executives and general managers of large companies

Aimed at business leaders, deepen your growth strategies through management issue sharing sessions and networking with startups. We promote business growth through the exchange of opinions between global investors and executives.

*You can enter both events in each zone, “IVS2024 KYOTO” and “IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO.”
*For BUSINESS Pass, please refer to IVS
Applications will be reviewed by the KYOTO Executive Committee Secretariat. We regret to inform you that at our discretion, BUSINESS For guests for whom it is determined that a Pass cannot be issued, the Pass type will be changed to a NEXT Pass (the difference in price will be refunded).
*We also offer invoice payment in Japanese yen.
*About the IVS KYOTO Executive Committee*
To hold IVS in Kyoto, Headline Co., Ltd. aims to further develop the startup ecosystem and further promote local industry.
Japan was established together with Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City. We will promote the integration of startups with companies,
universities, research institutes, cultural resources, etc.
concentrated in Kyoto, leading to the creation of new industries and the production of world-class startup companies.

-Constituent organizations-
Headline Japan Co., Ltd., Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City

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