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Home » Experience “dinosaur x digital” at an indoor park during summer vacation! Little Planet’s summer limited eve nt starts July 1st (Monday)

Experience “dinosaur x digital” at an indoor park during summer vacation! Little Planet’s summer limited eve nt starts July 1st (Monday)

Ritopura Co., Ltd.
Experience “dinosaur x digital” at an indoor park during summer vacation! Little Planet’s summer limited event starts July 1st (Monday)
This year’s theme is “powerful”! Enjoy midsummer adventures with futuristic play games that make full use of technology
“Little Planet” (, a next-generation theme park with the concept of “turning play into learning”, will open on July 1st ( at 13 permanent parks (including
collaboration parks) nationwide. From Monday (Monday) to September 1st (Sunday), we will be holding a limited summer event “Little Planet 2024 Summer DINOSAUR PARTY!” where “dinosaurs” will appear in digital attractions.
This year, with the theme of “impressive”, families can enjoy a special production in which giant dinosaurs run amok in the
[Image 1:×630.jpg] ■What is Little Planet?
“Little Planet” is a family park brand where you can experience “future play” that combines analog games such as sand play and paper sumo with digital technology. In addition to the flagship park “Little Planet,” there are three types of permanent parks in the capital, including “TOYLO PARK powered by Little Planet,” which is a
collaboration with a toy store, and “Muchu Planet,” which is a collaboration with a bookstore. It has been expanded to 13 locations nationwide, including Tokyo, Shizuoka, Aichi, Osaka, and Fukuoka (as of June 2024). Since it is an all-weather park, you can play comfortably and coolly even on extremely hot or rainy days.
■About summer limited events
Little Planet’s summer limited event “DINOSAUR PARTY!”, which has been popular every year since its launch in 2020, will be even more powerful this summer and will appear at parks (*) nationwide. In “SKETCH RACING/Drawing 3D Racing,” a dinosaur coloring book transforms into 3D and a “mixed race” is held, a powerful new performance in which a gigantic Tyrannosaurus rex attacks is now available. In addition, in “SAND PARTY!” where you can experience “excavating dinosaur fossils” in a sandbox using AR (augmented reality) technology, a secret mission has been added where you can see a special performance if you clear certain conditions, making it even more impressive. You can enjoy an enhanced attraction experience. More detailed information about the event will be provided in a follow-up report scheduled to be released in early July.
*The only attractions eligible for the event at “Muchu Planet TSUTAYA Lake Town” (Saitama Prefecture) are “SAND PARTY!” and “PAPER RIKISHI”. *Image is an image under development. Screen sizes and operating schedules vary by park. For more information, please visit each park’s official website (
■Attractions targeted for the event
[Image 2:×1051.jpg] [SAND PARTY!] Excavate fossils in the sandbox and revive the dinosaurs! Is there a special performance that can be seen by clearing hidden conditions?
[Image 3:×1051.jpg] [SKETCH RACING] A huge tyrannosaurus attacks in the drawing car race where the coloring book turns into 3D!
[Image 4:×1051.jpg] [DRAW YOUR WORLD] The “King of the Sea” Mosasaurus appears! You can enjoy various reactions when you touch underwater creatures.
[Image 5:×1051.jpg] [PAPER RIKISHI] Paper sumo battle with freely drawn dinosaur Rikishi! Enjoy drawing games that stimulate your imagination
[Image 6:×1051.jpg] [ZABOOM JOURNEY] Dinosaurs also appear in the world of colorful ball pools. Let’s all cooperate and take on the battle!
■About next-generation theme park “Little Planet”
[Image 7:×630.jpg] Little Planet creates a world where children can think for themselves, learn, and interact with others through new experiences that combine the unchanging “play” that everyone knows, and “technology”, and fosters the power to open up the future.
Attractions developed based on the “Five Experiences” of “Experience, Exploration, Thinking, Creation, and Interaction” can be enjoyed intuitively by anyone, regardless of generation, language, region, or culture. Play data is recorded on the park’s exclusive wristband “Sharing”, providing each child with a personalized “future play”. Click here for more information:
-Event Park-
Little Planet Diver City Tokyo Plaza
·Kanagawa Prefecture
TOYLO PARK powered by Little Planet Ito-Yokado LaLaport Yokohama
TOYLO PARK powered by Little Planet Grand Tree Musashikosugi
TOYLO PARK powered by Little Planet Ito-Yokado Yamato-Tsuruma store
・Chiba Prefecture
Little Planet Aeon Mall Kawaguchi
Muchu Planet TSUTAYA Lake Town
·Shizuoka Prefecture
Little Planet LaLaport Numazu
·Aichi prefecture
little planet mozo wonder city
・Osaka Prefecture
Little Planet LaLaport Izumi
Little Planet LECT Hiroshima
·Fukuoka Prefecture
Little Planet Yume Town Iizuka
·Kagoshima prefecture
Little Planet Aeon Mall Kagoshima
■About Ritopura Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takashi Goto, Representative Director and CEO Address: Tradepia Odaiba 9th floor, 2-3-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: September 2016
Business details: Digital theme park business, Asobi Create business URL:
[Image 8:×630.jpg] Since 2018, Litpla has been operating Little Planet
(, a next-generation theme park based on the concept of “turning play into learning.” We have people with diverse skills and careers such as architects, game programmers, kindergarten teachers, and major theme park operators, and we handle everything from planning and development of digital attractions to facility design and park management in-house (some parks are licensed partners). jointly operated with). In 2019, we began a full-fledged space production business that leverages the knowledge and know-how we have cultivated over the years, providing unprecedented experiences that fuse digital and real life in all facilities and stores. More details about this release: